One Million Views And Counting…

I’m not going to waste a lot of time on this post, but I just figured an update or so is in store given that – according to the Jetpack statistics – One Angry Gamer has garnered more than a million views. The counter at the bottom of the site has a tough time keeping, but as I’m typing this there have been more than 1,015,500 views to date.

As the image below shows, there has also been a lot of community interaction on the comment front as well, with nearly 4,000 comments in the database.

A large portion of the community comes from #GamerGate, with six of the 10 most viewed pages of all time being #GamerGate related. In fact, the most visited page on the site apart from the home page is story of Destructoid and the corruption involving the firing of Allistair Pinsof, with more than 78,380 views.

So yeah, if this site is anything to go by… #GamerGate is about ethics in video game journalism.

The other upside is that even beyond the corruption exposed within the games industry, other articles about other games and topics have managed to find an audience. A lot of people seemed invested in Lucky Chloe from Tekken 7; and Dying Light is a pretty hot topic given the fact that reviews are late to the party but the game actually seems to be good… based on first impressions and Let’s Play streams.

At least if #GamerGate had a stroke on Twitter and choked out within the next few minutes, there’s still an audience piling into the site for other stuff. And likewise, if every other topic in the video game industry contracted anal cancer and was no longer viable for viewing for one reason or another, the #GamerGate crowd still makes up for a sizable enough audience to compensate.

Some of the top external referrals include Google search, Twitter and Reddit (huge thanks to the Kotaku in Action denizens for that one). Some of the top search terms that led people to the site includes “Dying Light review”, the Plex app for the PS4, “One Angry Gamer”, and “GTA 5 sex”… because, obviously the sex in GTA is better than porn… obviously.

Basically, it just looks like gamers wanted news about gaming and that’s why they showed up. So a huge “Thank You!” to everybody who accounts for more than one million views that this site has accrued since opening back in late June of 2014. If it keeps expanding at this rate, it might even be considered a real gaming site some day.

Anyway, there is no One Angry Gamer without a gaming community and without the support of gamers. So thanks for the views and the visits, and here’s to more gaming news without remorse.


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12 thoughts on “One Million Views And Counting…

    1. I believe it’s called “New Gamer”? But it’s heavily edited with CSS — readers suggested ways to improve the site and how they thought it would best look for the average gamer and so that’s how I shaped the visual layout.

  1. congrats faggets, dont pull a huffpo and kill the comments section. let the community police it. fyi I dont go to huffpo anymore

    1. Well one of the reasons I opened up this mofo was because I wanted the comments to flourish like they once did before a lot of my other stuff was put on lockdown. So hopefully, as the community grows, we’ll see the comment section grow like the lower extremities of a young chap visiting the chans for the first time and checking out the very robust and titillating gif culture.

      1. give xp and levels/acheivments like huffpo used to do and Kongrogate kinda does. tht would make me feel like a part of the group.

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