Super Smash Bros Wii U Custom Moves Guide For Sonic

Looking for a basic tutorial on how to play Sonic in Super Smash Bros for the Wii U (also known as Super Smash Bros. 4)? Well, there aren’t many guides out there for the little blue hedgehog for some reason, but there’s a few videos out there to help you get a handle on Sonic.

There are two videos that help give you a good, well-rounded view of Sonic in Super Smash Bros for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The first video comes from Wolfie Wolfpackcomms and is basically a comparison video of Sonic from the Wii U version to Sonic from the Wii version of Super Smash Bros. This was before the game released, so he has a lot of comments centered around “speculation”, however he seems to nail most of his analysis and this helps setup how you’re going to want to approach changing or altering your style from Super Smash Bros Brawl to Super Smash Bros 4. Check it out below.

The second video comes courtesy of The Gaming Master Guys. It’s only six-and-a-half minutes long and focuses mostly on the basic rundown of Sonic’s moves and his custom moves rather than the tactics of playing as the speedy blue mammal.

They do, however, offer some pros and cons at the end of the video so you get a brief idea of how you should approach playing as Sonic. Check it out below.

So, one of the main pieces of advice is to stay on the move to keep your opponent off balance. Sonic seems less reliant on traditional combos and more-so focused on the same kind of play-style he’s used to in his own games; flying around, bouncing off the heads of opponents and ledge guarding.

As mentioned in the video, due to Sonic’s quick speed and a few devastating smash attacks, you can use him to setup opponents for air attacks or ledge positioning by either using down ‘B’ to push them to the edge or up ‘B’ to keep them up in the air for quick mid-air attacks.

I imagine Sonic would have a tough time with someone like Mega Man who could effectively keep his distance and just keep peppering the hedgehog with his pea-shooter.

Sonic would probably be a better character to play for those who like a challenge. He moves very fast, does moderate damage with chip-attacks and has a lot of aerial dominance if you know how to work the ledges.

The video above notes that Sonic’s throws are weaker than Brawl, but I think a good throw with a dash-attack follow-up would be a perfect combo, especially if you finish it with an up-air attack. His special also requires some fine precision aiming, timing and controlling, so Sonic is not the easiest character to get a handle on if you want to come out the victor.


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