#GamerGate: I’ll Condemn Kotaku For Sh*tty Journalism, Writes Former BioWare Dev

Stardock Entertainment

The tides are turning. It was because of the scandal known as #GamerGate that games journalism has been put under a microscope to examine previous practices that have long gone unaddressed. Well, following a detailed exposè by Milo Yiannopolous at Breitbart about the poorly researched and defamatory reports by individuals like Ben Kuchera, as well as outlets like Kotaku, involving a legal arbitration surrounding an employee and the CEO of Stardock Entertainment, some individuals have come forward to issue apologies about the poor journalistic standards exercised in those situations.

Milo’s article called out the biased, one-sided agenda-driven sociopolitical reporting that painted Stardock’s CEO in a poor light without properly researching the whole situation. Wardell had previously called Kotaku out on perpetuating toxic media culture.

As for the case itself… it involved allegations, potential misconduct and a lot of heated emotions. It was hard to understand what the finer details were if you were on the outside looking in. However, video game journalists had already decided what angle they would take, as outlined in Milo’s piece.

Following more allegations of corruption, situations of potential impropriety and professional malfeasance, some of the media have started to shift in their seats; changing their tune ever-so-slightly as #GamerGate continues to dig up dirt and make it known that this scandal will not go away easily or quietly.

James Fudge, the managing editor at Game Politics, recently published an article apologizing to the community and Brad Wardell regarding an article they ran about Stardock’s CEO from back in September of 2012.

Fudge writes…

“As President Harry S. Truman was fond of saying, "the buck stops here." I take full responsibility for the articles that continued this narrative (whether I wrote them or not) because as the managing editor I encouraged our writers to write them and approved them for publication. And while I did reach out to [Brad] Wardell prior to publishing our story, he deserved more than a few hours to respond to those accusations.”

Damion Schubert, a former developer at BioWare, took to his own blog to publicly acknowledge and condemn the way the gaming press took hold of the story and ran it in a very damaging direction, writing on his blog, Zen of Design, stating…

“In the course of this conversation (and some further digging on my part), Brad made a convincing case that I probably erred in trusting Kotaku’s reporting uncritically in this instance. Part of this was him showing me documentation from the case.

“So as per my addendum in the original post, I’ll condemn Kotaku for what I believe was probably shitty journalism. And while I’m at it, I’ll acknowledge and apologize, particularly to Brad, for not being critical enough of that journalism. And while I still am no fan of GamerGate, I can certainly appreciate his relatively well-founded criticism of the press in his address to it as a result.”

We’ve been dealing with a lot of poorly constructed news pieces surrounding some serious (and not so serious) events. Brad Wardell and Max Temkin have been two of the more prominent names that exemplify how shoddy information-spinning and fact-chucking can lead to serious bouts of harassment and sometimes unwarranted attacks.

It’s a dangerous game to see the gatekeepers of information twist and bend the facts to fit their agendas. It’s not even something that’s limited to games journalism; we’ve recently seen twisted agendas come to a head with the CBC’s one-sided reporting on #GamerGate.

Worse yet, in the case of the CBC John Bowman later admitted on Twitter that they were only interested in one side of the story… the harassment side…

"The fact is "ethics in video game journalism" is not a topic of interest to a broad radio or online audience.

"The harassment of women in technology _is_ of wide interest."

When challenged on why the CBC failed to report on the rest of #GamerGate’s issues – even opting not to use an interview they had of Jennifer Dawe, a female game developer who supports #GamerGate – Bowman responded saying…

"Women are being harassed. That's a story. Talk to the women. We tell the story. What's the "other" side of the story of women being harassed online? That they aren't?

"GamerGate is not an organization. Some people who ID as GG denounce harassment. Others engage in it."

Ben Kuchera is in a similar boat, willingly ignoring all the issues that #GamerGate has brought up regarding the topic of ethics, including journalists opting to only cover one side of the story.

On his Ask.fm page, Kuchera was asked why he doesn’t engage the audience and talk openly about addressing the concerns in gaming journalism, especially since Kuchera became part of Breitbart’s exposè, where his work helped contribute to the harassment of a game developer. According to Kuchera…

"Well, their version of starting a discussion with me was a bunch of vile messages and threats about what they were going to do to me if I didn't start agreeing with them. This was while many of my friends in the industry were getting harassed by them much, much worse than anything I was seeing. It was also, oddly enough, during a month where my stories were getting more traffic than they ever have."

