Dying Light Steam Pre-Loading Underway As Worries Rise Over Review Embargoes

Uh oh, it looks like the dreaded review embargo could make or break Dying Light as it preps for launch on January 27th in North America. Valve sent out word that pre-loading for Dying Light is available to those who pre-purchased the game on Steam, but murmuring within the core gaming community has caused some to worry about the review embargo situation.

As noted in the Steam news update

“Dying Light is coming soon to SteamOS/Linux and Windows! Pre-Purchase Now to receive the exclusive “Punk Queen” in-game weapon and start your pre-load now so you’re ready to play right at launch!”

Seems simple enough.

However, the conversation on places like Blues News and Reddit reveal a different situation.

Apparently reviews won’t be out until the game launches. No pre-release reviews, for as far as gamers can tell.

If you look around YouTube or search the regular major media outlets, no pre-release reviews have been posted for Dying Light at the time of the publishing of this article. This point is further driven home with the screen capture of Metacritic, which you can check out below.

According to one user on the Reddit thread, Dared00

“They haven’t sent any review copies. So technically there’s no embargo.

“So far, the only review was written by CD-Action in Poland, but they weren’t allowed to score it.

“EDIT: okay, now it gets really shitty. Another Polish magazine, PSX Extreme advertises the new issue with “Dying Light – first score in the world”. It comes on Wednesday. What the hell, Techland?”

The game was recently delayed in Europe and Australia, with the digital release set for January 28th, 2015 and the physical release set for February 27th, 2015, as reported by IGN. So technically, the review embargoes would not be post-launch, but actually day-of-release.

Previously, The Games Cabin had picked up news from an Ask.fm thread a month ago, where Dying Light’s lead game designer, Maciej Binkowski, commented about the game’s review embargo situation after someone asked if there would be post-launch review embargoes. He made a comment and later edited it, stating…

“No, we do not have embargoes of that nature. We want to be as transparent as we can towards our fans, so don’t worry – there won’t be any review embargoes AFTER the game is released.
Sorry I made a mistake. It was supposed to say “after the game is release” right from the start.”

Of course, the above comments may have assuaged gamers back then, but it hasn’t really made today’s antsy group of core gamers more at ease. This rings especially true following on the Shadow of Mordor scandal (also tentatively known as “ShadowGate” but a more appropriate name would have been the “Gates of Mordor”) where a lot of post-launch coverage was locked down in brand deals handed out by Plaid Social and approved by Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Another reason some gamers are heading to the shed where lighter fluid, torches and pitchforks are held is because Warner Bros., is also publishing Techland’s Dying Light. Select denizens of the gaming world fear that a similar situation could ensue.

Of course, if reviews start popping up pre-release, then all the worries of the world will be laid to rest. If, however, reviews are postponed until after the game’s release, we all know what’s what.

Dying Light looks like a genuinely fun game to me, so hopefully the situation is handled right by Warner Bros this time around. You can look to pick up a digital or physical copy of the game in North America starting January 27th, 2015 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.


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39 thoughts on “Dying Light Steam Pre-Loading Underway As Worries Rise Over Review Embargoes

  1. What are these publishers doing? If these idiots keep pushing out broken games I can see another collapse coming. This is what happens when profit prioritizes quality. Not saying it’s gonna be a broken mess, but all the signs are pointing to it, and dammit, I’ve got this game pre-loaded on my xboxone! If I’m burnt, I’ll have to make sure I no longer preorder, even though I know better, the game looked worthy, but now……………..

    1. I’m worried as well..Hopefully it will be great as I am looking for it to be my team and I’s next Co-Op game so we can give GTAO a rest. Didn’t pre order Dying Light. Still butt hurt from Destiny Ghost edition Pre order! But Dinkle-Bot is lookin might bad ass on my work desk!

      1. yea it definitely worries me too… but shadow of mordor turned out good(average story though), so I’m hoping Dying Light can atleast be extremely fun… they are definitely losing themselves some sales initially though because I would of bought the game on the day of release if the review were good, but now I am gonna wait to see because they are obviously not confident in their product.

