#GamerGate: University Of Advanced Technology Pulls Ad Support From Gamasutra


Following a letter sent out from Alan Hromas, the director of marketing and communications at the University of Advanced Technology, acknowledging that ad support for Gamasutra has been pulled, additional individuals have come forward to acknowledge that the institute is no longer standing behind Gamasutra.

As part of the ongoing Operation Disrespectful Nod, UAT’s Alan Hromas sent an e-mail to #GamerGate member Jayd3Fox, acknowledging that they are no longer aligned with Gamasutra.

I reached out to Hromas to confirm the e-mail but I haven’t received a response at the time of the writing of this article.

Nevertheless, the International Game Developers Association confirmed that they are not pleased with UAT pulling out support from Gamasutra. Noting on Twitter…

After the IDGA made comments on social media, other groups also stepped into the fray, including the Indie Game Alliance, who also came to the aid of IDGA members by tweeting their disapproval of UAT’s decision.

The University of Advanced Technology joins Scottrade, Intel and Unilever in pulling out ad support following the pressure put upon them from consumers expressing anger and disappointment with the websites who have put out very strong and vitriolic rhetoric against their own audience.

Some individuals have labeled this consumer revolt as a form of censorship, as noted by news articles on sites like The Week. However, given that the narrative of #GamerGate has been misconstrued and completely skewed from many of the major media outlets with biased and one-sided information, the only thing left for consumers to do is stage a revolt by having ads pulled. Besides, these websites can continue to state the opinions that they do, they just won’t have ads from various institutions supporting those opinions.

Alternatively, the #GamerGate community website has a list of alternative websites for gamers to visit that don’t partake in the one-sided and biased information put out by some of these media outlets.

“Operation Disrespectful Nod” is continuing to move forward as consumers make their voices heard about the corruption in games media.


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5 thoughts on “#GamerGate: University Of Advanced Technology Pulls Ad Support From Gamasutra

  1. Calling a Boycott ‘Censorship’ is par for the course for the Gaming Morality Force and makes as much sense as someone calling a woman out on her crap is ‘misogyny’.

    We’ve had a number of long talks over at The Escapist about how the GMF tries to control the ‘narrative’ (as they call it) by trying to change the meaning of words. Comments like this-

    “there is no such thing as misandry just like there is no such thing as ‘racism against white people'” -Leigh Alexander

    Are not the exception for the GMF & their academics, they are the *norm*. Even if you don’t hear Ben Kuchera and others come right out and say what Alexander did, you can clearly see that they believe the same thing based on their actions. Look at the first GJP email comments that Milo released-


    You see many people saying how horrible it is that Chelsea (ZQ) may get some harassment, but actually have the termerity to *hate* Eron for making it public that he was abused! Obviously, if Eron was a woman, they would be rushing to support him, but in their Ideology, his pain is irrelevant. He is part of the ‘Patriarchy’ so he deserves whatever he gets and Chelsea must be protected at all costs, *regardless* of whether or not she did anything wrong.

  2. Things are really starting to roll now. One or two companies pulling ads might not make an impression but as more and more jump the other side has got to be worried now.

    And I noticed the ever evolving Wiki on GamerGate now has a quote from you in it William.

    1. Oh really? I’ll need to check that out. I really hope they added the Game Journo Pro stuff from Breitbart and Gamerheadlines (since they also received a confirmation e-mail from what I suspect to be Ben Kuchera).

      That would be a major victory for #GamerGate.

      1. Not yet. I got really sick of reading the discussions going on about the page and have stopped but they will not accept Breitbart as a reliable source. Milo gets a mention but only about some other article written by someone else.

        However over time the page is getting better. Still horribly biased towards the other side but better stuff is trickling in.

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