‘She’s Not Gonna Take Your Games Away’ Says Jim Sterling; GTA 5 Gets Banned


During SGC 2013, Jim Sterling and Adam Sessler came to the defense of the Feminist Frequency campaign that’s led by Jonathan McIntosh and voiced by Anita Sarkeesian, to say how these kind of campaigns against the gaming industry – painting it as a misogynistic and sexist environment – wasn’t going to take your games away. So why did a petition just get an R18+ game banned from Target and Kmart stores in Australia, on account of the game promoting violence against women?

Way back at SGC 2013, Jim Sterling – on a panel talking about games industry related topics – mentioned…

“Anita Sarkeesian is not Magneto. And when people say she needs to be stopped, I think that’s what people say about Magneto. She is not that. She does not have a Sisterhood of Evil Mutants. She ain’t gonna take your games away.”

That quote was posted on the Facebook page of Feminist Frequency. You can hear it with your own ears at the 27:50 mark in the video below….

Well, recently, Target Australia’s general manager of corporate affairs, Jim Cooper, issued a press release, stating…

"We've been speaking to many customers over recent days about the game, and there is a significant
level of concern about the game's content,"

"We've also had customer feedback in support of us selling the game, and we respect their perspective
on the issue.

"However, we feel the decision to stop selling GTA5 is in line with the majority view of our customers."

The move comes after months of the media repeatedly attacking the games industry for its portrayal of women in games, and an attack on the tech industry for being a den of misogyny, with the final straw being nearly 40,000 people signing a Change.org petition that stated that GTA V was an enabler of violence against women. Even though GTA V has been available for a year already.

The petition reads…

“Please Target – we appeal to you as women survivors of violence, including women who experienced violence in the sex industry, to immediately withdraw Grand Theft Auto V from sale.

“This misogynistic GTA 5 literally makes a game of bashing, killing and horrific violence against women. It also links sexual arousal and violence.

“Games like this are grooming yet another generation of boys to tolerate violence against women. It is fuelling the epidemic of violence experienced by so many girls and women in Australia - and globally.”

Target did acknowledge and react to the petition, removing the game from more than 300 Target stores across Australia.

IGN is also reporting that Kmart, in Australia, is also having copies of  GTA V  removed from store shelves. It’s not just Target taking up the initiative. However, I have been informed that both Target and Kmart are owned by Wesfarmers in Australia.

Grand Theft Auto has been the target of the ideologues for some time; it’s a symbol of a “patriarchy” they must overthrow, as explicitly explained by Alex Lifschitz in the video below (with a bit of narration from YouTube personality, Sargon of Akkad, for added context), where he destroys a copy of GTA V.

Lifschitz is a self-proclaimed academic within the inner-circle of a clique-culture pushing a sociopolitical ideology with the help from groups like DiGRA, who is associated with Critical Distance; a group curated and contributed to by Kris Ligman, the same Ligman from Gamasutra who was caught pushing favors for friends without disclosure. Critical Distance is also home to Silverstring Media advisor Zoya Street – the same company, I might add, that employs the PR rep for Zoe Quinn, the same rep involved with the doxxing of The Fine Young Capitalists and the same rep involved with Brandon Boyer, the chairman of the IGF. Yes, the same IGF that was caught in an alleged racketeering scandal pushing games that Silverstring Media represented as a firm, the same Silverstring Media that Feminist Frequency head-honcho Jonathan McIntosh works for as an advisor, along with Anita Sarkeesian.

That’s also not to mention that Brandon Boyer is the same Boyer who was on the Game Journo Pros list, the same list that was used to allegedly blacklist a journalist and the same list that has members who used their platforms to push a narrative in the media to slander #GamerGate in order to help cover for Zoe Quinn when the scandal broke about Nathan Grayson’s lack of disclosure when covering her game while at Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Kotaku. So what does all that have to do with Alex Lifschitz? Well, he’s also personally involved with Zoe Quinn.

One big happy family.


So what does all this have to do with Feminist Frequency and GTA V being banned from 300 Target stores in Australia? Well, as mentioned, GTA V was on the radar of this particular sect of ideologues. It may not have been Feminist Frequency in particular that initiated the petition, but the group certainly has been reinforcing the message of games being a beacon of evil against women,  with Jonathan McIntosh expressing a measure of pride in the retailers removing GTA V from store shelves.

