Qi Wireless Cartridge Available For Hub It Charging Station

Hub It

You can charge your devices wirelessly with the new Eggtronic Qi Wireless Charger Cartridge for the Hub It multi-purpose charging station. The new cartridge allows you to place a mobile device on top of the Hub It charger and charge the device without connecting any wires.

I always thought the Qi wireless technology was pretty cool, using electro-magnetic current to send a charge to compatible devices. It allows you to easily slap your phone or tablet on the Hub It device and charge it, wirelessly.

Igor Spinella, the founder and CEO of Eggtronic commented about the device in the press release saying…

“Its exhilarating to see the addition of a new accessory to the HUB IT cartridge’s library. With Qi wireless charging compatibility, HUB IT continues to evolve and offer the latest charging technology to its customers”

The Hub It charger allows users to swap out cartridges to charge different devices, including USB 3.0 compatible electronics, mobile phones, tablets, Apple devices, the Nintendo 3DSi and more. You can also hook it up to a desktop or laptop computer and use the Hub It as a data hub for your devices.

HUB IT – Sync & Charge Station – Official Promo

HUB IT is both a Universal Fast Charging Station and a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed HUB. It is useful to recharge all your electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, consoles for gaming, digital cameras, nav sats, and many more). At the same time, it is a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed HUB, useful to connect your computer and transfer data up to 5 Gbps.

I’ve seen this device around on the crowd-funding sites. I always thought it was kind of cool, but personally I don’t think I would ever have a use for it.

Technically, you could use it as a charger for your Xbox One or PS4 controllers since it does support micro-USB devices. Given its retractable cords you could easily plug-and-play using the Hub It charger. Still, I think I prefer Nyko’s DualCharger, given that you can just plug it into an available slot and hook up a cord to your controller and charge-and-play without having to worry about hubs, charging stations or having to stop playing in order to charge the controller.

Anyway, the Qi wireless charging cartridge is available for the Hub It charger right now. You can learn more about the Qi wireless cartridge over on the official website. The Hub It charger is available from Amazon… there’s an affiliate link right here, but take note that I’m an Amazon Associate, as noted on this here policy page, so it means that a small percentage of those potential sales could end up in the hands of someone who helped cause major butthurt for Game Journo Pros. Think wisely before proceeding.


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