#GamerGate: Destructoid Updates Disclosure Policies Due To Controversy, Thank You


Thank you, Destructoid. You’ve at least taken notice and taken a step in the right direction. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, the company recently released a statement about disclosure and maintaining some form of transparency in the industry relating to the ties their writers have with the game developers.

[Note: If you have no idea what #GamerGate is about, there is a brief time-line of events at the very bottom of the article]

Following Gearbox Software writer Anthony Burch throwing Destructoid and Polygon under the bus,  editor-in-chief at Destructoid, Dale North, made a short post titled “In Light of Recent Events”. I will link to this post without Archive.Today because if a robber decides to a return a purse to an old lady she might settle for only slapping him in the face instead of kicking him in the balls.

North writes that…

“There’s a great deal of turmoil in the videogame industry as of late. Many of you know that, and want some sort of resolution. We at Destructoid cannot speak for our colleagues or the people we cover, but wish to clarify our stance on these issues.”

“Destructoid condemns hate, discrimination, or harassment of anyone ever. While we support thoughtful discourse, there is a very bold line between criticism and harassment. We do not plan to wade into those waters and hope you will not either.

“We also ask for disclosures upfront as part of our employment paperwork.”

See here’s the thing, the best part about this whole post is actually hidden away in the comment section… deep in the comment section. In fact, I would love for you to read what North had to say about the whole parade of game journo-scum taking a huge dump on the gaming community, by writing…

“We might go down burning for our stubbornness, but we don’t do any of the cool kid things. No click bait articles, no lists, no headline tricks, no following trends, no backflips, no hacks. Just good ol’ fashioned blogs about us dorks getting excited about videogame things.

“We definitely did not want to try to get on this latest drama wave for traffic’s sake. How could any readership respect any outlet for that.”

Now that’s what I’m talking about.

North executing some righteousness right there.

Seriously, I just gained a lot of respect for Dale and Destructoid over that. Also, as others in the comment section noted, Destructoid has so far not been entrenched in the bull-crap of crapping on people like all those other uppity hipster sites who probably consider themselves writing and critiquing “interactive emotional entertainment thought experiences”.

Screw that crap, I would rather play video games.

Anyway, Darren Nakamura posted in the Destructoid forums mentioning that the disclosure policy goes into effect for writer profiles effective immediately, stating…

“It has been said that Destructoid’s relationship with Anthony Burch (or to extrapolate, Nick Chester, Chad Concelmo, Alex Ryan, Jayson Napolitano, et al) should be made explicit on all editorial content relating to him (or them). While I think that is a little bit unreasonable to expect, we are including information like that in our bios now.”

If Destructoid was on the blacklist, I think it’s safe to say that they belong on the whitelist. Really.

Now for a bit of recapping because I’m sure those of you who read this article and have no idea what’s going on you’ll need a bit of updating. Lucky for you this article will roll out the basic information so you’ll be abreast of everything that went down in this situation.

GamerGate Timeline:

  1. *Developer’s ex-boyfriend releases tell-all after finding out he was cheated on
  2. *Journalist has a relationship with the developer; he wrote for Rock, Paper, Shotgun and currently writes for Kotaku.
  3. *Journalist wrote about the game from the developer he had a relationship with
  4. *Gamers want to find out more following an article published by Gamesnosh
  5. *Powers that be attempt to censor the entire freaking internet [N4G, Reddit, NeoGAF, forums, etc.]
  6. *Techraptor and Gamesnosh suffer some hosting problems while trying to cover the story (not entirely sure what happened)
  7. *YouTubers try to discuss the situation but get hit with a DMCA notice
  8. *Small sites like GamerHeadlines band together to report on the  scandal
  9. *The Fine Young Capitalists, previously attacked by Silverstring Media associates, make an IndieGoGo
  10. *The Fine Young Capitalists are blackballed by major gaming media
  11. *4chan and Adam Baldwin step in to help The Fine Young Capitalists
  12. *Internet Aristocrat exposes a lot of info. Drops bombs.
  13. *The hashtag #GamerGate is coined by Adam Baldwin
  14. *Gamers feel frustrated and ask for the corruption in gaming media to end
  15. *Large media sites use the blackout to decry gamers as “misogynistic rape-apologists”
  16. *Reddit allows a user to lightly post some information about conflicts of interest from sites such as Kotaku and Polygon
  17. *Polygon and Kotaku update their policies following Reddit post
  18. *Gamasutra leads charge of more than 11 articles within a 48-hour period saying gamers are dead
  19. *Left-wing media outlets pushing strong anti-gamer agenda follow suit
  20. *IGF gets outed in scandal involving SilverString Media
  21. *A few major websites with right-wing agendas support #GamerGate
  22. *Gamers counter-attack with #NotYourShield showing that not everyone is a “misogynistic, white-male, basement-dweller.”

(Update: Added the timeline)


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    1. That’s entirely possible.

      I already e-mailed Sega and sent them the tweets for the legal department, though.

      So Burch might be in some big trouble, regardless.

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