TFYC IndieGoGo Campaign Backed By 4Chan Gets Hacked, Shutdown


(Update: The Fine Young Capitalists IndieGoGo has been fully restored)

We’ve always derided 4Chan as the cesspool of the internet; a place where people go to be the worst possible humans imaginable. Well, when they want to do good they can do good and they can do it well. The hardcore gaming section of 4Chan, known as /v/, joined together and decided to do something to counteract all the negativity and vitriol being spewed at the gaming community over the “Five Guys Burgers & Fries” scandal by donating to a reputable IndieGoGo charity for aspiring female game developers known as The Fine Young Capitalists. The group put $5,000 into TFYC’s coffers to help them reach their $65,000 goal to host a game jam. The IndieGoGo campaign was hacked and shutdown.

4Chan was working with The Fine Young Capitalists’ director, Lola Barreto, to help create a new icon to represent equality in gaming. They came up with a character named /V/ivian James, a representation for the good and pro-feminism movement by 4Chan’s /v/ community. Check her out below.

/V/ivian James

Well, this did not sit well with a certain individual (or a group of individuals; it hasn’t been determined yet).

The Fine Young Capitalists’ IndieGoGo page was hacked and taken down by a character named /V/; an antithesis of /v/ and an enemy against 4Chan and Barreto’s efforts to help promulgate the strength and community of equality within video game culture.

This /V/ character took to 4Chan to state the following…

Burger Guys

The “daughter” that /V/ is referring to is /V/ivian James, the brainchild of TFYC and /v/ who is pictured on the t-shirt above.

Before the IndieGoGo page was taken down, this /V/ character decided to deface the page and post up defamatory comments and a video and then proceeded to contact the IndieGoGo administrators in order to ensure that the page and the donations for The Fine Young Capitalists was brought to a halt. You can check out the page being defaced before it was removed with the image below.

Burger Guys

Allegedly, this /V/ character is the same one that doxxed Phil Fish and the Polytron company information, putting personal, banking and financial information out there for the public to see. /V/ referred to itself as the leader of 4Chan and Anonymous, even though this same character (using an uppercase ‘V’ instead of the lowercase ‘v’, to which the /v/ board on 4Chan is referred) is basically becoming a terrorist without a cause.

This has literally turned into a terrible ripoff of a Tom Clancy novel, minus the taut dialogue or mature themes… unless you consider trolling in maximum overdrive mature.

Trolling Overdrive

Getting back on track… if you head to the IndieGoGo page for TFYC you’ll see that it no longer exists, as explained by Barreto in a Tumblr update that went live this morning, with the director saying…

“Apparently we have been hacked and silenced. Or more appropriately someone managed to guess our 8 character alpha numeric password. We have taken step to beef up security and will engage with Indiegogo to repair our service.”

Yesterday /v/ created a daughter Vivian James she is a rich multi dimensional character that embodies the ideals of the production. I feel that /v/ has created something powerful here, that transcends TFYC all together.

“Therefore I ask /v/ and all anons if we may spread her message from from 4chan to the real world.”

Barreto also asks to “bury the hatchet” with an individual who won’t be named here. Lola has some righteous amounts of forgiveness in her heart, but Microsoft learned the hard way that the core community “Never forgives. Never forgets.” when it comes to someone attempting to destroy the foundations of gaming culture.

The thing that really gets to me, though, is the silence from major gaming media about this. Little blogs on the back corners of the internet and the dark alleyways of the world wide web, like this one, are the only ones going head-first into this because, well, little blogs on the back corners of the internet don’t have to worry about “Superstar Video Game Journalist Fame!” or a rep to maintain with the powers that be within the circles that keep them internet-famous… and relatively relevant.

A fellow on the Escapist forums – where a lot of this chronicled tragedy is unfolding in a beautiful way – sums up this situation perfectly, writing…

“What the flying fuck?

“Corrupt journalists doing favours for friends and protecting them when shit hits the fan.
Journalists trying to cover up this corruption by deleting tweets that incriminate them.
Journalists mocking attempts to demand integrity from them, sending the masses after them to harass them (yet use harassment as an excuse and claim it is something horrible when it’s done against them, allegedly or not)
Mainstream media reporting anyone who calls them out on this bullshit as “misogynists” (#1 buzzword)
And now this? Taking out a feminist charity that’s trying to push something they would normally support?

“I’m fucking livid. HOW is this allowed?”

Good question, pal. I’m wondering the same thing. I wrote previously about how gaming journalists from the larger sites have completely dismissed the cries from the community for more exposure on this incident involving indiscretion from the major outlets; it’s an issue that’s trying hard to be swept under the rug of contempt by individuals who have a bit of fame and a tiny ounce of reputation to lose.