What Kuchera says on his Ask.fm page is the complete opposite of what he told the Game Journo Pros regarding reader engagement and how people have generally reacted to #GamerGate

Seems disingenuous to imply that people harassed him over a topic they weren’t actually asking him about.

I did reach out to Kuchera regarding some of his other antics, but he hasn’t responded at the time of the publishing of this article.

Nevertheless, this kind of flippant attitude from Kuchera showcases that he has no interest in engaging in the kind of journalism that gamers are seeking out. Even more than that, he seems to have no interest in even acknowledging some of his own wrongdoing regarding improper sourcing and reporting.

Is responsible reporting too much to ask for?

Funnily enough, IGN seems to be making strong headway in attempting to meet consumers halfway, showing great signs of progress regarding informational disclosure and pro-consumerism, as evidenced in their latest article about Assassin’s Creed Unity.

#GamerGate is far from over, and it’s nice to see that some individuals within the industry are taking a stand to acknowledge where they’ve erred and where they could do better. There could be hope for games journalism yet.

Any apology article from Kotaku and Ben Kuchera inbound?

[Disclosure: I was a former member of the Game Journo Pros e-mail group]


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56 thoughts on “#GamerGate: I’ll Condemn Kotaku For Sh*tty Journalism, Writes Former BioWare Dev

  1. Thank you William, for all your hard work and effort in this. You have earned the gaming community’s respect and — dare I say it for a journalist — trust.

      1. It was on Know Your Meme. I can’t remember the uploader’s name… I think I cited them in the original article where it was used.

        They did an amazing job with it, though. I’m also really hoping we get to see Vivian in a few more games outside of Afterlife Empire, too.

      2. Why is this cropped? I remember the first ver has Russian Federation flag on top of the leftmost monitor…

  2. Kuchera won’t be hearing from me about my GamerGate concerns nor would any of the editors of the other clickbait blogs. I don’t look at them anymore. I might not count for much but they’ve lost me as a reader permanently. The sheer audacity of many in the game media that nothing is wrong means the problem is endemic.

      1. The thing that is astoundingly amazing about this whole affair is not any far fetched conspiratorial part from the journalists or the whole gaming media before #GamerGate began or started about 10Weeks ago, the most amazing & I believe more serious and troubling is to what extant Kuchera & his ilk in the gaming media are willing to double down on the undeniable collusion to face and shut down #GamerGate!!!, with out a doubt them & many others in the whole gaming industry are under estimating not necessarily the number of people supporting #GG, when compared to the number of people whom don’t see gaming journalism as an issue !, let alone supporting a controversial movement called #GG but the effect or opposition & disruption that tenacious number of die hard gamers can create and still creating is slowly crippling every aspect of the gaming industry, they might be small in number out of the total market but they are the most vocal connected bunch out of all the gamers in the whole industry not to mention the sheer number of developers supporting them or are members of GG themselves !!, their bark might bigger then their bite , but their bite is unwilling to let go a single inch of what its biting period, each time everyone thought that’s it they would let go it seems they just relaxed and bite harder, I truly do not see these guys & girls of all sexual types in #GG letting go even after #GG comes to some sort of end.

      2. Is it sad that I stopped reading for almost a full minute at the proper use of the word ‘whom’?

        I agree with everything you said. It’s a war of inevitability. They bullied a crowd of people who use videogames to escape bullying. This is nothing more than an end boss to us. And we’re winning, with every advertiser they lose. They can either die, or pull out of this downwards spiral and apologize. Their choice.

      3. Today out of the whole 10 weeks or so, it had became crystal clear to anyone with any long term business sense on strategic long term plan of any kind political or otherwise, #gamergate is not going away gently into the night, after the IGF fiasco yesterday in which Leigh Alexander felt sorry for these so called kids, they came back this morning like a raising phoenix to declare themselves and attack DIAGRA of all things , money is not an issue they got nothing to lose and they got all the time in the world, there’s no over head for their Campaign or war of attrition that they are waging at least in comparison to all the business in gaming that are affected directly or indirectly, time is ticking on their side, sorry for any typing errors or writing composition, I am using my IPhone at work .

  3. It kind of bothers me, at the end of Fudge’s article:

    As an aside, I was compelled to revisit this topic after the Zen of Design blog wrote a lengthy story about it and apologized

    In other words, had the Zen of Design apology never happened, Fudge would have never made his apology. This is a poor attitude to have when you’re a writer. A writer should be the one to take the initiative to research a story, they shouldn’t wait for their peers on another site to do it for them.

