GAMDIAS’ Budget-Priced Gaming Keyboards, Mice, Headsets Now Available


Looking to get in on the high-end gaming peripheral scene but find yourself working with a budget? Well, GAMDIAS has a series of new gadgets available for gamers who have to exercise a bit of frugality this holiday season. They have two new headsets, some new mice and a keyboard combo for some relatively decent prices.

Back in mid-September the company announced that their new gear would be made available before the month would be out… and sure enough, they kept their word.

They have the new EROS V2 Surround Sound Gaming Headset priced at $74.99. While that may seem expensive, keep in mind that these 7.1 surround sound speakers are powered by 50mm neodymium Iron Boron drivers. Most high-quality 7.1 surround sound headsets carry a $120 price tag with them.

Now their HEBE V2 Stereo Gaming Headset seems a bit overpriced to supposedly be budget-priced, given that they’re only stereo and they cost $64.99. I mean, for $10 more you can get a 7.1 surround sound setup. Maybe if they were $44.99 I would see the appeal. However, I should note that the HEBE V2 headset is compatible with PC and home consoles, where-as the EROS V2 headset is only available for PC.

There’s also the EREBOS Extension Laser Gaming Mouse with 8200 DPI and a 10 million-click lifecycle for $79.99 and the slightly cheaper 6-key OUREA Laser Gaming Mouse with 3600 DPI for only $59.99.

One of the best deals that GAMDIAS has to offer is a keyboard and mouse combination called the ARES Keyboard/ARES Essential Gaming Gear Combo. For $54.99 this is actually a pretty good looking deal, as it comes with a keyboard that supports 32 programmable keys, cross-device support between the ARES mouse and keyboard, and OTF macro recording.

I have no idea if any of GAMDIAS products are good for the long-run. Are they durable? Do they live up to the wear-and-tear that the average gamer will put on them? No idea. I’ve never used any of their gear so I can’t speak for quality or longevity. If you plan on purchasing any of their stuff it might be wise to find some gamers who took the dive first and see what their take is on the hardware.


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