#GamerGate: Mercedes-Benz Pulls Ad Support From Gawker Media


One of the benefits of #GamerGate is seeing how a collective group of people from all walks of life can come together for a common goal. In this case the goal is to root out and stomp on the corruption that has run rampant in today’s gaming journalism ring. One way of getting things to change is utilizing a consumer movement called “Operation Disrespectful Nod”.

The operation has successfully pulled Intel support and UAT sponsorship from Gamasutra, as well as getting Scottrade and Unilever to pull out from various gaming websites, too.

The latest pull-out is a sponsor of Gawker Media. It’s no pushover, either; Mercedes-Benz. According to Twitter user Christopher Tanner, he received the following e-mail message from the prestigious car manufacturer.

This is just another win in the long line of victories for #GamerGate.

As noted in many other threads, articles and pro-#GamerGate propaganda, keep the e-mails flowing and keep the pressure up.

#GamerGate is a scandal involving the poor ethics of game journalism. It needs to be rectified and the consumers are the one forcing a change by collaborating and revolting against the corruption running rampant in the industry.

You can show your support for the cause by keeping up to date with the Boycott of the Day hosted by Jayd3Fox on Twitter or by visiting the Kotaku in Action sub-reddit.

A lot of people may disagree with the denizens of #GamerGate enacting the only voice they have left since the media has been corrupt in their dealings with all those who simply want a cleaned up journalism ring and no more of the sociopolitical agendas dictating the narrative on who gets coverage and who doesn’t. No more blacklists on groups like The Fine Young Capitalists, and no more of this selective-fact reporting. Tell all sides of a story or don’t tell it at all.

So far, “Operation Disrespectful Nod” seems to be getting the point across quite well. If it works, keep doing it.

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3 thoughts on “#GamerGate: Mercedes-Benz Pulls Ad Support From Gawker Media

  1. I don’t understand why a lot of these game journalists keep insulting their readership so openly and so often. Don’t they realize that without readers they won’t have jobs?

    Now they’re finding out that not having advertisers may be worse than not having readers.

    1. A classic case of pricing themselves out of the market, nothing more, nothing less. This phenomenon is similar, but certainly not identical, to what modern feminism has done to the institution of marriage. After years of being told that a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle, as Gloria Steinem so eloquently put it, men eventually walked off the field, en masse. Now we have the lowest rate of marriage in the history of Western Civilization, while foreign bride visa requests are on the rise. How do the feminists respond to this state of affairs? Do they self-evaluate and self-correct? Do they rally in support of men? Nah, they just slather on more shaming language, then tell us our games must be changed to cater to their collective whim. In the end, we must always bear in mind when dealing with SJW’s, as well as feminists, their motivation is an emotional artifact, to which they respond emotionally, to loosely quote Fred Reed. They can not be reasoned with, because they do not, and can not, comprehend simple logic. In the end it hardly matters, because Gamergate will win by default when a sufficient number of readers and advertisers jump ship. It looks like we are approaching that event horizon rather quickly.

  2. Good. The SJWs need to realise that the normal majority of society will push back and resist, and they need to watch their goddamn mouths as how they expect us to. Hopefully Mercedes and IBM won’t be the first, and the whole rotten system will come crashing down, and we can actually have gaming journalism articles that isn’t reactionist garbage of idiots blowing non issues out of proportion.

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