Hatred Has Officially Been Greenlit For Steam


After a hundred thousand votes and a lot of gamer support, the controversial isometric shooter from Destructive Creations has officially been approved to appear on Steam. The game Hatred kicked up tons of fuss when it first landed on Greenlight and the radical moral police threw a hissy fit and wanted it removed from Steam. Well, after a lot of huffing and puffing and community support, Hatred has officially been greenlit to appear on the Steam store. That’s right, if Destructive Creations has a real game to sell, they can sell it on Steam.

Over on the official Greenlight page for Hatred, the game has been flagged as getting the thumbs-up approval by Valve to appear on their store.

The game was originally dismissed from Steam on December 15th after being submitted earlier that morning. The outcry from the anti-gamers – and yes, the anti-gamers are mostly gaming websites and media outlets that cover tech and electronic entertainment news – tried shaming Valve into banning Hatred from Steam following their previous praise of GTA V being removed from Target and Kmart in Australia.

Gamers have recognized that their major media outlets they used to go to for information and news are actually their number one enemy at the moment; gamers had to rally together and petition hard to get Hatred back on Greenlight.

The great and powerful GabeN – Gabe Newell – came to the rescue; swooping in on his Glorious Corsair Cooled steed, sending a strong freedom of speech message to the developers that their game, Hatred, would be allowed on Steam.

The based levels blew off the charts and gamers exclaimed that the great GabeN had come to save the day. With that, Hatred was reinstated on Steam Greenlight and became the number one game on the service.

Today – whether you approve of the content in the game or not – we celebrate the right to freedom of speech and creativity by developers with the approval of Hatred having the option to appear on the Steam store. No matter where you stand on the content in the game (even though it’s just a higher-fidelity version of the original Postal, which was a very serious murder simulator back in the day) you at least have to appreciate that fanboys and fangirls from all walks of gaming came together to ensure that a developer’s creative vision was not hampered by the corrupt moral police.

You can learn more about Hatred by visiting the official Greenlight page. Warning: it’s not for everyone.


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25 thoughts on “Hatred Has Officially Been Greenlit For Steam

  1. They certainly have a right to make any game they want, but they have given numerous interviews of the game based solely on one concept: hate. What does that say about the people who develop it and/or the people willing to buy it?

    1. What it says is that a game doesn’t have anything to prove to you, and no one is answerable to you.

      You assclowns all seem to forget that this game has many many antecedents and that all of you that are so very concerned about everything should go jump in the nearest volcano since you’re helping pollute the earth.

      qq moar.

      1. I never asked or implied the game has anything to prove to me or anyone else. Ultimately if I don’t like the game I don’t have to buy it. Unlike you I have an open mind so maybe the assclowns as you seem to put it are more like you than me.

      2. An open mind doesn’t attempt to infer something on the basis that they don’t like something.

        It is a game. Like all games it attempts to entertain. Clearly from your assertions you are not its target audience. No pun intended. 🙂

        When people said the same thing about Syndicate or the Hitman series they were rightly laughed at for it.

      3. I inferred nothing and only asked a question. The fact that you can’t seem to understand or handle that fact means you have a problem not me. I also like both Syndicate and Hitman series.

      4. There is no difference between those games and this one other than the fact that people are “concerned” over it. There’s no great meta discussion to be had. The way you phrased your question is going to lead anyone to the same conclusion that I did – which is that you’re trying to diagnose the people that like something as opposed to understanding it. Otherwise you’d have asked another question entirely.

      5. Not true at all. The developrs have said the game is about hate and not anything else. This means this is hate for the sake of hate. They give no reason for the hate and therefore in my mind the game is a big question mark. In GTA, Hitman, etc. those games are about revenge, money or something. In this game they said it is only about hate itself.

      6. I can’t tell if you’re being deliberately obtuse or just overthinking things for the sake of it. Killing is killing. There is nothing moral about it. You’re twisting yourself into a pretzel in order to make those games something other than what they are – which are all immoral or amoral games about murdering people. There’s nothing wrong with that – or with Hatred. They’re games. Perhaps you can’t grasp or don’t like dark humor, or that you don’t like simplicity or something that challenges how you see games. Fair enough. That still doesn’t mean it is in any way different from those games – or from going on the killing sprees everyone does in GTA games.

