#GamerGate: Gawker Loses A Native Advertiser Due To Bullying Comments


“Native Ads”… it’s not something everyone is familiarized with, but they’re explained right here in this post. They’re designed to look like a standard news post on larger websites like Buzzfeed or any of Gawker’s subsidiaries. They oftentimes call this “commerce journalism” because it’s the company paying a writer to blog sponsored news on a major news website or media portal. A lot of people consider native ads disingenuous since they’re advertisements made to look like news; but that’s beside the point. The point is that Gawker no longer has a native advertiser in their e-commerce cycle.

One of the commerce ad servers for Gawker is called StackCommerce, a third-party ad company that bridges companies with media publishing sites. They’re also sometimes referred to as StackSocial. They provide ad vendors with opportunities to provide their products on a publisher’s website via native advertising.

Well, one of the companies who utilized the ad commerce system to provide native ads on Gawker has decided to pull out of the ad-cycle. The name of the company? Scrivener. Kotaku in Action spotted a post from the Ralph Retort where it was noted that Scrivener – the literature and writing software app company – has pulled out of StackSocial’s ad cycle for Gawker.

Another user on the KiA thread posted an image from their interaction with Scrivener’s customer support, where they state that…

“We ran a short-term promotion with StackSocial back in June 2014, but had no idea they were affiliated with Gawker Media, or indeed that an employee there had tweeted such inappropriate comments. We're a fairly “nerdy” company, and have the same opinion as yourself with regard to bullying and the leaking of inappropriate images, so we'll be much more circumspect going forward. They're not joking matters. We haven't had a relationship since June, and we're now obviously going to keep saying no to any further marketing approaches.”

Previously, #GamerGate had run into situations where companies had stated that they had no affiliation with Gawker Media and had no active ads running on the site. The reason some of these company stated this is because the ads aren’t actually traditional banner ads, but sometimes they have limited running native ads through companies like StackCommerce. With a middleman handling the advertising on these websites, the companies don’t actually know where some of the sponsored content is appearing since StackCommerce would be in charge in charge of that.

As mentioned by Scrivener, they just pay the commerce supplier to handle everything else for them, similar to ad agencies like Guerrilla Nation. It frees the company up from having to manually deal with advertising on various websites.

With Scrivener taken out of Gawker’s native advertising cycle, it’s one less client they’ll be making money from in StackCommerce’s pool of vendors.


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