Moreover, the narrative extends beyond changing the landscape of interactive entertainment. Interest groups have already mentioned that they are seeking to get ISPs to enforce stricter penalties on consumers who have allegedly been caught “harassing” others, as well as pushing social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to clamp down on “harassers”. The interest groups stated that they would make efforts to change online services before going to Congress.

Well, back on December 2nd of this year, Twitter did ramp up their reporting tools against harassers and abuse. That’s a good thing… right? Well, it’s good except for the fact that these changes are coming at the hands of people trying snuff out a particular consumer revolt aimed at the corruption in media… and that’s a bad thing. That’s also not to mention that one of the interest groups pushing for these changes with social media, ISPs and Congress includes the same people running WAM.

With Sweden seeking a new sexism rating for video games, Target in Australia banning GTA V, and groups pursuing new laws to shutdown conversations online that they feel can be deemed as “harassment”, it’s easy to see how gamers from all walks of life are watching their hobby come under attack, especially when developers are being lambasted for simply interviewing people that various ideologues believe shouldn’t even have an opportunity to work in the industry.

No one is saying the gaming industry is pitch perfect; no is saying  that it’s above scrutiny or that harassment is okay. There’s always room for improvement. However, aiming to push social ideologies on the industry and attempt to censor and demarcate audiences by banning games and coercing sociopolitical agendas onto gamers, just so some extremists can take control, is the wrong way to go about enacting change.

Sorry, Sterling, but they do want to take away our games.


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102 thoughts on “‘She’s Not Gonna Take Your Games Away’ Says Jim Sterling; GTA 5 Gets Banned

  1. Alrighty, children, what you’re going to see isn’t dissociative identity disorder. That’s cognitive dissonance

  2. Directly from the first episode of the series, 1:1 argument that was brought up here to ban GTA V: https://www.feministfrequency.com/2013/05/damsel-in-distress-part-2-tropes-vs-women/

    “These stories conjure supernatural situations in which domestic violence perpetrated by men against women who’ve “lost control of themselves” not only appears justified but is actually presented as an altruistic act done “for the woman’s own good”.
    Of course, if you look at any of these games in isolation, you will be able to find incidental narrative circumstances that can be used to explain away the inclusion of violence against women as a plot device. But just because a particular event might “makes sense” within the internal logic of a fictional narrative – that doesn’t, in and of itself justify its use. Games don’t exist in a vacuum and therefore can’t be divorced from the larger cultural context of the real world.

    It’s especially troubling in-light of the serious real life epidemic of violence against women facing the female population on this planet. Every 9 seconds a woman is assaulted or beaten in the United States and on average more than three women are murdered by their boyfriends husbands, or ex-partners every single day. Research consistently shows that people of all genders tend to buy into the myth that women are the ones to blame for the violence men perpetrate against them. In the same vein, abusive men consistently state that their female targets “deserved it”, “wanted it” or were “asking for it”,

    Given the reality of that larger cultural context, it should go without saying that it’s dangerously irresponsible to be creating games in which players are encouraged and even required to perform violence against women in order to “save them”.

    Even though most of the games we’re talking about don’t explicitly condone violence against women, nevertheless they trivialize and exploit female suffering as a way to ratchet up the emotional or sexual stakes for the player.”

    When you look at their social media footprint their actual goals also become a lot clearer:

  3. Of course ‘champion of consumer rights’ Jim Sterling is once again proved to be a fat ignorant fuck. The only ones more ignorant than him are the brainless apes that donate to his patreon.

    1. Let’s face facts here. Jim Sterling got popular in the same way that reality TV is so popular. People have devolved to the point where they enjoy watching someone shit over another person in articulate ways. Sterling was the epitome of this but instead of a person he did it to games. People would eat up the passive aggressiveness of his rants for the sole reason that they were passive aggressive or even openly hostile. That was quality entertainment to many and the actual message he was pushing was often pushed to the wayside. Ironically, it’s the same reason why Yatzee is also so popular right now.

      Now that he’s less restrained and become his own boss, it’s a wonder if he’ll start to incorporate the SJW stuff, of which he’s a fan, into his future publications.

