Greg Tito No Longer At Escapist Magazine; Staff Cut From GameFront, GameTrailers

The past six months have seen more shake-ups and drama happening behind the scenes in the game journalism ring than ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise. The latest bit of news comes courtesy of cuts made under the Defy Media subsidiaries, including The Escapist Magazine, GameFront and GameTrailers.

Alien Pickle has a blog post about the cuts, and while it seemed doubtful that the news was true, all it takes is a quick look at the Twitter and LinkedIn profiles of the individuals named in the article to see that yes, Defy Media has made cuts to their staff.

Some of the cuts includes GameTrailer content producer Michael Damiani, who took to Twitter to write…

The Escapist lost senior editor Ross A. Lincoln and editor-in-chief Greg Tito. You can check out Tito’s Twitter conversation with Screen Junkies managing editor Ben Goldstein, who asked Tito about being part of the pack that was let go. Check it out below.

Tito’s updated Twitter and LinkedIn profile further confirms the move.

I asked Greg about it but he didn’t respond.

Tito was also the one who stood up to Ben Kuchera and allow The Escapist forum thread to continue to discuss #GamerGate after Kuchera, an editor from Polygon, tried to get it shutdown, as noted in the article on Breitbart. However, Tito was also part of the media onslaught against Wizardchan, who was falsely accused of staging a harassment campaign.

GameFront also lost Phil Hornshaw, a senior editor. He kept it sweet and brief, noting the following on Twitter.

The Alien Pickle blog captured tweets from various industry individuals blaming #GamerGate for the change. Of course, there’s no way to know for sure if that’s true unless someone says so.

The cutbacks in staff follow on Defy Media’s overhauled ethics policy that they put into a couple of months ago during the early stages of #GamerGate. Defy Media appointed Joshua Vanderwall as the new editor-in-chief for The Escapist, and he made his presence known earlier today with a post on The Escapist.

[Update:] Tito posted a Twitlonger to explain what happened, writing…

Due to budget cuts at Defy Media, the parent company of The Escapist, Game Front, and GameTrailers, a large number of my colleagues have also been let go. This news sucks for everyone, including those left behind to run these publications. My thoughts are with all of you and I hope you bounce back with a new gig soon.


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8 thoughts on “Greg Tito No Longer At Escapist Magazine; Staff Cut From GameFront, GameTrailers

  1. If I remember well, even though Tito did allow discussion over Escapist Forums, he was being very biased in moderating the discussion with an Ironfist and a Ban Hammer, but I could be wrong…

    And even though the official reason for the cuts is “budget cuts” I don’t think it’s entirely it. You’re not saving that much bucks by canning an Editor-in-Chief since you’ll have to replace it with another Editor-in-Chief which will most likely receive the same salary… in the end you’re paying even more with all paperwork.

    I think they’re more likely killing two birds with one stone, this way they can re-structure their pipeline for more efficiency and get rid of all the bad apples which might rotten their image or force them to the shame walk of changing disclosure policies.

    1. The moment he was let loose Tito was in a twitter convo with Leigh Alexander and the two were acting all buddy buddy talking about how maybe they could network with each other. So fuck the guy.

      1. By the end of this I suspect many more of these assholes will lose their jobs and most of those will end up working for either Leigh or McIntosh as PR consultant assholes. I’m really not sure why anyone would hire ether’s company after this six month and counting debacle but hey we all know by now there’s something in the water in San Fran.

    2. As a long time forum poster that was recently banhammered, even though my forum health meter was still in the green (less than 4 strikes, in a 9 strikes you’re out system) the moderation on the site was corrupt and biased against anyone pro-gg.

      The excuse they gave was that, because I correctly called Jim Sterling a blowhard – then defined the reasoning behind this assertion, I must be younger than 13 years of age. Since I was on the site since 2009, that must mean I was about 7 years old when I joined, which is nonsense…. sigh.

      I am actually 37 years of age and sent proof to the mods, but they have not overturned the premature ban. They are cleaning the house of all gamergate supporters – unless things change with Tito’s departure.

      1. What the hell?!

        That’s the poorest excuse for a forum ban that I have ever seen my life. The guys really are hunting pro-GG people.

        What’s worst is that I have seen The Escapist listed as an “alternative journalism coverage that is pro-GG”… Buuuulllsh–

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