Google Chrome Extension Auto-Blocks Ad Revenue For IGN, Kotaku, RPS, Gamasutra

Game Journalism Reckoning

I know we’re all kind of getting tired and lazy of battling at the forefront of saving game culture from radical ideological extremists (far leftists and real social justice advocates don’t want these folks associated with them anymore), but we now have a huge breakthrough in how we’re going to make life a lot easier for anyone who wants to deal a serious blow to the revenue of these sites.

Over on Reddit, user tehryanx developed a Google Chrome add-on that blocks appropriated click-throughs to anti-gamer websites such as Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Kotaku, Gamasutra and IGN, to name a few.

There’s a complete list of every site that the extension will block, instead redirecting users to an Archive.Today cache of the page, so as to prevent the site from registering a click-through or have the site make any money from the ads running on it, an alternative link to the list is here.

The Offenders

Video Game News/Review/Opinion Sites:

Kotaku UK
Kotaku AU
Rock, Paper, Shotgun
The Escapist
Motherboard – VICE technology section.
IGN Asia
IGN World
GameSpot AU
GameSpot Asia
Giant Bomb

Pop Culture News/Review/Opinion Sites:

The Daily Dot
Badass Digest
The Daily Beast
New Media Rockstars
Raw Story
Geek Party
The Mary Sue

Forum/Community Sites:

Something Awful

You can get the extension from this link right here.

If they refuse to be the representatives of information and journalism that you feel the community deserves, and if they refuse to listen, even to those who make it known that they are not their shield, I’m sure they’ll listen to the drip of ad revenue spilling out of their coffers.

So basically, you can still enjoy what little game-centric content (or scour through their archives) from all those sites that wanted your culture to die without them earning a single cent from your visit.

Whitelisted sites include DualShockers, Gamesnosh, GamerHeadlines, Techraptor,

Now I know some of you are thinking “Ah, but I don’t like using Google Chrome… don’t they have something for Internet Explorer?” Heck, no. Internet Explorer is like a crippled, old piece of trash. However, a Firefox extension may be inbound soon. Hopefully very soon.

For those of you completely out of the loop on all this, a GamerGate tag offers you a complete rundown of the important events, minus all the salacious gossip (I try not to get into that kind of stuff).

Don’t forget to learn a bit about The Fine Young Capitalists, too. They’re a very tragic victim in all of this and deserve whatever support you can offer, even if it’s only being informed about what’s really going on.

If you’re already part of the #GamerGate movement, remember to stay strong. You can politely contact advertisers for these larger sites, too, letting them know that these game sites no longer represent your interests, by contacting the public relations representatives using the links here and here.

The fire rises, friends.


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