      1. Spot on, though I differ with you on one point; Jim doesn’t strike me as being a fan of SJW stuff.

        The dude was a huge misogynist back in the day, and only appeared to stop being a woman hating shit-stain after getting a shit-ton of blowback for a particular nasty exchange between him and a female critic of his. It was quite apparent to me that it was a move made to protect his career, and that everything he’s said and done since has been meant to keep the SJW types off his double-wide ass. I don’t believe for one second that any of it’s sincere, and I’m positive that if he thought he could get away with it consequence-free he’d be back to being a woman hater in a heartbeat

      2. I would almost agree with your assessment, but instead say that he isn’t against it, but is decidedly ambivalent about all of it.

        Listening from when he restarted Podtoid to when he ended The Dismal Jesters, you can hear his shift in tone after discussing how he had been getting into shit with the radfems for his antics, to his current state. You can also hear around the Podtoid 160-190 period how his wife was getting more involved in feminist interests, in part due to increased action by local politicians in their area to ban abortions, limit gay/lesbian rights, etc., which impacted his wife, and even himself – as he isn’t picky when it comes to sexuality.

        Important to remember is that he works in games media, and is friends with quite a few SJW-y types. We have seen how people in games journalism react to those that don’t share their sentiments, so I can imagine that from both a work-security standpoint, and from a social standpoint, he is better served leaning to their side of things. Additionally, he is a British atheist living in Mississippi. If the
        other atheist groups in his area happen to also be into progressive
        causes, I’d imagine he would find himself extremely lonely if he didn’t join in their interests and goals as a group.

        To tie this all together, and attempt to form some sort of tortured, cogent point, he strikes me as having a very fragile ego. Any time someone criticized his shows or reviews, he would snark about it on his podcasts, or dive right into the comments to let the critics know damn well that he thought they were shit. He also seems to be the type of person that “wants to be a good person,” the sort that wants to have his fun, but doesn’t really want to hurt anyone for real (he reacts with remorse when someone responds in a confused and pained way, rather than with vitriol and bile).

        Working with a lot of SJW-types (many of whom can be extraordinarily vocal about any perceived slight against them), having a fragile ego, and wanting to “do right” or “be liked” by others, moving from neutral to siding with SJW-types makes a lot of sense for him. He has more job security, can feel that he is supporting his wife’s efforts to keep Mississippi from becoming a total hole, stays in good standing with his friends (both private and work-related), and he gets the constant praise and assurance from the SJW crowd that he is a good person doing good things.

        He can get a lot of adoration from doing what he is doing – he is vastly more popular now than he was when he was an unapologetic asshole to EVERYONE – and the benefits to him of appealing to progressives far outweigh those of staying true neutral.

        All of this speculative bullshit said, though, but in some of his Podcasts, you do hear a bit of his old self sneak through. Whether it’s him hammily telling a co-star “we’re not allowed to say the R-word…” or giving tongue-in-cheek notice that “this segment is sure to appear on a word press blog or two,” to telling his good friend – while powerfully drunk – that he is going to “rape [him] so hard that shit will come out of your mouth,” he slips up once in a while. Which is what gives me hope that he is more neutral, and just knows how to play his audience to the tune of $110,000/year projected Patreonbucks. After seeing what simply disagreeing with SJW-types can get us, who can really say that he was stupid to do what he did?

        Edit: My point wasn’t a cogent point at all, which makes me a failure and/or liar. Damn.

      3. Spot-on about his reviews. It’s nothing more than grabbing at low-hanging a fruit and then shitting all over it while his mindless fans yuck it up.

        “Look at this shitty game that was made by someone that didn’t know what they were doing! It’s like a monkey fucked a trashbag filed with hypodermic needles filled with anthrax of the testicles. This game is so poorly made that this specific feature that I’m talking about doesn’t even work properly in a game that, as a whole, does not work properly. It’s like a hypodermic needle fucked a monkey full of anthrax of the testicles inside of a trashbag, cinched the trashbag, and then threw it into a river. And it’s made on the unity Engine, which proves that the Unity Engine is shit and, thus, so are all other games made using it. Even though I know this is complete bullshit, I’m going to constantly repeat it in numerous videos because my dumb fans that don’t know what the fuck a game engine is or how it works, or actually anything about game development at all, can sit back and yuck it up while they stew in their self-made fortified pits of gross misconceptions.”

        The great part is, not only does Jim Sterling have little to no knowledge about game development, but he repeatedly tries (and fails miserably) at using development-oriented language while discussing his videos.

