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After a very brief run in the media spotlight with G4 alum Adam Sessler at the helm, Rev3Games has announced that they are done, finished, finito. The doors have closed, the windows have shut and the lights have dimmed. Pay your respects as one of the new wave media outlets folds under its own weight.

As a subsidiary of the Discovery Digital Networks, Revision 3 Games was a digital gaming outlet that brought gamers the latest and greatest in gaming news, reviews and information. Rev3 came into existence back in 2012 with a bit of fanfare and excitement. One of the more popular segments was “Address the Sess”, a hangout with Adam Sessler where he would answer questions and interact with fans.

Unfortunately for Rev3Games, the outlet lost Sessler earlier this year when he departed to start up his own consulting firm, causing the popularity of the network to spiral out of control… in a bad way.

As of November 6th, 2014 the uncontrollable spiral of losing fans and revenue resulted in Rev3 shutting down. This was highlighted via a post on Twitter…

Rev3Games on Twitter: “Thank you all SO MUCH for watching us these past few years! It’s been real.”

And later they posted up a YouTube video from Tara Long giving a goodbye to the audience and rolling out all the “thank yous” and “so longs” for which such sweet partings are comprised. You can check out the video below.

What’s interesting to me is that Rev3Games was no slouch on YouTube. They had a moderate amount of subscribers – in the 438,000 range – and yet it wasn’t enough to sustain or maintain the operation.

I suppose it goes to show that just because some gaming media personalities or institutions take their schtick to YouTube doesn’t guarantee success.

There were some unsettling rumors about some issues involving Sessler behind the scenes that never quite made its way into the public light, but him and Anthony Carboni parting ways from Discovery Digital Networks worked as a foreshadowing to what would eventually become a dire fate for Rev3Games.

It’s hard to see if there will be a replacement for the show or if there will simply be a hole in YouTube where those 438,000 subscribers used to congregate for game-related entertainment. I guess it’s 438,000 people paying more attention and time  to other mega-monolith personalities like PewDiePie, Total Biscuit and YogsCast, eh?


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One thought on “Rev3Games Closes Down

  1. I liked watching it for a little while. Had a couple interesting people, and good production values. But they completely self-destructed all by themselves. Adam Sessler went on a year long meltdown in a very public way that was hostile to his audience, right before eventually quitting. Anthony Carboni’s image has never been repaired in my eyes after watching the actual footage of him during the GDC discussion with Phil Fish where they insulted and humiliated a Japanese indie dev, ruining Phil Fish’s career (but honestly, Carboni was almost as bad in that whole exchange if you watch it). Tara Long would routinely make comments about how she doesn’t like her audience, gamers, and so on, long before any of this exploded the way it has now.

    And most of all, they just seemed super stuck up and weird to be honest. They had these casual Friday segments that were just … odd. Like, 4 people in ultra-hipster clothes sitting around an unusually nice San Francisco style room that looked absolutely nothing like the kind of environments that any normal gamer would even be in, let alone specifically discuss games in. The whole thing combined to have a feel of extreme snobbery, and really projected a clear statement that they were absolutely nothing like their audience – at all.

    They had one guy who talked about JRPGs a tiny bit who wasn’t bad. The guy in the picture on the far left.

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