TFYC Continues To Get Slandered By Media, Said To Be Supporting Abuse, Harassment

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This whole thing has turned really, really ugly. The latest saga in the #GamerGate movement now sees gaming media shifting focus from attacking gamers, to attacking The Fine Young Capitalists. Why? The #GamerGate movement is changing the narrative. We’ve shown that we’re inclusionary; that gamers of all walks of life are not the shields for radical left-winger extremists. Well, media has decided to alter the narrative (yet again) by trying to push an agenda against The Fine Young Capitalists, a pro-feminist group that was inadvertently dragged into this whole mess because a rival group wanted to shutdown their Game Jam.

While I was looking up to see if any major sites have finally started covering TFYC, I came across an article that just seemed too unreal to be true.

Stephen Daly from GameRanx wrote a scathing piece about The Fine Young Capitalists [this article summarizes most of the important events you need to know]. Here’s the link to GameRanx’s article via, because it certainly doesn’t deserve any hits. They’re also actively deleting any comments that point out their factual inaccuracies; journalism at its finest.

The first of those inaccuracies aims to create a situation about the working conditions at TFYC that is not only a gross misrepresentation of what’s going on but also frustrating for its lack of fact-checking.

[…]those who made successful pitches were asked to work for free with the only compensation for their efforts coming from any potential profits from sales of their game.

Apparently research is a hard thing for today’s journalists to do, or maybe selective reading has become the order of the day ever since “The Death of the Gamer” became the prime drive by corrupt members of media.

If you visit The Fine Young Capitalists website, they perfectly explain why those participating get paid what they do and how…

“A Paperback writer can be expected to receive around 10% of the list price for a book. Which is between 90,000-140,000 words.

“We feel that 8% would not be considered out of the ordinary for a first time video game writer. Especially if regardless of the outcome of the internet voting they get to keep the art that is created.

“By word count you are making 47 times more then a paperback writer and 17.5 times more then a screenwriter.”

You’re not just “working for free”, you’re submitting an idea and getting paid residuals on the back-end. Besides the actual development work will be carried out by Autobotika from out of Columbia, as noted in the article by Cliqist.The person who submits the idea isn’t doing any actual hands-on development work.

Daly shows that he didn’t even bother to fact-check before running a smear campaign. This folks, is the media that wants you dead: agenda-pushing cronies who denigrate based on hearsay and misinformation.

You know who did say that TFYC was pushing females into the industry to work for free? Oh, if you guessed it had something to do with a certain someone associated with Silverstring Media, you guessed right. For like the hundredth time, here are the images implicating intent to disrupt by certain individuals.

Twitter Conversation with TFYC.

Here, let me highlight a pertinent part of that Twitter conversation where it’s stated that…

“why do you think asking women to work for free helps women in the industry.”

This was answered above; as those submitting the ideas aren’t doing any of the hard labor to make the game turn into a reality; Autobotika are in charge of actually creating the game. But it just goes to show that GameRanx is regurgitating a line based on misinformation.

The article goes on to say…

[…] it is the source of their support which raises eyebrows about the entire initiative. Given their stated aims of improving the position of women with gaming – and the inherent feminist ideology which goes along with such a pursuit – it seems The Fine Young Capitalists are, or should be, at odds with those who support them.

“It would send a powerful signal if The Fine Young Capitalists took a similar stance in relation to money raised from known abusers and harassers.”

If 4chan didn’t step up to the plate no one else was going to. Did gaming media step in to champion the cause that they’re forcing down the throats of their readers? Kotaku sure as heck hasn’t done one thing to help out, but they’ve been at the forefront of demonizing gamers and preaching about “inclusion” while completely ignoring a charity cause that fits the bill of what they’re supposed to represent. More cronyism.

How about you Stephan Daly? How much did you contribute to their cause since you’re so quick to cast a stone at 4chan? How often did you write about what they were trying to do when they were reaching out to media and trying to get coverage?

If an evil man does one good deed while being condemned by another who does nothing, how much more evil does it make the man who does nothing when justice calls for action?

Right now, The Fine Young Capitalists suffered an injustice by the associates of Silverstring Media – a media firm, I might add, that is at the core of a corruption scandal.