        He is the video game “critic” equivalent of Daniel Tosh: a dimwitted buffoon making obvious jokes at things that are obviously stupid and shitty, and then acts as if he has done some great service to everyone for doing so. The truth is, jim Sterling has no special skillset that endears him to critique games. All he has is that he likes video games and he’s snarky. Which is the exact qualifications that hundreds of millions of teenagers possess in quantities and qualities just as good, if not better, than Jim Sterling.

        His fans defend him by constantly falling back on, “it’s sarcasm, but I guess you don’t understand sarcasm!? /snark” Yet, these miserable fuckups don’t understand that effective sarcasm involves witty skewering of material by using extremes of absurdity. What Jim does isn’t actually sarcasm at all. It’s hyperbole and the classic “fat man having a shitfit” routine.

      1. Is this verified? I know there were questions about it, but I thought it was never confirmed only speculation during the whole Frank conflict of interest thing.

      2. I see the connection and I know they were friends from tweeting each other and Eron claims ZQ cheated on him with Maya, and it’s likely that Maya does or did represent ZQ at some point.

        I just don’t think that list of devs to participate in the video Maya was creating is definitive proof that confrims she represented them. Maybe I’m missing something.

      3. Maya was/is Silverstring Media’s PR rep. One of Silverstring’s clients were Zoe Quinn for the game Depression Quest. Maya may not have been Zoe’s personal PR rep, but she was repping her game under Silverstring Media.

        That’s pretty much exactly what the image is showing.

      4. Not sure if this is true, I think this was inferred due to her Patreon where ZQ is listed under: https://archive.today/UxSje

        “I will interview people from all over the industry to have them impart their wisdom on the subject of PR and promotions!”
        I don’t think anyone was able to make the actual connection other than friendship and personal involvement.

      5. I just didn’t think she could afford it if it was for herself, but she does that have patreon of hers, so I guess she could. Also if it’s for the games development side of things, I didn’t think Indie games generally used them because they cost too much for indie studios. But if it is Maya Kramer and as your screen caps show below she is also linked to Anita and McIntosh, that would explain a lot.

      6. I just didn’t think she could afford it if it was for herself

        Kramer and Quinn worked together previously, and supposedly Kramer was one of the “Five Guys”. So maybe it wasn’t all about paying for press with money.

        I didn’t think Indie games generally used them because they cost too much for indie studios

        There are a lot of small PR firms out there made specifically to handle indie studios. Evolve PR, Reverb Inc and sometimes Fourty-Seven PR — just a few off the top of my head.

        But if it is Maya Kramer and as your screen caps show below she is also linked to Anita and McIntosh, that would explain a lot.

        It’s all one big circlejerk. Everyone at Silverstring is kind of at the heart of all of this, with DiGRA and the GJP kind of branching out from various members within the group.

      7. That’s one thing I’ve been curious about, with this indie and game press clique, what does the game press get out of it? I know not all games journalists want to stop at being journalists and I would imagine many want to make their way into actual game development, so if a writer keeps touting the line about how great some of these shitty indie games are, does this look good should that writer want to join the indie side of the gaming industry later? It’s not like when a writer becomes a developer that they lose the press connections they used to have, so once the writer works for an indie company, they still have some sort of influence with their previous employers and coworkers (or even with the list they were apart of) and might use that to their advantage.

  4. I already sent a message to Angry Aussie that he is not getting GTA 5 because he was a whinny bitch.He deserves never play GTA5 because he support A-GG.

    1. That dude always seems like he’s seconds away from having a fucking aneurism. I sincerely fear for the guy’s health.

  5. “Please Target – we appeal to you as male survivors of violence, including men who experienced violence in the sex industry, to immediately withdraw Grand Theft Auto V from sale.

    “This Misandric GTA 5 literally makes a game of bashing, killing and horrific violence against men. It also links sexual arousal and violence.

    “Games like this are grooming yet another generation of girls to tolerate violence against men. It is fuelling the epidemic of violence experienced by so many boys and men in Australia – and globally.”

    -It sounds even more retarded when genders are flipped

    1. That’s because no one gives a shit about anything that happens to men but women somehow deserve to be a pampered, protected class because reasons.

