3 Games That Deal With Widespread Corruption

I know I said I wouldn’t do multi-page lists on this site, so I won’t. This is a list, but it’s a different kind of list; it’s a list about corruption and the games that deal with corruption. It’s important for people to know how the different forms of corruption can affect the way we view the game world, interact with the characters and how it ultimately helps change our perception on the real-life effects of such a damaging occurrence.

There’s no sense in wasting time trying to spread out the words and flesh out an introduction, so I’ll just get right to it and hit you with a few information bombs.

Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3: While the first two games also dealt with corruption in one manner or another, it was Max Payne 3 that really ran the point home about corruption from the bottom tier of society, all the way up to the highest forms of police authority. This no-holds-barred game gave players the kind of wild ride through the mean streets of criminal activity like no other, and only in the way that Rockstar could manage. The gritty yet beautiful setting of Brazil helped setup a juxtaposition of brazen beauty versus seedy criminal activity. The smooth-as-butter gameplay only helped tell the story in an unforgettable fashion.

In a way, Max Payne 3’s corruption highlighted the double standard executed by authority figures, sort of like how people like Ben Kuchera decry cis-gendered, straight males for their gaming habits and pastime enjoyments, even though he was previously caught talking about how “rape is funny”, as reported by the Ralph Retort. Ben Kuchera, an editor at Polygon, is also responsible for trying to get Forbes writer Erik Kain fired from his job, along with trying to use his Twitter followers to get another fellow fired for disagreeing with him. Kuchera also was responsible for leading a witch hunt against Stardock CEO Brad Wardell on sexual harassment allegations that were later dropped. Kuchera refused to apologize to Wardell for the witch hunt, as noted on an article at Breitbart. One of his most egregious and corrupted acts came at the hands of attacking games writer Ben Paddon and his girlfriend, because Ben was using money donated to him by the public to buy his sick girlfriend medicine that wasn’t covered by insurance.

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock: A lot of people like the Bioshock series. I think it’s one of the rare brands that’s always used as a way of showing how civilization and life can be visually pristine on the outside, with a nearly utopian take on society, all while allowing players to delve deeper into that very same civilization and realize that the cracks underneath will eventually cave in the whole infrastructure of society. The first two games centered around the underwater metropolis called Rapture – forged by the blood, sweat and bronze pipes of a distinctly ambitious group of power-hungry artisans and businessmen. And just like in real life, most people never knew the real truth about what was happening in Rapture, the horrors and terrors that lie below, much in the same way that most people don’t know what’s actually happening in games media because mainstream outlets like CBC and ABC are purposefully twisting information to push a narrative.

Rapture was proceeded by the sky-city of Columbia, a beautiful look at a city in the clouds – literally. The heavenly paradise couldn’t stand tall forever with the ingrown bigotry and monopolization of values and human life at stake, causing Columbia to become a combustible melting pot of racial tension and religious motivation fueling a deadly civil war, not unlike a certain consumer revolt standing up and against the games media, which happens to be monopolized by the Game Journo pros. What are the Game Journo Pros? They decide who to hire, who to fire and who to blacklist in the games industry. Their influence spreads across nearly every major gaming and tech website, and they command platforms that have a combined 300 million uniques a month. When the GJP are caught in impropriety they collude to alter the narrative and blame consumers. Thankfully, with a little ragtag collaboration and a few battlefronts they’ve managed to fight back against the totalitarians, just like in Bioshock.

Metroid Prime 3 Corruption

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption: This is an underrated series of games right here; we don’t often hear about the Metroid Prime series from the Wii. It’s probably because it was a first-person shooter on the Wii. Nevertheless, the third game dealt with Samus’ doppleganger infecting planets and people with a dark matter called Phazon. This caused Samus to race against time as the corruption spread throughout her body and the galaxy. There’s also a measure of Samus having to deal with other obstacles along the way, such as the Space Pirates, which work to prevent Samus from getting things done, sort of like gaming websites censoring topics of corruption, or administrators going out of their way to suppress the spread of information regarding impropriety happening within the gaming industry, all while protecting vested interests.

The Phazon in Metroid Prime 3 is very similar to something Defy Media’s co-founder Alexander Macris discussed in a Twitlonger post about Cultural Marxism — a term that’s been redefined by a very biased Wikipedia. Specifically, a group of new-age, pseudo-intellectuals are trying to feign a movement of academia into the realm of gaming by pushing ideological progressivism into gaming. In plain ‘ole English: they want to co-opt gaming for their own ends, which became apparent with the rigging of the IGF and IndieCade, which led to Phil Fish allegedly being tied to racketeering. Fish may have disappeared since then, but the Cultural Marxists persists in a group led by trans-media journalist, Jonathan McIntosh. He’s the writer and producer of Feminist Frequency. McIntosh represents the new-wave media movement of “outrage news”, where something inflammatory is produced to incite reaction and profit from it. It’s a tactic Gawker loves, along with their Native Ads. Hopefully gamers can amp up just like Samus and overcome gaming’s Phazon, which comes in the form of professional victims, Cultural Marxists and e-commerce journalists trying to cash in on all the outrage.


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