The Escapist Gets Hit By DDoS Attacks For Supporting #GamerGate


The Escapist Magazine’s forum has been hit with a DDoS attack. The last mega-bastion of safety, planning and taking in the refugees of the dismantled 4chan nation has briefly fallen. It’s not a fatal blow, but it’s a big enough hit to show that #GamerGate is making serious headway. In fact, after the Game Journalism Professional e-mails went live over on Breitbart, it’s been a steady downhill fall for the anti-#GamerGate crowd.

The attack on The Escapist is evident enough for anyone who tries to go to the forum. You can see in the image below that it’s currently offline, as of the writing of this article.

This was further corroborated by Defy Media site manager and The Escapist Magazine’s co-founder Alexander Macris, tweeted out the following message to confirm that The Escapist forums, specifically #GamerGate, was under attack…

Alexander Macris on Twitter: “A DDOS attack is currently underway against @TheEscapistMag. The attackers are specifically targeting the GamerGate forum thread.”
Alexander Macris on Twitter: “We will be shutting down forums temporarily while we work on a longer-term solution.”

This isn’t the only instance of an infraction against the #GamerGate community; those who are opposed to the movement have also taken to attacking individual members of the movement, specifically Jason Miller, the one who coined the #NotYourShield hashtag.

Miller took to Twitter to express his frustration over having lost his job, allegedly to those who are on the side of being radical justice warriors, tweeting…

“sjw’s called my work & I KNEW she’d be too pussy to fire me to my face! I said it earlier, I’d get an email. @ night”


He posted an image of an e-mail stating that he had been let go from his job.

A Tumblr post captured the tweet with a snarky comment to give a bit of nuance to the event.

These attacks are becoming more frequent as the heat intensifies from the rising fire brought forth by the storming hordes of angry consumers enveloped under the #GamerGate hashtag.

As noted by Erik Kain from Forbes, The Escapist wasn’t the only one being hit. 4chan has been compromised and Reddit was never really in the game.

Now more than ever, gamers need to stick to their guns as the radical justice warriors attempt to derail and shutdown #GamerGate at all costs. You can still join the fight with surrogate fronts constructed at MMO-Champion and 8chan.

The movement is close to breaking loose into mainstream at full throttle. Keep chucking coals into the fire… they cannot stop it from rising and exposing the corruption running rampant within the industry; they cannot silence the diverse voices of #GamerGate.


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2 thoughts on “The Escapist Gets Hit By DDoS Attacks For Supporting #GamerGate

  1. Funny thing is, Escapist hasn’t even come out as supportive, they’ve merely allowed discussion, and took it upon themselves to reflect and change their policies, and staying pretty much neutral

    Makes you really think about what ‘they’ consider as opposition

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