  6. the biggest problem with the removal of GTA is now thse ideologs know they can do it, so we can expect more “offensive” games to become targets of this purge

    but the biggest positive of the situation is that now the “no one is gonna take ur games” defense no longer holds up

  7. While this specific instance (Target Aus banning GTAV) is not a big deal on its own, it sets a very fucking dangerous precedent.

    The argument used by many is that it *encourages* violence against women. Where is the evidence of this? What is the source for this argument? Should we have banned American History X, because it *encourages* Neo-Nazism? By this logic, any depiction of violence should be banned. After all, Dishonored *encourages* violence against victims of disease, right?

    The second part that bugs me is people like FullMcIntosh claiming that people pressuring stores into not carrying offensive material isn’t censorship. While I’m not particularly familiar with US law, so that might technically be correct, this is censorship in all but name. For claiming to not be Jack Thompson, they sure got his point across.

    Also, here’s the ACLU definition of Censorship, for reference:

    Censorship, the suppression of words, images, or ideas that are
    “offensive,” happens whenever some people succeed in imposing their
    personal political or moral values on others. Censorship can be carried
    out by the government as well as *private pressure groups*.

    1. If this keeps up, Video Games might head back to the underground.

      I’m just hoping that companies like Rockstar and other AAA companies that make mature titles fight back.

    2. Well, I think it qualifies as censorship in that it’s an attempt to keep the material out of the public consciousness by limiting or otherwise restricting their access to it. It would qualify all the more so if it were to be banned from Australia entirely, but even as it stands it’s definitely not a simple matter of boycotting an offensive product like they claim it is.

      Though to be fair, even if it was that simple, the entitlement inherent in whining about something that they were never in the market for, and which they could just as easily ignore if they didn’t believe the world revolves around them, makes it ridiculous enough in and of itself.

      And then there’s the whole thing where they’re flat-out lying about the game’s alleged influences on society. It has none. None they have any scientific proof in support of, anyway.

      The whole thing is bullshit from the ground up whether it’s censorship or not.

  8. They claim to be this moral majority bringing enlightenment to some tiny group of angry misogynists, when in fact they’re just an incestuous little clique of bigots. They abuse their job positions in an attempt to boss millions of people around about what they can and can’t play.

    “We just want this little bit of land… then we’ll stop.” “Chill out guys, they’re not trying to take over or anything. Just give them what they want.”

  9. “And don’t even give me that First Amendment nonsense. You have every right to say it, and I have every right to call you a fucking asshole, and TRY TO FIND YOUR ADDRESS, AND PUT IT OUT THERE!”
    -Adam Sessler, 0:27:10 in the SGC ’13 – Sessler and Sterling video

    Huh… well isn’t that interesting?

    1. Yeah, all the hard drugs have addled his brain. That shit’s not okay, and certainly not because he’s got a very skewed sense of justice.

      The prick certainly wouldn’t like me hunting him down because he’s always opening his mouth and allowing the verbal equivalent of diarrhea to spill forth unchecked, but no, it’s okay for HIM to dox someone if he thinks that they’re an asshole.

      Given his history of going into a foaming rage on air over simple differences of opinion with his very fucking audience of all things, I can imagine his threshold is low enough that pretty much smiling at him the wrong way will get a person doxxed.

  10. I’ve been on the fence about Jim for a while. On the one hand he is one of the people who will call publishers out on shitty practices.

    On the other hand he was a massive sexist and a bigot in his past and hes definitely over compensating in recent days, to the point that hes unintelligible on ‘progressive’ issues. From the perspective of Jim these issues are entirely black and white which is just ridiculous.

    If he keeps being a twat I’ll probably have to stop watching which is sad.

    1. Well to put it simple it no longer matters. He made claims as a reporter and less than a 1 year later they were proven complete bullshit., He no longer can promise anything people can trust cause he let his SJW-ideology go first.

  11. Anita Sarkeesian is not magneto, no she is more like a bug or a leech feeding off an industry she knows nothing about, she shouldn’t be “stopped” she should just get ignored

    1. Indeed she should, but I fear it’s not going to happen with the media constantly pushing her as the next big thing and refusing to ask her even the most basic of challenging questions.

      It’s just a moneymaking scam, and journalists are joining in with it. She talks crap, becomes infamous, then websites run fawning ‘interviews’ that are more like propaganda platforms because they know that her supporters will visit the site to congratulate each other on how they’re making the world a better place, and her detractors will also visit because we’re fascinated and disgusted at the same time, like watching monkeys throw their shit.