I don’t know exactly how this will unfold, but showing a bit of support for The Fine Young Capitalists by visiting their website or re-tweeting #4Chan4Woman might help turn the tide, because we sure as heck can’t count on Reddit, NeoGaf [via PlayerEssence] or other larger sites where the gaming community is supposed to come first to do anything about it.

Hats off to Greg Tito for at least allowing the Escapist forum to discuss and bring this shameful act from gaming media to light.


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30 thoughts on “TFYC IndieGoGo Campaign Backed By 4Chan Gets Hacked, Shutdown

      1. Well it was him and some other butthurt people who had been trying to get the “tone” of Gaming Blend to change since Katey was in charge.

        But as for this website/blog? Well, everything at One Angry Gamer is all mine. I can move it to a new domain if I want (and I might sometime in the future), but no one will hack this place because it’s not making a dent right now.

        If it breaks through the noise then someone might take notice, but it’s doing little else but buffering the kind of word/support that gamers want to see get out there. Hackers don’t care about that until it sparks a change.

    1. Actually, the Escapist forum provided a great avenue for “fact checking” a lot of this stuff since it’s still up and running.

      It may have been hit with some “mod” edits, but it hosts some invaluable information.

      Hopefully larger sites will start reporting on this so that The Fine Young Capitalists won’t be a victim of gaming media’s own hypocritical bias.

  1. Way to prove you are a viral shill for your own site on /v/ on top of being a tremendous faggot by clinging onto /v/’s success for hits, usher.

    Oh and I love you are completely ignoring the other new breaking scandal about the PSN DDOS and Sony’s secret hidden always online DRM. As to be expected.

    1. Once you log in to your PSN account and download a digital game, you can then play it offline indefinitely from the same local account. If you log into another local account while offline and try to play a digital game, it won’t authenticate, you have to locally (still offline) log back into the account that owns and downloaded the game. It works the same way on PS3, PSP and Xbox Live.

      If you downloaded a PS+ game, it works offline until the system detects your PS+ sub passed its expiry date. It’s not always online or 24 hour DRM checks or whatever. This can also happen if you (for some reason) deactivate your PS3 or PS4 as the primary system while offline.

      If that fails try disconnecting the PS4 from the internet entirely and launching the game. Or go into Settings, Network, then uncheck “connect to the internet.”

      There is no hidden “always online” DRM. Stop spreading fanboy FUD, lies, and hate and get help. It’s not healthy to hate pieces of plastic and people who like playing video games on them.

      1. There is. I exposed it and this is the latest coverup by the Dewmocracy that Billy usher will piss his pants and ignore Derp.

        But then there’s nothing sadder than you doing damage control every day, for free.

        And as always. Oh look. Billy Usher won’t even report another coverup. The Dewmocracy strikes again. It’s OK When Sony Does It™

      2. The Dewmocracy strikes again. It’s OK When Sony Does It™

        So… is that plea to have a Dewmocracy page added up there alongside the Doritocracy page? Or… do you just have a strong craving for some Dew? ‘Cause all I have are Fritos and 7up.

      3. Took you time to get your instructions from the shill overlords to find a way to defend always online DRM.

        What an integrity free piece of crap you are. You should probably end your life.

      4. Microsoft fanboys are far more likely to be constantly wrong or delusional and out of touch with reality. There is no PS equivalent to misterxmedia’s cult or dsogaming.

        Claiming Xbox is secretly more powerful than PS4, claiming Xbox is outselling PS4 or will soon start outselling it, claiming Sony is broke or bankrupt, accusing Sony of lying when they didn’t, accusing Sony of saying things they didn’t, lying about non-existent downgrades in games like Infamous, lying about PS4 having no games or only indie games, lying that PS4 is only selling “on hype”, lies about PSN, or delusional conspiracy theories in general.

        With the recent PSN DDOS microsoft shills flooded disqus to spread lies and hatred. They kept lying that PSN was hacked when it was just being DDOSed, lying that PSN is not improved at all from 2011, lying that Sony isn’t improving PSN, and lying that PS4 has hidden “always online” DRM when it doesn’t.

      5. Where did I say M$ you goddamn moron or are you that desperate for a copy paste.

        Keep on shilling. PS4 has DRM that Sony could activate at any time and the shills running these sites are burying it.

    2. What a sad little creature you are. So full of hate and so desperate to have someone notice you. So you scream and wail like a little child.

      Everybody ignores you in real life don’t they? So sad.

      Your jealousy of those who actually accomplish something in life is so obvious. You cannot do anything anybody cares about can you? No you can only attack others to try and show how witty you are.

      All I see when you post is… Please someone notice me.

      Except they won’t will they? They never do. And they never will. Because you know deep down you don’t deserve it.

    1. That’s partially true. TFYC tried to get their IndieGoGo page back up and going but it was attacked once again. They’re having a hard time gaining traction and gaming media isn’t really helping the cause.

  2. How have you been deriding 4chan as a cesspool when you don’t even know enough about then to spell their name correctly? How does that even work?

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