Plex App Now Available For Xbox One, Xbox 360

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In the past, gamers trying to make use of the Xbox One’s DLNA support have been relegated to makeshift, Jerry-rigged alternatives. One of those alternatives included using Plex, a software application that allows you to share and stream your library of media files with other devices across a single account. Well, technically you could use Plex on the Xbox One as a poor man’s DLNA alternative, but only through the web browser. It was like using an alternative for an alternative. Well, thankfully Plex has made things a heck of a lot easier by just releasing the full Xbox One and Xbox 360 app for Xbox owners.

As noted in the press release…

“That’s right, friends! We’ve been hard at work lovingly building Plex for Xbox One and Xbox 360, and we’re ready to pull back the curtain on the brand new big-screen Plex apps.” … “Enjoy your personal library of movies and TV shows on the big screen! Plex for Xbox One and Xbox 360 delivers effortless organization of your media for an enhanced entertainment experience that feels right at home on Xbox”

Essentially, you can open up the app, have it use the media discovery features to find television shows, movies and music on your other home network devices, and then you can stream the media content to the device of your choice… now including the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Specific to the Xbox One, users can utilize Kinect’s voice and hand-gesture controls to navigate menus or select from their library of content. I’ve never been able to get Kinect to work right proper and the things requires constant calibration or a lot of hand-waving to get to what you want – so it’s hard for me to see this as a really intuitive or useful feature. However, I imagine for those who are disabled or have a hard time using hand gestures, the voice control feature might be a welcomed alternative.


You can register for a Plex pass, sign into your Xbox Live account and then pair your Xbox Live account with your Plex account once your download the app for the respective console. That’s it.

Some PS4 owners have been using Plex as a way to access a fake-man’s version of DLNA support, but given that the October update for the Xbox One contains full DLNA support and now they have access to Plex, I think it’s safe to say that the Xbox One just graduated from being a VCR to a DVR. Congratulations.

You can grab the Plex app right now for the Xbox One or the Xbox 360 from the app store. Download it. Sign up. Sign in. Watch your content. For more information on the app feel free to pay a visit to the official Plex website.


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