      Site gets lots of page views, plus the money that comes with it, so they don’t care. Just do a bit of comment-censorship till people move on to the next article and cash the check.

      As such, I feel that we need, as a whole, to push back against AS at least in some way, even if it’s just pushing for someone to insist on a proper interview with some tough questions, as the evidence that supports her assertions simply isn’t there.

      1. Jack Thompson got pretty far with the media. They weren’t critical of him until it was very clear that he was on the losing side of the argument. Many politicians supported banning video games and they were all given sympathetic soap boxes by the media. It took a couple years for things to turn around.

        What’s heartening to me is that fucking with GTA 3 was the mistake that brought them down. GTA has only gotten more popular, it has only become more accepted as art. True art, which despite what the A-GG crowd thinks means it shouldn’t be censored for being offensive or outlandish. Let’s see how fucking with GTA 5 goes for them.

      2. That’s a great point; GTA is basically the ultimate balance of sales and critical success. CoD gets the sales, but GTA breaks it’s records and gets the 10/10s to go with it. Trying to stamp it out won’t end well. I was checking PC Gamer’s article on it, and usually the comments are quite anti-gg since they made an effort to push GG users out, but now they’re all up in arms.

        We fucking called it!

    2. Its hard to ignore someone who has garnered so much power. And you’re right about her not knowing anything about the industry. She’s already admitted she’s not a real gamer. Its obvious she targeted video games because she believed it to be a male dominated industry.

      1. it is an easy thing to do that is why, she probably can’t do much in politics and business even though they are dominated by males too so she is picking on gamers, she is a bully and the best treatment to bullies is ignoring them because they are doing it for attention

  12. GTA5 is one of the best selling games of all time… It is public enemy number one on every moral ideology that infests gaming, much like the Porn Industry when we’re talking about public opinion. GTA has been dragged through the muck so much that it’s become an effective marketing strategy. Rockstar knows who their fanbase is, and it isn’t some overreacting idiots who starts a petition in which more of these zealots sign away freedom of expression. GTA already can’t be bought by children, it can’t be played really without parents knowing (Unless those parents don’t pay attention to their kids). We all know kids are going to find a way to watch Rated R films and other adult imagery, but all the god damn tools are there to stop you from getting offended as well as stopping your kids from playing the games.

    – Gameplay Trailers
    – Dedicated Websites
    – Gaming News Outlets
    – ESRB Ratings!!!
    – Lets Plays
    – Forums

    When all of those tools are there, the only thing they want to come out of a critique is either a total bombing of political correct elements (Biggest example is the WWE) or for the material to be outright banned if it doesn’t conform. How else could you rationalize people burning Christina Hoff Sommers’s Books ? This is why I think Politics have no reason to be in gaming of any kind. It’s disgusting that they think they can get away with it by calling it an Cultural Critique. It’s not a critique of any culture when you use one political funnel to do it. If that were the case then anyone could pull that kind of bullshit out of a hat. It wouldn’t matter who the hell you were, you can not critique anything just because of your political bias, and put on a funny hat that says “Cultural Critique”.

    They want to claim Cultural Critique yet know nothing about the Series, The developers, and the Historical reverence of the piece.

    1. You underestimate adults and parents these days. We’re talking about the same people who buy 8-12 year olds the next Call of Duty game which is M for Mature. They also buy kids GTA without knowing much of the ESRB rating. It’s also up to the parent When I was 14-15 i was able to played GTA3 because my parents trusted me that I wouldn’t mimic the actions and 12-13 years later i haven’t. Some people just shouldn’t play these games but the parents don’t properly educate themselves. In part the ESRB is effectively useless as no one is paying attention to it lol

  13. I skipped most of the article but my sole question is did target and kmart in australia sell the game a year ago when it was released on last gen? If they did, then this is ridiculous

    1. Yes they did, in fact no one mentioned this at all a year ago when it was released and it seems they’re only targeting GTAV now because of the First Person View feature that was added.

  14. The only good thing is that consumers can now realize the power they can hold.

    The bad thing is:
    This sets a bad precedent for the industry.
    The journos (of course) support this censorship.
    Games are now completely the new Rock and Roll.
    The liberal/leftist/feminist groups are now as intolerant, authoritarian and illogical as the conservative Christian groups of the past.

