‘This Is A Video Game’ Is A Love Letter To The Celebration Of Gaming

For The Love of Gaming

With all the hatred being spewed around from one side or the other about one thing or another, it can really drag you down. It’s funny looking at my article count just take a complete nosedive as it becomes this taxing chore now to avoid all the vilification targeted at gamers for simply being gamers. Well, thankfully we have videos like “This is a Video Game” to remind us why we celebrate the culture of gaming and what it means to be a gamer.

YouTuber KiteTales offers a very simple, minute and 33 second long video that covers a few classics that belong in the video game hall of fame, as well as offering a bit of nuanced commentary about the sentimentality behind the love and appreciation for these games. But don’t let my scrappy commentary keep you from enjoying the lovely bit of moving-picture media below. Enjoy.


The YouTube comment section is littered with people saying “Those feels”. Indeed, the video is like some bedtime-with-good-dreams lullaby.

Hey, don’t sit there like some kind of tough-guy… if your eyes took a trip down salt-lane then don’t fight it; don’t keep it all bottled up like a shaken soda can. Let it flow, bro… let it flow…

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It may have been short but that video was beautiful. It’s an excellent and poetic tribute to the culture some of us hold near and dear through a history of good times, great times and unforgettable times. That’s not to mention all the memories we’ve yet to make as we partake in the growth of the interactive entertainment industry.

I’m taking this moment as a bit of respite from all the justice warrioring going on over at the #GamerGate battlefield.

In fact, if you’re done being all “feels” over those fond memories, and you’ve gathered your wits about you for another run in a gauntlet of spite and the battle over the debauchery of ethics, feel free to head back out into the arena; sword of truth in hand and the shield of justice at your side. My friends, it’s time to fight for your rights as a gamer. Long live gaming.

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  • I like the game Super Smash brothers. I loved playing that game.

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