        Perhaps your argument is that the idea or plot is thin – in which case you need to dismiss over 80 percent of games out there as well.

        If you want to be morally outraged – that’s fine. I’d argue you need a damn sight better reason than this to do so.

      7. Why do you have to keep make assumptions about how I think? My only issue with the game is the premise of “hate”. When you base something on a perceived negative emotion without any context or purpose other than the emotion itself I just think it is a bad idea and beyond the initial wow factor of “Somebody is actually making this game?” I don’ see how it can possibly be successful. Maybe their ideas will spawn the next Facebook or something.

      8. You inferred nothing?

        You said: “What does that say about the people who develop it and/or the people willing to buy it?” in your original post.

        Either you are being disingenuous or you are suffering from multiple personality disorder.

      9. I still infer nothing. If you don’t agree that is you NOT me. I can ask a question without knowing the answer because I don’t know. An individuals answer means different things to different people.

    2. It says what we already know. There are a fair amount of people who like some pretty sick shit. Which is fine but I agree with you it is a little sad.

      1. Jesus Christ have we become a society of mopey humorless fucks. Entertainment has had over the top themes from jump. It is only now we start the handwringing like wizened old church ladies. If you’ve played Hitman, Syndicate, any GTA, Saints Row, ad nauseum or any game that allows you to slaughter and destroy without consequence then you are a hypocrite. And if you didn’t you’re not a core gamer.

        Making judgements before something is even out or you’ve even played it is not only ignorant it’s downright pathetic.

        Anyone not on board with this game needs to look at themselves hard. If bullshit like Dear Esther, Gone Home and the loathsome Depression Quest are games – then so is this. It’s funny to me how people hold this game up to a much higher degree of scrutiny than anything else. It says that we’ve devolved politically and socially dramatically since the ’70s.

    3. Trust me no one can make something out of hate, at some point you gonna calm down and the “i play this game because i want to kill people” is not correct since every time i play a game i am stuck with the gameplay mechanics to think that i actually harm someone by clicking on stuff.

      1. Never said that at all. I don’t think anyone will use this game as template to go kill in real life, but without a story or a motive or something that the hate is based on I think that is a big question mark and don’t see the point. Hey, if they can make money at it – more power to them.

      2. they had some casual phone game before that and no one cared about it, so i guess they want to try the other side.

  2. The “controversy” around this game has been blown way out of proportion. It’s no more violent than the slew of other games that have been released, or will be released. It’s Dead Nation without zombies.

  3. “The great and powerful GabeN – Gabe Newell – came to the rescue;
    swooping in on his Glorious Corsair Cooled steed, sending a strong
    freedom of speech message to the developers…” I hate Gabe’s cult of personality, but this was funny as shit.

    1. If i have learned anything in all this years, is that the internet builds a cult of personality around anyone who is concistent on his opinions and has a good point.

  4. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, the morality police consisted mostly of Christian conservatives. They accused Dungeons and Dragons of promoting Satanism, insisted that horror films would convince people that mass murder was okay, declared that rock and rap music turned innocent girls into sluts, and swore that violence in video games indoctrinated children into becoming violent in real life.

    It would appear that those Christian conservatives also mastered the art of the Jedi mind trick because, now, they have somehow convinced the social justice warriors to take up their banner going forward into the new millennium. What was once considered a far right-wing movement has now been transplanted onto the left.

    People like Jerry Falwell and Jack Thompson have given way to people like Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu. People who insist that anything that they personally find offensive is something that everyone will find offensive, so it needs to be removed from the public sphere.

    What they have never understood is that you will never find a larger group of people more passionately dedicated to the principles of free speech and free expression than gamers.

    We will never bow down to you “moral” code. We do not need you making our decisions for us. We are not as fragile and delicate as you are. We will play what we wish. We do not care what you find offensive. If you do not like a game, then do not play it. But as long as you continue your crusade to suppress games that have content that you find offensive, you can bet your ass we’ll be right there to stop you.


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