Space Engineers Gets Full F-Zero Mod, Serenity Ship From Firefly

Space Engineers F-Zero

“Where’s the new story about the IGF scandal?” you ask. Well, my response to that is “I can’t run anything right now because the sources are still being compiled and people’s careers are on the line!” So yeah, calm your horses, folks. Those are some serious allegations and it needs to be handled carefully to avoid collateral fallout. Anyway, while we wait (hopefully not too long) for the extra info, you might want to check out the latest mods that Space Engineers has to offer.

Taking a break from all the nepotistic, cronyism and racketeering happening right under our noses, some of the sexy new mods to invade the Space Engineers Workshop domain includes a near total conversion featuring the “Big Blue” racing map from F-Zero. As the image above shows, you also get to ride fast and furious around the track in the pods.

The mod comes courtesy of user McFood. The mod is only a megabyte big, however due to its sheer size you’ll need a hefty rig to run it. As noted on the page…

12 F-Zero GX machines (there will be 42 eventually)
Full scale track
Energy restoring pad
Dirt traps


If you want to get in on the action you can grab the mod from the Steam Workshop Page for free.

Space Engineers - Firefly – Serenity

Another near mod comes courtesy of user ZeusWayne, who brings us a complete recreation of the space cargo ship from the movie Serenity and the television show Firefly.

It’s not just a recreation of the ship with the outward appearance made to replicate the famed ship from Joss Whedon’s famous little sci-fi flick, the whole thing has been intricately made to reflect every aspect of the ship.

The interior is impeccably designed with the utmost care and scale. It’s definitely worth checking out if you were (or still are) a fan of Firefly, I mean, heck, one of the stars of the show is helping fight the great battle of #GamerGate right now. Anyway, you can grab the mod from over on the Steam Workshop page right now.


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