Subnautica Launches On Steam Early Access


From the minds that brought you Natural Selection and Natural Selection 2 comes a brand new adventure called Subnautica. The game recently received a launch trailer and a press notice that the title has launched on Steam’s Early Access platform.

The trailer looks pretty slick, offering gamers a cinematic look at a game that I have no clue about whatsoever. In fact, I’ll let you take a gander at the trailer while I give the press release a thorough read-over and search up a bit more info on the game. Enjoy.

Okay, so after reading the press release and looking over the Steam page, it appears as if Subnautica is an open-world, underwater adventure game. The title sports some fantastical visual elements that focus on bizarre creatures in a beautifully rendered take on the deep sea.

According to the press release…

“Early Access is a nucleus around which a better, bigger, and more fun game can form. Lots of the core elements of Subnautica gameplay are already in place. Over time the world will grow larger, deeper and more striking, creatures more diverse and intelligent, loot, crafting and vehicle construction more comprehensive, the story more fleshed out, and ecosystems richer and more vibrant.”

Majority of the user reviews are quite positive for the title; not so much for what the game contains but what it could become. There’s a lot of promise and interest in that promise.

While a lot of the reviews are positive, they’re also moderately skeptical, like the one from Teal’c, which reads…

“It's a pretty game with a steady flow of new content, but not much else at this point. You can only really get couple hours of moderately entertaining gameplay at its current state. Don't buy this game expecting it to keep you entertained for a week yet. I would definately recommend at least following or wishlisting it though. The potential is certainly there, and the devs have been devoted to its progress with healthy concern for keeping the playerbase informed while getting community feedback.“


I like the look of the game and I like the idea that there’s a strong focus on exploration and survival in the deep sea. It’s not a genre that’s often explored in the game space as much as some other topics.

Also, I find the soundtrack for the game pretty awesome. It’s well worth checking out over on the YouTube channel for Subnautica.

You can check out the game over on Steam or learn more about Unknown Worlds’ title by paying a visit to the official website.


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