Styx: Master Of Shadows Trailer Previews Stealth Mechanics

Styx Master of Shadows

Some of the features and general play mechanics may seem derivative and passe, but Styx: Master of Shadows looks like a solid entry in the under-utilized stealth-adventure genre. We used to get games like this a dime a dozen during the PS2 era, but they quickly and silently faded out of view as the seventh generation of gaming took over. With that said, it’s at least nice to see more games tackle the stealth, action-adventure mold, as it’s not something we get often on home consoles.

A few things that I do like about Styx – as I mentioned above – is that it looks solid. It appears to take basic wall-hugging, platforming and rudimentary combat skills and put them together to make up for an interesting, medieval-fantasy stealth title that stars a goblin. Speaking of the goblin… Styx has already been featured in a game before, starring alongside a giant warrior brute in the interesting Cyanide Studios title, Of Orcs and Men. I have to say, I love that name.

Anyway, you can check out the three minute video of Styx below.

Styx: Master of Shadows – Assassin’s Green

Get it now on Steam: This October, embrace the shadows, reveal your past! Site: Facebook: Twitter: Devblog: Styx: Master of Shadows, the infiltration game from Cyanide Studios, has a unique verticality that is ample throughout the gallows, alleys, courtyards and winding halls within the Tower of Akenash.

A couple of things worth noting: It feels like the invisibility is a little cheating given that it can really get players out of a hairy situation extremely easy.

The A.I., isn’t the greatest in the world. Their reactions and node modules remind me of those PS2 games I mentioned. You could also see the debug ticks where the A.I., was set to notice a fallen soldier or follow a node path to the screams of a dying comrade. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, it’s just that the A.I., comes across as – for the lack of a better phrase – mechanically stilted.

Nevertheless, it looks like the game functions well enough that it could provide for some pretty fun elements.

You can look for Styx: Master of Shadows to launch for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC this October. Need to learn more? Feel free to check out the game’s official website.


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