TFYC Responds To Females Getting Harassed For Supporting GamerGate


It’s become a rather twisted story when we delve into the behavior of both sides of the #GamerGate scandal. While there are some rotten apples on the side of gamers throwing mean insults, harassment and abuse toward the way of those that are labeled as “Social Justice Warriors”, there’s also a fair amount of harassment coming in from the other side that certainly makes them live up to the term of being “warriors” for their preconceived notion of social justice.

The Fine Young Capitalists took to their tumblr blog to explain that there are some serious threats being aimed at females supporting the #GamerGate movement.

As noted on their blog…

“So I’ve recieved a couple emails on this topic, as well as Skyped with someone over this issue.

“Apparently some women that are supporting the #gamergate hashtag, or doing videos about how we should focus on equality in gaming are getting harassing phone calls. Apparently women are calling other women up and calling them sluts and threatening them.

“…congratulations on proving that /v/ is not the cause of all the harassment online. It’s good that we’ve managed to destroy that narrative.”

And destroy that narrative they did.

While The Fine Young Capitalists don’t want to name-names, one of the individuals involved in the harassment is a YouTuber going by the handle of Jayd3Fox. She was harassed and abused after her information was doxxed and she received threatening calls… from women.

Jayd3Fox posted the following video below explaining why she’s stepping away from being online or participating in any of the active movements surrounding the battle for the core of games culture. I should warn you that the language at times can be NSFW and the general tone of the video may disturb some sensitive individuals. Watch with caution. [Alternative link]

If you think the video above is a hoax or a fake, well, someone close to Jayd had something to say about that. An angered friend of hers took to Reddit (even though she asked him not to) to explain that the video is not a parody, with her friend, going by the handle of EatSleep, writing with some very NSFW language…

“To those wondering about the video Jayd3Fox put out last night: it was not satire, it was not fake, she is not a fucking spy for SJW dogs. It is incredible how shitty people are, but I guess this IS the internet and after Anita/Zoe, it’s not unusual to question Jayd3Fox in the name of not being a hypocrite. “

“You don’t know who the fuck she is and I don’t expect you to, because she’s a small channel and keeps to her small fucking KOTH Gears community, but for you to JUST ASSUME THAT SHE IS EXACTLY LIKE ZOE AND ANITA IS DISGUSTING. NO FUCKING WONDER SHE HATES PEOPLE.

After Jayd had posted the video and made it known she was taking leave from the “social” gaming movement, she posted this message on her Twitter account.


She closed up her Paypal and donation pages; she didn’t ask for money after being harassed, she wanted time alone and a moment of respite to reflect on the harrowing incident.

Abuse and harassment is not and should never be an opportunity to e-beg.

Eatsleep went on to vehemently chastise the side claiming to be doing all of this in the name of equality, justice and liberty, angrily writing…


This kind of harassment was not limited to Jayd, though, there are other females supporting the #GamerGate cause who have been harassed and belittled for standing up for the hobby they love. A hobby that contains people of all walks of life coming together to enjoy the joys, pains, excitement, thrills, accomplishments, competitiveness and fun of interactive entertainment. However, no matter what gender you are, some of those claiming to fight for “social justice” are the first to throw out bigotry and fascism. Warning, more NSFW language and sexism below.


And these are the people claiming that “gamers” are dead? Why, so we can have a new regime of hatred, hubris and supercilious fascists to take over?

The Fine Young Capitalists made it clear that they don’t tolerate this sort of thing, and this is not what feminism is supposed to be about, writing…

“Are you so devoid of logic that you’re like, “This is the plan, we’ll threaten someone insignificant to send a message.” You could honestly make up a fake podcast apply to and I would totally show up on Skype to talk to you. You could call me names to my face for 30 minutes and I’d be like “Well this more publicity than the major websites are giving.”

“I already sent messages to the people that received the harassment. And their privacy is important so I won’t use their tragedy for my advantage. “

It’s nice that we know who the real good guys and gals are in all of this. Just remember, no matter how much vitriol the gaming community takes at the hands of those who have no morals, no scruples, no principles and no ethics, we can show that we are above the level of scum at which they operate.

If you want to help these real victims of harassment, help a real cause for positive social justice and equality. The Fine Young Capitalists are nearing their goal on IndieGoGo and they will aim to become the positive change that the radical SJWs never had plans to enact.

Heck, you don’t even have to give money. You want to get proactive in another way? How about you help 4chan bring down the corrupt and debased media outlets supporting this kind of harassment and abuse by joining their movement called Corruption in Video Game Journalism. Bleed them where the money flows. Go to the advertisers. Here’s a quick way on how to get their ad revenue to stop.

For those of you who have read this far and have no idea what’s going on, you can get caught up right here.

(Update: Jayd3Fox made a Twitlong post addressing her stance after having time to gather her wits, writing

“I want to apologize for my last video. It was a knee-jerk reaction and I overreacted. I should have been calm and acted accordingly. I apologize again for that. I do not want anyone to die. To feminists, I am sorry. To gamers, I am sorry. To gaming blogging “journalists”, you can fuck off.”)

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6 thoughts on “TFYC Responds To Females Getting Harassed For Supporting GamerGate

  1. She’s since returned and uploaded a new video announcing her comeback after receiving positive support from the gaming community:

    She’s still not begging for money in light of what happened, which makes her plight more authentic in my eyes. She’s just a cute girl who wanted to talk about games and who wanted people to stop demonizing it (and gamers). She didn’t deserve any of the backlash from the so-called feminists.

    More power to you for covering this important issue. Regards.

    1. More power to you for covering this important issue. Regards.

      More power to her for not succumbing to the threats from radical fascists.

      It’s nice to know that gamers are looking better each day after each of these ridiculous attacks are made from the side that supposedly claims to fight for inclusion and tolerance.

  2. So no discussion about how she posted “trollops playing games” type videos that she later took down, which focused on attacking other women in the gaming and calling them sluts? Or how she has several posts, tweets, and comments towards other women where she calls them cunts, threatens them and hilariously tells them she’ll kill them in games?

    She was just a woman who wanted attention and jumped on the bandwagon of shitting on other women. It was only a matter of time before other women got tired of her shit and turned it back on her.

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