Females, Minorities Of #GamerGate Raise Their Voices With #NotYourShield Project

One of the most disheartening things about #GamerGate isn’t the harassment and abuse being tossed around by one person or another from one side or another; it’s not even the misrepresentation of facts and the misappropriation of platforms by games media and mainstream media alike. The one thing that’s most disheartening about #GamerGate is that the people who oppose it have worked tirelessly to strip away the voices, identity and agency of women, minorities, those in the LGBT community and every other person around the world that doesn’t fit into the stereotypical narrative being shopped around by people who call themselves “Social Justice Warriors”.

One of the ways that the opposition of #GamerGate have been working hard to under the movement is to suppress and discount the individuals who stand up for themselves that don’t fit into the “cishet, straight-white male” stereotype. The media and their like-minded ilk have actively ignored, slandered or attacked anyone trying to speak up to support #GamerGate that isn’t a white male.

However, even though the media is actively being sexist, racist and discriminatory against many different individuals and communities – further proving both their bias and corruption – the community itself has decided to band together and thwart the negative image by the media that’s been dumped on #GamerGate; enter the #NotYourShield project.

A new sub-Reddit offers women and minorities an opportunity to share their identity outside of the Twitter hashtags. The idea is to help grow the voice of the voiceless by leveraging a platform outside of traditional media. It’s the consumer utilizing new-wave media to get the information out there.

The sub-Reddit contains things like pictures of the women and minorities supporting #GamerGate through the #NotYourShield hashtag, as well as images and videos, like the one below from YouTuber Cakesphere, discussing her experience with #GamerGate.

Thoughts on #NotYourShield: Why SJWs don’t represent me

Sorry this is so long. I have a lot of thoughts and I didn’t even get through half of them. Recommended reading: https://nastythingssaidabout.wordpress.com/2014/08/26/the-terrible-misogyny-in-the-games-industry/

Another video that’s been circulating lately is the one that works as a counterpoint to the highly biased and one-sided MSNBC report where #GamerGate is once again labeled as a “misogynistic hate movement”.

The Lie Heard Around the World #GamerGate #NotYourShield

MSNBC allows Brianna Wu to spout lie after lie about #GamerGate. Big thanks to all the wonderful ladies of GamerGate for all their help.

I find it highly improbable that a hate movement designed to attack and harass women would have such strong female representation – including several prominent females from gaming websites like GameFront and GamesNosh, as well as American Enterprise Institute scholar, Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers.

If you’re a female, minority, individual of color, part of the LGBT community or disabled, feel free to contribute to the #NotYourShield project on Reddit to help further spread the word and showcase that there is a diverse and multicultural collection of human beings fighting against a very corrupt and tainted system.


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5 thoughts on “Females, Minorities Of #GamerGate Raise Their Voices With #NotYourShield Project

  1. Oh god, the “liberals” are at it again. I dont give a shit if you’re a liberal. If you’re a gamer, I will beat you if you’re on the other team and help you if you’re on mine. I dont care if you’re a guy and suck dick. I dont care what ethnicity you are. I DONT CARE. I *do* care that you can fucking spell simple words and dont type like a texttard or babble on mic so the leader cant be heard. I care if you’re a ninjalooter; I’ll hunt you down in-game until you quit playing forever.

    You know DAMNED WELL that guys help women for stupid reasons or habit or because they think it’s the “right” thing to do. If you accept abnormal help, YOU ARE THE ROOT PROBLEM. You cause unstable dickheads to rage at you even moreso than a person with a hidden ID and supposed anonymity. Dont let guys try and help you; you dont understand sixteen-year-olds or the “Ladder Theory” (look it up). Do you want to be safe? Stop giving out your personal info online, dumbass. The harassment wont bother you as much then.

    REALITY CHECK: If you’re in a competitive game, YOU WILL BE HARASSED. That isnt sexism; its just being an asshole, and you get all assbent over it, and they do it MORE in the way it bothers you. Fight back if you want it to stop. Whining will MAKE IT LAST FOREVER.

    Shut the fuck up with your stupid shitty labels. You wanna play? Shut your mouth and be a good gamer. I dont agree with your stupid violent “everything is unfair” whiny shit in real life, so shut your piehole and play, stop making stupidassed attention-whore photos with fucktarded cartoon dragons and claims of whiny bitchy uppity liberalism or motherhood on them.
    I will help you if you dont be a bitch like this and JUST BE A GAMER. BE YOUR AVATAR. Thats all that matters in the game, most games arent Second Life, so SHUT UP AND PLAY.

    NOBODY CARES and you’re FUCKING ANNOYING by being a stuck-up BRAGGART.

  2. I gave up on videogames years ago, because I thought excessive DRM and bullshit “Downloadable Content” that’s just hidden on the disc were bad…
    Oh, for such innocent times…

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