    1. I agree. I am quite an open minded fellow and I have some liberal views, but I’m not bloody stupid. Banning media because one deems it offensive, especially video games (which aren’t real in any way) is absolutely pathetic.

  15. I see Ian Miles Wrong and Jim himself has picked up on this now, so I’d like to add an addendum:

    People who support Anita Sarkeesian is saying that this is not her fault, because she has never outright called for certain games to be banned. What she and McIntosh has done, however, is make unsourced claims that this kind of material has an effect on the human psyche, and that they are “Sociologically damaging”.

    So my question is this: If their claims of this material being *actually* harmful to society are taken at face value (which they seem to be, given the incredible support she’s getting,) what is the logical conclusion to these people? If you believe the claim that GTAV is *damaging society*, what other option than censorship is there?

    1. But McIntosh has openly called GTA V “a particularly vile piece of software”, and hasn’t voiced any kind of concern about the ban. If they truly cared about video games, they would at least say “there’s no point in banning it”, but they need the narrative that games can cause change in how someone behaves.

      You make a great point though; they say they don’t want to censor, but the inevitable consequence of a particular game affecting how one thinks requires that certain concepts be censored, or at least no implemented i.e. make it socially unacceptable to make a game with violence, and it is censored even without a law to enforce it. It’s really idiotic, and journalists are happy to jump on the bandwagon.

      Speaking of idiot journalists; what’s Jim up to? Last I saw he and John Walker of RPS were busy listening and believing Quinn’s lies and attacking Brad Wardell, even though a quick check of the facts would show she was lying.

      1. Strange part is she was bitching about an Artist drawing a Comic about her she consider it “Revenge Porn” when really its Satire.Brad defend Brew Smith after ZQ bitch and moan. Posted that she going to leave the industry if nothing doesn’t happen.What happens next Brew Smith got Doxx and close down his Twitter,Tumblr,and Website and all hell brakes loose against him.

        Sarah Palin may had a Porn parody of her by Lisa Ann It didn’t stop her in Politics.Problem with ZQ she can’t talk the criticism well enough she is willing act on her behavior to say to have her friends attack for her.

      2. Oh yeah, the “revenge porn”. It wasn’t porn, just a cartoon insinuating that she would sleep with someone if it benefited her. When she was called out on this labeling, she claimed that “he did it as revenge”. Which in a way it was; she complained about his comic making fun of people calling online insults misogyny so he did the second comic as a counter.

        And the posturing. She basically said “I wonder if this industry deserves my effort” like she’s actually done something of worth. Then she kept mentioning Wardell’s harassment case (not mentioning that it was thrown out and the accuser made to apologise to him, of course) so she could claim the moral high ground.

        Plus she misrepresented the timeline in her convenient Twitter screengrab collage. It essentially showed that the guy drew the comic, she complained, then Brad asked him to send his CV.

        The fact was, Brew posted the comic, she complained, he apologised and deleted it. Some time later, he posted he wanted to work in the industry, so Wardell told him to reply. Didn’t even see the cartoon in question, but of course Quinn plays it up like he knew about it all the time.

        Basically, she’s an abusive, manipulative scumbag, and the journalists who support her are either getting something else out of the arrangement, or are so spectacularly sexist and idiotic that they must white knight for any woman they see getting in an argument with a man.

        And we all know that Jim’s just backing her up ’cause a few years ago he was tweeting “sexist” insults at women and got called out on it, so now he overcompensates on the white-knighting just in case his SJW friends decide to dogpile and silence him like they did Wozniak.

      3. I think that dumb people like her dont know what she doing. If thats the case why dont they take all game that is rated 14 and above. Then people want be plaing the games any more. parents need to learn not to buy games like that gta v or other game that is rated 14 and above

    2. If you check her twitter page now, she is more or less actively celebrating the move to ban this game. She IS out to ban games she deems as sexist, but she’s doing it in a very sneaky way.

  16. 12 years and GTA is still under attack, why are people focusing so much on a digital pixels of characters that aren’t real yet don’t focus there time on the horrible Rap Music out right now talking about hoes, drugs, and money? Or what about Movies that has been doing this for 50+ years?
    Anita Sarkeesian and her posse of feminists groups don’t realize there actions will indeed take games away from gamers.

