Super Smash Bros Wii U: Advanced Zero Suit Samus Combos Guide

Super Smash Bros Zero Suit Samus

There’s a new combo video making the rounds that shows off some advanced techniques and strings to help you in Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. This quick guide will help you make use of the attacks on display in the video so you can unleash some massive ownage on your opponents, whether you’re playing locally, online or at an FGC tournament.

The video clocks in at close to four minutes and features a wide array of different combo attacks that can be dispensed by Zero Suit Samus. The video was shot, chopped and uploaded by YouTuber Killian Gaming. And no, I doubt it’s an alt account for Seth Killian. Anyway, check out the video below.

Some of the basics need to be discussed first. Mid-air redirection can be achieved by moving the control stick in the opposite direction while in mid-air before pressing the ‘B’ button to air-jump/dash. You’ll need this to perform mid-air attacks while falling off the platform to chase down opponents, all while setting yourself up to get back up to the platform to avoid losing a stock.

I may have mentioned in the previous video guide for Link and Toon Link that dive-kicks don’t work so well in Super Smash Bros., but I was wrong. Dive-kicks work really well for Zero Suit Samus for leading a combo initiator or working as a counter-attack.

You can also start a dive-kick and lead-in with an upward air or charge attack. In fact, you can use a charge attack plus an up-air – as demonstrated in the video – to easily knock someone off the platform. Or even better yet, you can use a dive-kick and a charged attack to get an opponent off the platform and then follow it up with a whip attack and then a mid-air redirection to get back onto the platform.

Reversing the combo also works: you can use a charge attack during a combo and then a dive-kick to force someone off the platform when they have 70% or higher damage.

I’ve never really played as Samus in the Smash Bros., games but it’s pretty obvious that Zero Suit Samus is almost borderline over-powered. I’m not hating on the character, just pointing out an observation.

Super Smash Bros., is available right now for both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS.


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4 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Wii U: Advanced Zero Suit Samus Combos Guide

  1. Naw, while ZSS is a good character, she’s not “op.” She’s at about 7 on
    the tier list (not that crumby “eventhubs” tier list by the way, eventhubs is a
    laughing stock), and hasn’t changed too much from Smash Bros Brawl.
    She’s got a fair amount of ending lag on her side B and grab, if you
    whiff them, and while she’s speedy, so are a lot of other characters in
    similar ways- Cpt Falcon, Sonic, Shiek, etc. She’s a lot like Snake was
    in Brawl, people originally thought Snake to be top tier, then dropped
    down to around slot 7 or so- same as ZSS in this game.

    Also after Patch 1.0.4, the one and only balance patch the game’s gonna get,
    ZSS got some frame increases, increasing her landing lag and whatnot.
    And they of course patched out the infinite on Robin.

    The ones who are really high up there are of course Diddy, and then after that
    there are Rosalina & Luma, Lucario, and Shiek. Below ’em are mentions for Sonic, Yoshi, and Ness are up there too (Ness primarily gets the
    mention because of his back throw having great kill potential).

    Diddy’s the #1 of the game of course, and Lucario’s under most people’s radars-
    rage + Lucario’s aura gives loads of damage and killing potential.

    The others are in a bit of a better spot after Patch 1.0.4- Shiek got a
    good nerf, in that while she’s speedy, she has trouble killing. Luma
    takes a while longer to respawn, less range. Yoshi got some more end
    lag in as well.

    So while ZSS is a good character, she’s definitely not “op” or “borderline-op,” she still got all the weaknesses she had in Smash Brawl, as well as the end lag disadvantages while using her whip and gun.

  2. Just letting ye know about all that, because even you say that you’ve never used Zero Suit Samus, so you don’t know about her weaknesses, as well as the frame data of the game which comes into play when you’re playing actual matches and not just watching a tutorial video. So with your minimal knowledge of the character, you get while I’m trying to clue ye in as to why she isn’t “op.”

    1. Thanks for the insight man. Your comments are actually really helpful.

      I was noticing people searching up for combo guides and whatnot and thought it might be helpful to point people toward the more worthwhile YouTube videos showing off the skills, combos, play-styles, etc.

      I never would have pegged Sonic for being upper tier but he’s another character I didn’t play very much (then again, in Brawl, the only person really worth playing was Meta Knight, so yeah).

      I’m going to be going over some more videos and posting them up, so you’ve definitely added some worthwhile info to the discussion.

      1. It’s all good, man. That combo video was a bit of a montage, and while it was impressive, it can be a bit misleading- seeing all the good and very little of the bad sides of a character. That’s of course montages for you.

        In a real match you’ll of course get people spot dodging you, reading your moves and whatnot, making you work for it- it’s then that the finesse of actually landing those combos comes into play. I’m sure that ye understand, in that those ZSS combo’s definitely take finesse, so it’s all good and well.

        As for Sonic, it’s more so Smash 4 Sonic that’s upper tier- the cast ever changing, like how Marth’s essentially got a dagger for a sword now, in terms of his range. Little changes here and there making the difference. (As for Meta Knight, that guy was on perma-ban status for Brawl, heh. Everyone had a pocket Meta Knight, but not as if it was really permitted- other good characters were present in Brawl, but it’s hard to measure up to SS tier!)

        Despite some characters being upper tier, they of course have bad matchups and their fair share of downsides. Like Yoshi being better than he was in Brawl, he’s got downsides against a fair number of the cast- few kill moves, and some stages get in the way of his playstyle, even when omega form.

        It’s nice to be sharing some videos to help people out that may not know how to play the game as well, so good on ye for that. Just as someone that has helped with the balancing of games myself, I’m easily set off on these kinds of discussions to debate why something is or isn’t as strong as people believe it to be, ha ha.

        All that aside, glad to chat with ye a bit, and that my rant on a character not being considered ‘op’ didn’t strike ye the wrong way.

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