    2. Kinda sad how you decided to pre-order this game despite the low-quality catastrophe that was 2014, which in itself was nothing more than a giant warning sign.
      No-one, even if the game is from a company with a good reputation, should pre-order. Exclusive gameplay, skins, art; it doesn’t matter what the pre-order gets you. If the game sucks, the extra content will be useless.
      Cancel your pre-order if you can. If not, then, for the love of God, stop pre-ordering, because right now, you’re part of the problem.

      1. Amen to that. I got burned for AC:U and I’ll never pre order again. Wait for release and do your homework. If it still sounds good, go ahead and buy.

      2. Common sense is what you’re saying. However most gamers will still impulsively buy on day one, review or not. Speaking of, I’ve been gaming for about 30+ years. I’m an old fart. Forever a gamer, I just took a huge leap of faith and pre ordered and pre loaded Dying Light on my Xbox One. So I’ll soon see if I got suckered in later tonight when midnight hits and the doors are opened. I also got burned for AC:U but I didn’t pre-order, however I did grab it on day 2. It wasn’t a horrible game, campaign wise. It was the bugs that killed it. IGN have posted a review in progress of DL and they haven’t encountered any bugs so far. So maybe just MAYBE Dying Light will actually end up being a good game. I have faith. End of my novel.

      3. Pre-ordering a game isn’t a bad thing. I’ve been “pre-ordering” games from GameStop for over 15 years. All I’m doing is putting $5 down to essentially hold my free DLC and then I’ll check reviews etc when they come out, if they are great I’ll go pay the difference and blamo, if it gets SUPER shitty reviews for being broken then I’ll use the $5 I put down to go towards another pre-order. So that being said I don’t see a problem pre-ordering. Now, if you meant “pre-ordering PRE LOADING, or Pre-ordering and paying in full then yes, that’s just not a wise decision. However I took a leap of faith today actually and for the first time pre-ordered pre loaded DL onto my Xbox One, so I’ll soon see if I got sucked in and made a bad decision. It wasn’t impulsive though, I looked on line, twitch, lots of gameplay footage and it looked good to me. I’ll see in less than an hour.

      1. lol completely unnecessary to call someone that over such a minor issue… you must not have many human friends

      2. 0 points for originality. I’m not ready for the Mr. Title yet but I guess that’s my name? What do you oppose so vehemently you must shake your head, My last name or comment? I’m here to help.

    3. The collapse will only happen on consoles because the PC market is way more diverse and people build PC’s themselves as a hobby. Also PC gamers have gone through many game droughts and now with the ability to bypass publishers with Kickstarter projects like Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous, the platform is no longer held back by the general practices of gaming.

  2. didnt they send demos out to youtubers early last year ? they also had playable code in many events.

    why wouldnt they send review copies ? i cant believe the bugs could be that bad if they demoed that much, is it some other controversy like 20fps 480p on the xbone or something ?

    1. “i cant believe the bugs could be that bad if they demoed that much, is it some other controversy like 20fps 480p on the xbone or something?”

      LOL. Most likely. The embargo is probably hide the fact that the Xbox One can only do 15 frames per second.

      1. LOL. Snap! I was just browsing sites looking for info about Dying Light, and I stumbled across this site. Is this your site? I see you have the opportunity here to engage your readers in the forums. That other site that we won’t mention here, has not been the same ever since you left the forums. I won’t stay here too long. I have made more than enough enemies of my own. I’m still surprised that JT hasn’t banned me from the other site, with as many people that I’ve pissed off. I’m just an old gamer having fun driving these young gamers crazy, who think they’ve seen it all. But I love what you do bruh. Keep up the good work.

      2. So far the game has been showing framerate drops mainly on the Ps4, not the Xbox, just like what happened with Unity, what is your explanation for that?

      3. My explanation is a pretty simple one. You’re lying out of your ass. And whats worse is that the Xbox One controllers are so cheaply made, that this game will probably break most peoples already rattling R1 buttons about 30 minutes into the game. That wacky console and its firmware updating controllers are a joke.