      1. That’s the bad thing, very few gaming journalists seem to take the initiative until they’re called out. They shouldn’t even need to be called out because they should do their due diligence from the beginning.

  4. I’m glad they apologized. They just seemed like obstinate guys and while I’ll still not trsut them or support their work, they aren’t slimy snakes like Kuchera is. This is the man who threatened to fire Erik Kain, Destroyed the Penny Arcade Report in record time, complains about people calling his crap clickbait, and is just an unprofessional buffoon.

      1. It’s working fine now, sorry to bother you. The entire archive.today site was down for me for about ten minutes.

        Thanks for talking the time to really research and write up these pieces. They really help when pointing out the journalistic transgressions. Tonight I emailed a couple of media watchdog groups about the lopsided reporting and linked them here. Here’s hoping something comes of it.

  5. The CBC quotes nails the mentality of these clickbait yellow journalists. Let’s ignore victims like Eron and only report one-sided hearsay. Screw facts and research and actual journalism, screw my readers’ trust in me. Screw people like Brad whose family are targeted for harassment because of us spreading disgusting lies. As long as I get my money.

    Oh but now that people dug up evidence after evidence, and even my peers are backpedaling, I think I should apologize.

    Too little too late. Fucking parasites.

  6. “It was also, oddly enough, during a month where my stories were getting more traffic than they ever have.”

    This is what I’ve been trying to tell people. Unless you actually win this ‘war’ you are waging on Kotaku, they end up with twice the money in the bank and a silent victory.

    Have they been bragging about the fact that they are earning way more money at the moment? No. Because it would create tall poppy syndrome. They know when to keep their smug mouths closed. However, Ben has just slipped up here saying this in an arrogant moment of weakness.

    Consider the following:

    1) https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/kotaku.com

    2) https://www.semrush.com/info/kotaku.com

    Yes, their reputation will continue to take hits from pieces like this, but more effective modern warfare needs to be waged if you actually want to hurt the bank balance. We are talking about a potentially DOUBLED income after a recent popularity spike. Surely double the traffic mitigates and exceeds by a massive margin any losses through 5 sponsor losses out of a pool of 1000 sponsors for a 100m traffic network of sites.

    I suggest creating widely distributed browser plugins that automatically redirect all traffic against websites of poor journalistic integrity – COMBINED with these types of articles attacking the poor moral and ethical integrity. IE, its impossible to visit the website, it will redirect before it hits. Hit them in their wallet.

    1. Except we have word from no less the Gawker’s chief editor that we are costing him money and this was before most of the adverts pulled out. A lot of gamer’s have flat out stopped using kotaku if we do its via archives and its to laugh at their idiocy which means they don’t get clicks.

      1. “Except we have word from no less the Gawker’s chief editor that we are costing him money”

        Why would you trust the word of their leader here. Its good PR to say that its costing them money while acusing the sponsors leaving of lack of integrity. It shows that you ‘value’ sponsors while preventing others from leaving.

        “A lot of gamer’s have flat out stopped using kotaku”

        Apparently you dont know how to read a graph because I clearly showed you data that there are twice as many people reading their articles since the negative PR campaign began. Its call contrarian clickbait and its working very well for them.

        I acknowledged that there is potentially lasting negative perception of their brand from the gamer community… this is how i started the reply. However, I contend that unless you actually win, you gave their stakeholders millions of additional dollars in revenue.

        You can believe a quote that has been pasted a million times…. that it cost him, quote, ‘thousands’… all you like, or you can look at the statistics i presented that indicate they are banking MILLIONS. Literally – DOUBLE THE TRAFFIC. Your choice – head in sand or critical thinking.

      2. One word: botnets. Now to explain another point: The more advertisers that get pulled, the less money per click they get. Pull more? They have to work even harder. This isn’t an instantaneous solution, but gawker’s in a fragile position due to their 15 year lease with a 75m office.

      3. They arnt using botnets. People used to make money from Botnetting google adsense like literally 15 years ago, but it ended there. Google has trillion depth parameters.

        thejynxed is the first person whos ever responded to me who nailed some point I hadnt considered though. I’ve had like 50 responses on reddit and various comment areas, at least a few people every now and then can recognize what I’m saying.

