Watch The Red Bull Battle Grounds StarCraft 2 Detroit Tournament

Red Bull Battle Grounds

It’s amazing that after nearly four years StarCraft II still has some amazing pull in the eSports scene. I guess the MOBAs just aren’t big enough to thwart Blizzard’s real-time strategy showcase just yet. Well, StarCraft II is at the forefront of Red Bull’s eSports efforts, and the sports drink company has been really pushing forward and upward with getting the word out about the electronic entertainment events. The latest battle is taking place in Detroit, just as this article is being written, offering gamers a first-hand experience of some uncompromising skill and dedication put on display from the professional gaming league.

If you wanted to see how the action unfolds in real-time and at the brisk pace of fast and furious mouse clicks and fingers bending and flexing across the keyboard like a stallion galloping across an open plain, well then you’ve come to the right place because the embed for the live-stream of the Battle Grounds tournament at the Garden Theater in Detroit, Michigan.


It’s best to watch it while it’s available because after August 24th it’ll be done and over with until next month at the end of September, where Red Bull will lay down the final gauntlet for this year’s Battle Ground series in the capital of the U.S., of A… good ‘ole Washington D.C.

Now I’ll be honest: to this very day I still don’t understand how to properly play StarCraft II. League of Legends? It’s starting to make sense, especially with all the guides. DotA 2? I’m digging it. But StarCraft? All I see is a bunch of bugs and slippery goop all over the place and it looks like someone took a roach motel and stepped on it while playing around gravel mounds.

Nevertheless, gamers love gushing in that goop and I don’t think that’s ever going to stop until a newer, bigger, better, badder game comes along. For now, you can revel in StarCraft’s popularity via the eSports scene… or if you prefer, you can hit up Red Bull’s official website to learn more.


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