  3. Really? Why the hate for this? Review sites can be unjust and sometimes downright wrong to the subjective reader. That’s the thing reviews are subjective not objective so there for everyone’s pallete is not same and it will taste differently to everyone. Having someone come out and review your game weeks even days in advance before release and it simply not be in there wheel house ( whether they suck at the game, didn’t understand it, wasn’t their cup of tea or expected something else ) with most of the time it seeming like the former of the four. And if that be the case and t receives a low score ( and by low I mean anything between 5-8 ) and that’s not my personal scoring rank but that is how a lot of gaming communities react when there isn’t a 9 or 10 on the board. That the game isn’t worth it or it’s a let down because it didn’t surpass someone else’s judgment to recieve a near perfect score. How ludcrious is that? And how fair is that to the developer to be tarnished because it wasn’t someone’s cup of tea? Exactly, I could go on but I won’t.

    1. scores ? who cares about scores?, where were you last year ?

      we cant even take “the game works”, “the game can be played all the way through” or “the characters have faces” for granted anymore, whatever it is PC or Console

  4. Well, I’ll tell you what. I’ll record myself playing it on my rig, which is simply medium-high (AMD 7970 w/ i5 4670k cpu) and I’ll definitely try to record it 60FPS 1080p and give a proper review.

    For me, review embargos of course insinuate scepticism, and that I won’t deny. Though from the gameplay videos I’ve seen from random youtubers, many have given praise, and doubt they’ve been paid to praise it – not too many negatives on it, some minor nitpicks could be had I’m sure but overall in the deep of it all when it’s asked “Does it compensate for the money you invested into it?” – Am sure the answer is going to be yes.

    For me, what draws me into it is as basic as you can get, Melee combat that has a ‘Feel’ to the impact, I LOVE Melee-based games, but Bethesda and Elder Scrolls can’t do it properly, there’s no impact relatively except with blocking and even then, it’s still Whiffy like you’re slashing at air 99% of the time. This game and the kicking, physics, ragdolling, blunt weapons being smashed across a zombies head and their reactions to the blow? Look god damn FANTASTIC, and I’m a morbid b*stard so this is the kind of stuff that makes me smile gleefully. The melee alone, is a reason why I bought it.

    With that said, the Consequence of this investment/action is this: I wasn’t pleased about Dead Island, I bought into a hype that was quickly crippled and my trust in the devs definitely lowered, with that said, I made it very clear to myself that this game, as I’m drawn to it and I could be fooled again, under all means of me being excited for its release and my expectations being semi-excited/neutral – If I’m let down and it’s not ‘worth the investment” – as what everyone else should do, you simply don’t buy from the same developer again and make a stand, a personal stand, not a self-entitled “I must get on a soapbox and tell the world about my whiny anger” but simply, passively…. Don’t buy their games. If this breaks your trust, follow the “Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you” – They fooled me once, do it again, they lose a customer permanently. Everything else is a redundancy to me.

    1. what draws me into it is as basic as you can get, Melee combat that has a ‘Feel’ to the impact, I LOVE Melee-based games,

      That whole paragraph, I agree with entirely. I love watching Dying Light and if I had time I would definitely pick it up to play it. It looks like a lot of fun to me.

      However, as you pointed out later on in your post, those past transgressions of over-hype and the recent fiasco involving Warner Bros and Plaid Social have me very skeptical. I hate that all the shadiness in the industry has caused me to step back from a game I would have previously pre-ordered or at least picked up day-one.

      My how times have changed.

      1. Yeah, well, it’s not like I can argue or disagree with your reasoning of scepticism. To each their own on the weight of ‘To trust’ or not to trust. I’m a risk-taker in most cases as an individual, others are more conservative, others can be a lot more reckless. Though I have my vows and values intact so I don’t have any cognitive dissonance issues.

        My issue is I know from one video, where an overpowered sword is at. I’m totally going to go find and grab it since you can early-on….but I don’t want to be overpowered or use slashing weapons, I want blush, smashing weapons. So, it’s probably something I have to think to myself as keeping it as a trump card for night time or if I get invaded to kill any fool who tries to chase me. EXPCaliber

  5. No review embargo’s but no game sent out TOO review. Smells like some bullshit Techland?!? We want to be transparent they said?! lol smh.

  6. Ah well, I bought it regardless because I have been hyped for a long time, which isn’t that common these days. Plus, it’s my RonZofo channel launch game so it better bloody work!!

  7. But im confused because shadow o mordor is an awesome game and I feel needed more press and review copies would have probably benefit the game… Anyway that was a side bar cause i saw the shadow of mordor thing pop up in this article.

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