        So – thejynxed – You are correct. While I value organic traffic from google apparently more than you do, I can see what you mean with clickbait traffic from a network of sites back to Kotaku. Of course that would devalue the website as an asset. Case and point, we frequently see websites that do this scrutinized when resold on Flippa (as again MANY years ago people used this as a technique to inflate value on flippa when providing google analytics and adsense as ‘evidence’ of value).

        So, yes, it devalues their individual sites as part of the network. But the key word there is devalue. Kotaku still has enourmous value and potential revenue. And during a time when customer perception is bad, you could easily argue that organic traffic from google is more valuable than repeat customers typing your name into the browser.

        At least organic traffic from google is inelastic to controversy and will continue no matter what. (and again, organic traffic is up by a potential 50% according to semrush).

      4. Interesting…I’ll keep that in mind. Still won’t help them if they keep losing advertisres, and are breaking adsense rules anyways.

      5. You do realize that there is heavy indication they are redirecting advertising clicks from the other Gawker Media sites to Kotaku, right? It’s trivial to assign an ad click for an ad displayed on a site like Lifehacker to another site within their domain using nothing but a few lines of javascript. You need to compare what appears to be a big boost in only one of their sites to overall traffic to ALL Gawker Media sites. Which someone did, and it was less over all sites except for Kotaku. That in and of itself is suspicious.

        Hell, it’s trivial to take the source for LOIC, change a few things in it, compile it, and then run it from virtual machines to emulate traffic and advertising clicks as well (and traffic sites like Alexa can’t distinguish the difference, among other issues that Alexa has to begin with – they for instance count GoogleBot and other webcrawlers as organic traffic, which is ridiculous).

  7. Why am I not surprised at Kuchera?
    >Insist there’s nothing shady about GJP
    >Bully members into nominating one sacrificial goat once GJP became public knowledge

    Oh, and he has me blocked on Twitter of course. Silly Ben. *Patpat*

  8. Why would you want to go back to playing games? Have you seen games lately? Talking about them is definitely more interesting than playing them.

  9. Should have known you’d be getting to the bottom of all that Kotaku and Polygon crap. Great job. FYI, I got banned on Polygon for stating that men were, on average, stronger and faster than women. Oh the heresy!

    1. You sly dastard, I haven’t seen you around gaming forums for a while.

      And yeah, Kuchera is silly for saying that people didn’t want to discuss it when they were actively being silenced, banned and censored from the major websites from discussing it!

      The problem, though, is that this is a systematic plague within every facet, tier and institution of our media. “Corruption runs deep” has become an understatement.

      1. I’ve been mostly over at IGN, although not as actively as I was on CB. The new job has been kicking my ass too…much less free time during the day. BTW, just noticed that I’m no longer banned on CB. An oversight or do I have you to thank for that?

        The thing that got me about the Polygon thing is that the person I was talking to had the response of “well, yeah, but we’re talking about gaming.” The implication being, if you’re going to buy dragons and magic, why not women who are as tough as men. Heck, I get that, and we moved on. But the next time I logged in, there was the message from the mod and they actually cited my statement that men were stronger and faster than women as being “opinion” and reason to ban me.

        My oldest daughter is a big feminist and is working on an indie project right now. She is all into the feminist schtick and we’ve talked about this a bit. As a dad I’m all about my daughters doing well in whatever they choose to do, but I don’t buy this crap that people are picking on the girls just because they are girls. It is the internet. People are going to say mean things to you and, chances are, if they can figure out something personal about you, they are going to use that to attack you. Its just a sad fact of the wild wild west that is cyberspace.

        I also find the timing of these things to be suspicious. The whole “death threat” thing is just way too coincidental. And, other than some guy in Rio that Kotaku just wrote about, we have no real idea who is actually making the death threats. What a better way to discredit your adversaries than to play the victim of a heinous attack?

      2. other than some guy in Rio that Kotaku just wrote about, we have no real idea who is actually making the death threats. What a better way to discredit your adversaries than to play the victim of a heinous attack?

        LOL, I’m getting a lot of traffic from Google where people apparently don’t seem to trust Kotaku’s coverage of the clickbait journalist.

        As a dad I’m all about my daughters doing well in whatever they choose to do, but I don’t buy this crap that people are picking on the girls just because they are girls.

        This is the biggest problem I have with this fear-mongering by the media. They’ve actively created an online (and real-life) “fear culture”.

        There are females now in real life who believe every guy out there is a potential rapist waiting to happen. I’ve had some conversations that almost made my head explode with the logic-leaping fear based on silly clickbait from places like Gawker.