    1. It’s because they already wore out their welcome with the movie and music crowds – After 50+ years, people consider the hand waving a background noise. (Hence why they are invading atheism, comic books, and video games – a new frontier to censor!)

      1. Yes but i was responding to the fact she previously stated her intentions wasn’t to remove the game just change it or stop making games like it. And the article says ” ‘She’s’ Not Gonna Take Your Games Away’ ” I wouldn’t be surprised if she is celebrating, she’s a ignorant liberal who has to attack games for no reason.

  17. “Now the whole world stands on the brink staring down into bloody hell. All those liberals, and intellectuals, and smooth-talkers; and all of a sudden no one can think of anything to say. Beneath me, this awful city, it screams like an abattoir full of retarded children. And the night reeks of fornication and bad consciences.” – Rorschach

    (Given Usher’s avatar it seemed appropriate)

  18. At least all pretense has been removed from this debate A number of people in the games media are actively defending this cultural and corporate censorship. Let them go down in history as the censorious clique they are

  19. I like some of Jim’s content in the Jimquisition but not all of it, from what I can see he’s not doing his Patreon account any favors.

  20. While I was going to see if this website was hosted through the company I work for so I could ‘accidentally’ delete it, I decided to check out the blogjob.com page. So tell us, exactly how much money are you making from this website by stirring up shit?

    1. Silence dissenters? Is it because the truth bothers you? If this site were full of shit you wouldn’t have to delete it, the site would do the job of turning away readers itself.

      1. “If this site were full of shit you wouldn’t have to delete it, the site would do the job of turning away readers itself.”

        You said a mouthful there chum.

  21. Considering Australia’s general banning of violent games its a stretch that its just big bad Anita taking your games. Continue the witch hunt u guess.

    1. Herp, derp… you do know a petition is what got the game pulled right?

      You do know that it was a response to the same rhetoric used in McIntosh/Anita’s videos and that both of them seem okay with the game being banned, according to their Twitter responses, yeah?

      So please, good sir, explain to me how the video of Lipschitz breaking GTA V, and McIntosh and Sarkeesian supporting the banning of the game is just a witch hunt? I can’t wait to see your response.

  22. Let’s start at petition, a word for word ripoff of this petition, but aimed at the book SCUM Manifesto (Society for Cutting Up Men).

  23. Bullshit! Then take all the war/+18 games and shut up. Also Tomb Raider because she was not treated like a princess in their last game. Or maybe Bayonneta, too much pixels showing its skin.

  24. It’s a shame, really, I’ve been watching Sterling for probably 2 years now and I liked his vids most of the time. There were times when I disagreed but hey, that’s the internet and just because you disagree on something that doesn’t make the person bad. But recently he has been getting more and more SJW and when GG hit he became an outright anti, refusing to listen to valid complaints. One of his recent videos “100% objective review” is complete and utter garbage, shows that he doesn’t even get what GG wants and just decides to make a big joke out of it. Unfollowed him recently. I’m still surprised to see ads of his show on the Escapist though (and surprised to still see the show available, considering what happened with Spoony and TGWTG)

  25. Yes, one store no longer selling a game is “banned”

    Did you hear?! McDonald’s BANNED the McShake after St. Patrick’s Day!

  26. If anything, this game should have been banned because of the atrocities you can commit towards men. WHICH HIGHLY OUTWEIGH THE ONES THAT CAN (NOT MUST) BE DONE TOWARDS WOMEN! And the idea that the incentive is to kill women is ludicrous. Its a fucking sandbox game, you can do whatever you like. You want to kill a man? Do it. You want to kill a woman? Do it. Isnt that equality? Infact, a man gets tortured in the game AND NO ONE GIVES A SHIT! Can you imagine what it would have been like if a woman had been tortured. I just hate these double standards that feminists use, but when you try and speak against them, they are so protected by the media that you become the villain. I believe in a future where equality exists. Femnists dont.

  27. There just isn’t a word … God, I’m so stressed because of it.

    Because there is not a word in this entire world that is powerful enough to describe my hatred of Maneeta Cuntkeesian.

    I know lots of words, don’t get me wrong. “Abominable.” “Horrific.” “Monster.”

    There just isn’t one strong enough. No one word in the English language contains within it a sufficient amount of power to store and hold my depth of hatred for this freedom-hating nazi whore.

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