ShootMania, TrackMania Free Multiplayer Access Until April, 2015


Now here’s a bit of news you probably didn’t see coming: Nadeo has announced that you can gain free access to their ManiaPlanet games right now, no strings attached. You download the free demo and for 48 hours straight you can play the ManiaPlanet titles for free.

Following the 48 hour free-play period, there will be a daily time limit for those playing the games for free. This means you either pony up the money in order to keep playing for an unlimited amount of time, or you just deal with only having a limited amount of daily time allotted to your play experience.

That main image that Nadeo and Ubisoft have floating around is a bit disingenuous, though. Yes, it is “unlimited” multiplayer access up until April, 2015. However, it’s only “unlimited” in the sense that you can play the Trackmania Valley, Trackmania Stadium and ShootMania Storm games every day for free, but within a demarcated time period.

ShootMania Storm – Launch Trailer

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I have to be honest, I have no idea if ShootMania is trash or not. I’ve never wasted my time playing the game and the whole ManiaPlanet launcher is such a huge pain in my rear end sometimes I feel like it’s not worth booting anything up from the crappy, Frankenstein-launcher that seems better suited to give you a headache than to let you play the freaking games you paid for.

However, I have played, do play and continue to play TrackMania games because they rock bones like a dragon dildo at the Cathouse in Las Vegas. The reality is that the TrackMania games are about as fun watching The Problem Solverz with 3D glasses and a pound of Jamaican hash. So in that regards, having free daily access to the multiplayer of TrackMania is totally worth it. Did I mention you can also create your own tracks? Well yeah… you can. You just have to put up with that pathetic ManiaPlanet launcher like a naggy ‘ole ex.

Anyway, you can learn more about the free deal Nadeo and Ubisoft is cooking up by paying a visit to the official ManiaPlanet website. Those of you wanting to get in on the free deal can grab the download from the website or from your Steam client.

[Update:] Quick correction. According to the official Shootmania Twitter account, there is no limitation on Shootmania Storm’s multiplayer. It will be free up until April, 2015.

Shootmania on Twitter


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