      3. The only reason I even look at Kotaku now actively is for the daily sales article. Unfortunately, I can’t take it off my Pulse “best of gaming” feed and I occasionally click on to one of their stories that I find there.

        Kotaku, Polygon, and the like are really propaganda outlets for leftist ideology wrapped up in “gaming” news. That’s great if you’re of a leftist political bent. For those of us who are just interested in games and not the whole SJW schtick, those sites are a waste of time.

        You are dead on about the fear culture. When I was talking to my daughter about this she kept parroting that line about “they wouldn’t be picked on if they weren’t women”. Of course I asked her if she didn’t think that it might have something to do with their attack on video games and demands that they change from the form we’ve all loved to some politically correct BS? They just automatically assume that anyone who disagrees with a position that happens to come from a woman disagrees because they hate women.

      4. “Kotaku, Polygon, and the like are really propaganda outlets for leftist
        ideology wrapped up in “gaming” news. That’s great if you’re of a
        leftist political bent. For those of us who are just interested in
        games and not the whole SJW schtick, those sites are a waste of time.”

        Theres more liberals gamers against kotaku, polygon and SJW than rednecks like you. People like you are the problem to this whole thing. They are acting right now like faux news and we need to capitalize on that, but morons like you alienate gamers with right wing bullshit.

      5. LOL, what dope are you smoking? They ARE liberals. Liberals LOVE them. Do you even know what the hell a liberal is? Oh, SJW isn’t a website you twit. The second you say “faux news” I know you’re a left wing wacko. GTFO with that bullshit. If they were acting like FOX they would be telling the truth and none of this Sarkeesian BS would have ever gained traction.

      6. WTF are you talking about? Theres polls that confirm that gamergate people are like 90% liberals.Ask any gamergate people you know. I know SJW is not a website, you must be a kid. We liberals defend women, gays, marihuana, atheist, animals, the environment, etc. Because we think everyone should have a voice. art must be free and everyone should be open to criticism. EXACTLY THE CONTRARY to conservatives, republicans, religious, racists, rednecks. Just watching Faux news its clear evidence of this. What anti gamergate people are doing is the exact same thing. Censoring art, voices, opinions, etc. We liberals fought for these things with our life. ALL the rights that you have right now is because of us LIBERALS. But you forgot that theres dictators on the left and right. Look for those polls, gamergate are liberals libertarians. When people like you refer to them as lefties or liberals you are actually alienating your own people. But what the hell are you going to learn when you proudly admits that Fox news tell the truth. Actually you are the same as them but in the opposite side and unfortunately in our side. In fact you are the people that we need to get rid of if we want gamergate and notyourshield to be successful.

      7. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I mean, that’s rich because the liberal take on gamergate has been, OHMEHGERD, THEY’RE ATTACKING WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” While I agree with you that the anti-gg crowd is trying to silence voices (I’ve seen it here on this website and have actually been banned from Polygon for discussing it), it is LIBERALS that are doing it. Silencing dissent is part and parcel of the whole left wing game plan. Reeducation camps, heard of em? Left wing idea.

        Welcome to the “don’t trust the media” party that conservatives have been at for the last 30 years. The media, including the gaming media, are OVERWHELMINGLY liberal. That’s why we see article after article on Kotaku and the like bemoaning the lack of women developers and championing the absolute shit that Anita Sarkeesian is putting out. It is conservatives and libertarians that are taking her on, not you lefties. YOU are the ones supporting her.

        And no, you fucking moron, the rights I have now are because me, and the SOLDIERS who came before me secured them. Liberals couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag. Hell, you milquetoast pussies are against war at all costs.

      8. You are a kid or a complete idiot.

        SOLDIERS had nothing to do with RIGHTS!!!
        Rights came because of the hippie movement. IN fact you are talking shit right here thanks to us. Freedom of association, freedom of speech, right to vote to poors, blacks, women. AND THE COMPLETE BILL OF RIGHTS!!! USA is so far behind intellectually and socially speaking from every other develop country that is dangerous. I bet that your IQ is pretty low… YOu keep telling dont trust the media but you think fox news is right. That right there says something completely different about yourself. you are too fanatic. You are exactly like these SWJ. You think that you are different than them but not. YOU are the same.

        Too far to the right we end up with people like bush, palin, hitler, Napoleon. Too far to the left we end up with people like Stalin, Fidel, Chavez…

        Thats why we should travel, learn about other cultures, meet different people every day. because extremists are bad and make good people with good intentions look bad. People like you are doing more harm than good to the cause.

