#GamerGate: Browser Add-On Shows Articles Written By Game Journo Pro Members

Journolisting v1

A new browser add-on for Chrome (and soon for Firefox) has released called JournoListings v1.0. What is the add-on and why is it important to #GamerGate? Well, the idea is to give the reader a heads-up about whether or not the article is from someone on the secret list of journalists, either from Ezra Klein’s JournoList from many years ago – who is now conveniently the editor-in-chief at Vox.com – or the Game Journo Pros list that was started by Ars Technica’s senior gaming editor, Kyle Orland.

The JournoListings add-on comes courtesy of coder “I Am a Sock Muppet”. The news about the add-on was posted over on the Reddit hub for #GamerGate news, Kotaku In Action.

The idea of the add-on is pretty simple: you can see whether or not the article was written by someone who was on the Game Journo pros, GameChanger or JournoList.

As mentioned on the KiA post…

“Because time and time again it has been shown that these private groups encourage group-think, chilling effects, and violations of SPJ Ethics Codes. It is clear we cannot rely on "journalists" to disclose their biases, so we'll do it for them.”

I think that is a fantastic way of handling the situation. This add-on doesn’t do anything other than make the connections known so people are aware of the journalist’s position.

If for nothing else, anyone who uses the add-on will at least have their eyes opened to some of what’s happening behind the scenes in the news-media empire.

Some of you might be wondering why it would need to be pointed out that some of these individuals are on the Game Journo Pros or Journolist, but if you’ve been paying attention to any of the news regarding things like Dale North resigning from Destructoid, or why there’s clear media bias against #GamerGate, you might start getting the picture.

The add-on isn’t anything nefarious, but some might consider it as part of the “red pill” methods by #GamerGate to get other people to open their eyes and become disillusioned to the media’s puppet tricks that happens behind the curtain.

You can also check out the complete list of the people from the Game Journo Pros list via Breitbart.

[Disclosure: I was a former member of the Game Journo Pros e-mail group]


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