Villagers And Heroes Harvest Gift Pack Giveaway [Expired]

Villagers & Heroes

Mad Otter Games recently announced that they have some free cash shop keys to give away in light of Thanksgiving. The giveaway is dubbed a Thanksgiving/Harvest event and features a gift pack containing several cash shop goods. Mad Otter Games have been handing out free keys to various websites, so that means that you can get some cash shop goods by doing nothing more than clicking a few links.

So what do you get in the gift pack? Well, the press release indicates that gamers and freebie-grabbers will be able to retrieve the following from the Harvest event…

This contains the Fall Harvest outfit plus two Autumn Hats and the Pilgrim's Hat. It is also filled with savory goodies: 10 Buttermilk Breads, 10 Cornbreads, 5 Cornucopias, 5 Pumpkin Pies, and 5 Turkey dinners.

Before getting into the whole giveaway thing, I’m sure there are some people who are probably completely unfamiliar with Villagers & Heroes and have no idea what the game is about or why they should be interested. Well, I’m not here to shill the game because I don’t play it, but you can check out the gameplay trailer below to see if it’s something worth taking an interest in.

Now if what you’ve seen has tickled enough of your fancy that you want to gain access to a free cash shop gift pack, then all you have to do is follow the instructions below to retrieve the goods.

1. Grab a free key from the One Angry Game Facebook page
2. Go to
3. Enter your email address and a password
4. Enter your Key into the Harvest Pack box
5. Press the “Play Now!” button
6. After a few seconds, VHSetup.exe will download automatically (if it does not, then press the green “Download Now!” button).
7. Run VHSetup.exe and follow the instructions. This will install the full game, with the Blessed Harvest Pack automatically unlocked!

Seems simple enough, eh?

I’ll be posting up the codes on the OAG Facebook page periodically, so you’ll be able to grab them from there.

If you don’t care about the free gift packs but just want to know what the heck this whole Villagers & Heroes game is all about, no worries, you can check out the game over on the official website.


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