        My advice to you is get out of homeschooling and try to get a good education.

      9. “SOLDIERS had nothing to do with RIGHTS!!! ”

        Riiiight, I mean, because when the Founders penned the Declaration of Independence, the British just went, “well, you know, they wrote that document so I guess we have to let the colonies go on their merry way.” Oh, wait, that didn’t happen. It was SOLDIERS fighting the British that secured what had been up to that point only a piece of paper with some ink on it. You’re a complete fucking idiot, you know that?

        “Rights came because of the hippie movement.”


        “I bet that your IQ is pretty low… YOu keep telling dont trust the media but you think fox news is right.”

        You bet my IQ is low and you write like that? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        And you think hippies were responsible for the Bill of Rights?! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        “Too far to the right we end up with people like bush, palin, hitler, Napoleon.”

        OMG, you are utterly ignorant of history aren’t you.

        First, did you really just put Bush and Palin in with the likes of Hitler and Napoleon? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

        Second, did you say Hitler was “too far right”? He was a Nazi. Do you know what Nazi meant? National SOCIALIST. Socialism is left wing you dolt! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Third, Napoleon came to power as the result of the rise of a populist, i.e., liberal movement. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        “My advice to you is get out of homeschooling and try to get a good education.”

        Too late. Never was home schooled. Have a B.A. in History and a J.D. cum laude. That’s why I was just able to school you.

        My advice to you? But down the bong, learn to write, and stop being an idiot.

      10. Soldiers has nothing to do with RIGHTS!!! soldiers are a pawn. a medium. low IQ people who do what they are told to do. Like the police. In fact soldiers and police protect the status quo and attack the protesters.

        Its the intellectuals and liberal minds who change governments. Who do you think end monarchies?

        People like Ghandi and Nelson Mandela are the ones who make changes (NOT FUCKING SOLDIERS)

        After war and the constitution was signed, there were very few rights for the people. Blacks wasnt humans, women were nothing, etc. (THE WHOLE BILL OF RIGHTS IF PRACTICALLY NEW) not 1791

        MY IQ has nothing to do with the way I write because english is not my first language. I speak 3 language. But Im pretty sure you only know 1 like every typical republican, never live in other countries and dont interact with people of other cultures.

        The Republican party is the equivalent of Nazism and fascism. And yes Bush and Palin think the same as Hitler and Mussolini.

        They all are “patriots”, hate blacks, immigrants, gays and think that usa should be for white americans. They have the exact same ideals. Totalitarian and Militarist governments.

        HITLER was very conservative, the name has nothing to do with it. The name was the name of the party BEFORE Hitler. In fact Nazis, Neo nazis, KKK, etc. identify themselves with the republican party and ideals. This is just a well known fact.

        White religious nationalistic pride was his agenda.

        NAPOLEON DID EXACTLY THE SAME THING after the french revolution…


        Your B.A. was given to you because you know shit about history.

        I have a B.A. in Political Science and Im a lawyer. Anyone reading your arguments will call your bullshit out, but people like you thinks that they just school the opponent when in fact, you look like an idiot for the general people.

        You are the SWJ of gamergate movement. We need to get rid of both extremists nutjobs

      11. You are a complete moron. So, the cops that just got shot at Ferguson by the protesters did what? Attack the bullets that were fired at them? You are truly a brain dead moron.

        When was the last time a monarchy was ended? And when that happened, the people that did it would be deemed CONSERVATIVE by today’s standards.

        Who beat Hitler? See, my history books are missing the part where Ghandi and a bunch of hippies had a music fest and convinced him to give up gassing Jews. It was the SOLDIER who put an end to him, you pathetic simpleton.

        “HITLER was very conservative, the name has nothing to do with it.”

        BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to school little boy. It was called National Socialism because it was both nationalistic (that whole Aryan thing) and involved the seizure by the government of the means of production (that’s the socialism part). Conservatives try to maintain the status quo. Hitler was instrumental in overthrowing the Weimar Republic and its participation in the Treaty of Versaille. Overthrowing the existing order is a VERY liberal thing to do — especially when you follow it up with seizing the means of production.

        “I have a B.A. in Political Science and Im a lawyer.”

        You’re a lying sack of shit or law schools have lowered their standards to the point of accepting people who can’t write. No, everything you have written here demonstrates that you are more than likely a high school drop out and living on the government dole.

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