In the case of GameRanx it’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

This next bit almost knocked me out of the chair, as Daly writes…

“The Fine Young Capitalists on Twitter or Reddit is enough to attest to the fact that they are very much involved in the ongoing harassment of women within the industry – attacks purportedly spurred by a desire to see greater ‘ethics’ in games media – regardless of their stated goals.”

For Jove’s sake man, seriously?

We’ve now officially entered into libelous-slander zone.

The Fine Young Capitalists have been fighting against harassment and abusers since they joined this crusade, and they even openly came out to condemn those who have been attacking and abusing females who have been actively speaking up as part of the #GamerGate movement.

This article almost feels like a parody in a sense, but the comment deletions and hard-edged stance makes it seem as if they don’t see the path to career suicide on which they set GameRanx.

Daly laughably attempts to attack TFYC over the loss of $10,000 from a business partner stepping away from them after those associated with Silvermedia ensued a public witch-hunt to bring down TFYC the first time around, writing…

“This money was lost, he declares, because his business partner walked away as a result of negative publicity while a sponsor withdrew over transphobia concerns. Those issues must be addressed before The Fine Young Capitalists can truly be considered inclusive and progressive.”

It makes no sense to me that TFYC would need to address concerns they’ve already made clear on their website (if Stephen bothered to read it before publishing this slanderous piece). Also, it was made quite apparent that due to the public doxxing and shaming of the company – following the fallout with the associates of Silverstring Media – a business partner stepped away due to not wanting to get involved with them.

But what strikes me as odd here is that TFYC is a victim of sabotage but Daly makes a leap in logic to pin this fault on them to disclose and uncover as opposed to, I don’t know, doing his job and finding out the details via investigating the matter? What’s more is that Daly completely skips over the multiple attacks TFYC suffered as they tried to get their IndieGoGo back up.

The article dips into surreal territory from here on, making it difficult to read…

“Fine Young Capitalists draw on the support of those who harass Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, or anyone else for designing and criticising games, their legitimacy and their intentions must be questioned.”

Christina H. Sommers is a supporter of the #GamerGate movement, so must her actions be questioned, too? She is a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, promoting moderate feminism through factual, critical thinking and intellectual discussion. What’s more is that I would be willing to bet heavy that she would have a vastly different take on “Tropes vs Women In Gaming” if given the opportunity, and I tend to doubt that she would draw anywhere near as much ire as a certain other inflammatory group. Oh, but right, anyone who doesn’t side with the left-wing extremists are “misogynists” and “rape-apologists”… even when they’re female, feminists and accomplished scholars.

Daly also throws this line out there, maybe for spits and giggles, but at this point I’m tempted to regard the article as satire…

“A quick look at the comments of their supporters shows a major recurring theme, that major gaming sites have not provided coverage of The Fine Young Capitalists, and that is a fair point. They deserve to be reported on, and they deserve to scrutinised, just like Sarkeesian deserves the right to critique video games.”

So we need to be critical of the real feminists who actually want to make games, but not exercise that same critical line of thought for the radicals who only push agendas and demonize games culture? Am I reading that right? Why can’t we be critical of both parties equally instead of giving out free passes based on cliques and associations?

I can also see why they’re actively deleting comments on the article from anyone who tries to give them basic lessons in fact-checking in the comment section. We can’t have gamers educating those who inform us by teaching them how to be proper journalists… heck, the media ring in gaming might actually be taken serious if that happened.

Then again, what else would you expect from a site that was overseen by Ian Miles Cheong, the same guy who was a moderator at Reddit and ended up getting caught in a spamming scam [via]. With this corruption in media coming from the top down… are we starting to see a pattern here, folks?

While major media have blackballed The Fine Young Capitalists (right now it’s under the alleged presumption that it’s due to their ties with Silverstring), gamers from all over are welcome to show their support for a group that actually wants to do good in the gaming industry by raising the measure of inclusion through making and developing video games.

Feel free to check out their official IndieGoGo page.

Also, be sure to politely contact advertisers for the larger media websites actively continuing their campaign to practice, harbor, protect and exercise corrupt agendas within gaming media. This should not be acceptable. Here is the information for contacting the advertisers for major gaming outlets.

You can also join the Corruption in Games Journalism Facebook page to learn more about how you can be proactive in curbing the corruption taking over games culture.

(Update: For further reading, here’s another article defaming the efforts of The Fine Young Capitalists, via Vice [])

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