Limbo Coming Free For Xbox One Early Adopters?


It appears as if those who purchased an Xbox One – showing deep loyalty to Microsoft in the early goings of the Xbox One’s life-cycle – could be in for a free treat courtesy of Microsoft and Playdead Studios. How so? There are reports that a free digital copy of Limbo will be handed out to early adopters.

Game Informer is reporting that select Xbox Live members are being sent the following message about receiving a complimentary game for being a loyal fanboy. Check it out below.

As the message states, those who have been selected as the recipients of Microsoft’s goodwill should receive a message when Limbo launches for the Xbox One, notifying them that the game is available and free.

Everyone else who wasn’t fanboyish enough to join in on the early Xbox One love-fest (back when the system wasn’t all that appealing) will still have to buy the game the old fashioned way.

I checked my own message box since I had one of the early systems (provided courtesy of Cinema Blend), but nope… no message.

It could be for those who registered their system after pre-ordering it… or for the day-one adopters. Game Informer simply states “early adopters”, but I’m not sure how “early” is early. Does that mean people who pre-ordered or purchased the console within the launch window between November and March? No idea.

Anyway, the year-one anniversary gift of handing out a free game is a pretty neat way to give back to gamers who have invested a lot of loyalty into the brand. I mean, it doesn’t fix the 1080p issue of the Xbox One but it’s a pathway toward restoring some trust between gamers and Microsoft. Besides, I think gamers right now are far more disgusted with media at the moment and willing to cut Microsoft some slack, especially with Xbro dropping bombs and dispensing truth like a samurai cutting down lies on a battlefield.

Limbo is due to drop on the Xbox One as a hold-me-off title until Playdead can release their highly anticipated title, Inside.


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