Super Elf Jump Takes It Back Old-School On Steam Greenlight

Super Elf Jump

A new platformer from HN Games has made its way onto Steam’s Greenlight platform. The name of the game is called Super Elf Jump and, despite the derivative name, the game itself is all about embracing that old-school joy of running back and forth in a 2D plane while collecting coins and exploring vibrant environments.

The game was originally released for mobile devices as a standard side-scrolling platformer, but HN Games didn’t want to limit the title to the smartphone and tablet audience. The developers decided to fix up the game, tweak the graphics, add more levels and port the title to desktop PCs.

However, since HN Games has yet to publish anything on Steam previously, they must go through the painstaking process of getting their game greenlit via Steam’s Greenlight process. You can see if it deserves an upvote or two by checking out the promotional video below.

Super Elf Jump

Super Elf Jump

I think the only major problem I can spot is that the character physics are a little floaty. It’s that standard problem that happens when you make sprites in a 3D engine. Hopefully they tweak that just a bit and add a bit of heft to the character’s gravity.

Story wise, this is what the game is about…

“The game tells the story of the Air World. The Air World was a peaceful land where fairies of the Spring Kingdom and ogres of the Winter Kingdom lived in joyful harmony. The Wise Council ruled over both lineages with the aid of the benevolent power of the Crystal of Light. But one day, as was foretold by the Prophecy, the evil god Loki shattered the Crystal in ten pieces and corrupted the ogre land; the subsequent fierce snow storms, without the sweet heat of the Crystal to weaken them, annihilated most of the ogres. The surviving ogres, tired and consumed, became Loki's mindless slaves.“

I’m liking what the game has going for it. It also seems to be better suited for a release on a platform like Steam over mobile devices. I just don’t understand how you can get proper reaction times on a phone or tablet when playing a side-scroller. But hey, that’s just me.

If you like what HN Games is doing with Super Elf Jump, feel free to give the game some love and show some support by paying a visit to the official Steam Greenlight page.


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