New Footage Of No Man’s Sky Showcases An Active Universe

No Man's Sky

Coming out of the PlayStation Experience from last week’s event in Las Vegas, Nevada is additional footage of Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky. The footage is accompanied by an onstage instrumental performance to give gamers a really immersive experience that combines electronic rock with the images of the game.

DualShockers managed to post up a brief bit about the event, the game and the music. You can see it all in action with the video below. It’s well worth a watch if you’ve been keeping your eye on No Man’s Sky or you’ve always wanted to see more about the game to get a better idea of the scope and gameplay featured in the ambitious title from the little indie studio. Check it out.

Now, originally I had figured that the 16-minute video was probably 14 minutes too long. However, I was quickly proven wrong when things quickly got off to a nice, interactive start by showcasing a squad of ships taking off from the hangar Star Fox-style and then journeying through a quick flight in space past asteroids and a fleet of ships, only to arrive on a planet and dock on a landing pad.
I don’t know if those were NPCs or other players, but the whole thing looked really nifty.

I actually love the fact that I can’t tell players from A.I. I tend to hope that the entire gameplay experience is going to be this muddled blur between human and computer, so players will have to gauge their interactions accordingly. It could add a nice little bit of depth to the game’s social interactivity.

I’m also still curious how the whole social aspects work in the game? The planet/solar system/galaxy hopping is almost identical to Starbound, so players fond of Chucklefish Studios’ 2D exploration game will probably see a lot of similarities with Hello Games’ 3D exploration game.

You can look for No Man’s Sky to launch for consoles and PC, supposedly sometime in 2015. Need more info? Feel free to hit up the game’s official website.


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3 thoughts on “New Footage Of No Man’s Sky Showcases An Active Universe

  1. Other than an interesting aesthetic, still not seeing the appeal for this game, or why it is getting hype.

    So far the only things that are concretely known is that it is a vast procedurally generated galaxy where players can fly ships and discover new worlds with procedurally generated life. Ok… and what else is there to do with any actual depth?

    Sure, they claim there will be resource collecting, some kind of trade system, and combat, but they have never shown it or provided any details beyond, “It will be there.” Ok, well with the ambition of this title it sounds like it will be about as deep as Minecraft’s trading and combat.

    Not only that, but their world’s and organisms look very samey for procedural generation. Have yet to see a world without the asteroids right outside its atmosphere. Whether it is desert or snow there are some minor mountains next to flat plains, etc.

    Just not getting the excitement for this title at all.

    1. I’ll admit that I am a bit worried that this game could be aiming for bigger things than what it can actually deliver.

      There’s supposed to be missions, bosses and other stuff scattered throughout the universe, but we’ve yet to see how any of it works.

      If the game is pushed into 2016 then I guess, maybe, there will be more time for the devs to polish in something nice… as far as content-depth goes. But your apprehension is cogent.

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