Mighty No. 9 Reminds Us Why It’s Good To Be A Gamer

Mighty No. 9

With all the vitriol spewed over the past couple of days from out-of-touch, quasi-pseudo-aristocratic hipsters posing as games journalists, it’s nice to see something refreshing and positive in the industry. What am I talking about? I’m talking about Comcept’s latest trailer for the upcoming game Mighty No. 9… yep, that’s right, the same game that the gaming community, real gamers, contributed to when it was on Kickstarter in order to turn it into a reality. The whole project is a celebration of game culture and the latest trailer really hammers that point home when you see how people who love games help fund a game being made by people who love to create them.

The debate over the concept of “gamer” has turned into something of a farce lately, with gaming media going off the deep end to basically tarnish and sully their name (more than they already needed to) while alienating a large section of their core base, men, women, black, white, asian, kids and adults alike. Thankfully, outside the realm of the people who are supposed to keep us all informed and up-to-date on the latest happenings within games culture, we have the developers: the content creators and the game makers.

They remind us why we love this hobby so much and it’s perfectly exemplified with the Kickstarted game below, The Mighty No. 9. You can check out the latest trailer courtesy of Hardcore Gamer, coming out of PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington.

Mighty No. 9: PAX 2014 Gameplay Footage

Inafune’s PAX Prime panel where we showed this video is up on the Twitch archives! Please check it out! この動画が流された、PAXでの稲船さんの講演の生放送がアーカイブされました! ぜひ御覧ください! https://www.twitch.tv/pax2/c/5059023 The latest Mighty No. 9 gameplay footage shown at PAX 2014! PAX2014で上映された、Mighty No. 9 の最新映像をお届けします!

I’m still so heavily in love with the game’s soundtrack even though I’ve only heard two tracks so far. It just sounds so engagingly retro; evoking the sort of nostalgic feelings we all used to get when we opened up the latest Sonic, Mega Man or Rocket Knight title and snapped the cartridge into place before turning on the power button and basking in excitement churned out from a logo screen surrounded by 16-bit-powered synthesized music. Oh, those were the times.

That trailer above from Mighty No. 9 is what makes me feel so appreciative of the artistic talents exhibited by the individuals who make the interactive entertainment industry all-encompassing for individuals from any and all walks of life. You see stuff like that and you don’t think about the skin color, the gender, the socio-political subtext and underlying subliminal messages – you’re just thinking to yourself “Jump over that barrier before it smacks you in the face; and watch out for that bad guy!”

It’s so sad that after watching that trailer above I’m going to have to head back into the drudge of social media mudslinging, people yelling heresy and some of the most inane forms of badgering taking place from a litany of so-called professionals on the people who used to trust them to provide them with the kind of news that made them feel good about being a part of game culture.

Oh the upside, at least we can appreciate this trailer, here and now. We can look forward to new-found moments of warmth and nostalgia when the title releases in 2015, and we can, hopefully, look back on its release a decade from that moment and smile knowing that it was a fragment in history that helped celebrate the art and proliferation of interactive entertainment… for everyone.

Mighty No. 9 is due for release on home consoles and PC next year. You can learn more about the game by visiting the official website.


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