#OperationPlatinum Aims To Get Bayonetta 2 To Sell 1 Million On Wii U

Bayonetta 2

There’s a social movement in the works that aims to gather up the royal rage, the holy hubris and the optimized optimism of the Nintendo gaming community to turn a seemingly impossible task into a reality: make Bayonetta 2 sell one million copies on the Wii U. It sounds far fetched and it seems kind of ridiculous, but it’s all part of a reaction to the AAA publishers who claim that Nintendo fans don’t support mature games, and that the Wii U isn’t worth supporting.

So in case you didn’t already know, Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot made it known to Game Informer that they wouldn’t be supporting the Wii U with mature games following the release of Watch Dogs. This was followed by Activision’s decision to pull the SKU of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for the Wii U. I don’t think I even need to bring up EA, who has been butthurt with Nintendo since they said they didn’t want that struggle-service known as Origin powering the Nintnedo Network.

Well, gamers have decided to do something about it; they’ve decided to stand up and stand together for something worthwhile. I mean, why not? Gamers banded together and decided not to pay Microsoft $500 for a big, black, VCR from 1985 that could play Blu-rays. They decided to ban together and vote for EA as the worst company in America, two years in a row. They decided to gather up their intestinal fortitude and ensure that Capcom received a lower Better Business Bureau ranking for that silly stunt they pulled by attempting to hide more than $110 worth of DLC on the disc of Street Fighter X Tekken, and they voiced their displeasure enough with the lopped off ending for Mass Effect 3 to help get some closure to the trilogy.

It stands to reason that when the gaming community needs to get something done (and can do so from the comfort of their couches and arm-chairs) they will get it done. And what better way to crusade on behalf of Nintendo’s Wii U and its upcoming slate of blockbuster titles than to battle and cry at the top of their digital lungs through the use of social media and e-tailer orders for the upcoming Bayonetta 2?

A lot of this is being fueled by a spreading group of videos on YouTube and Twitter using the hashtag #OperationPlatinum; codenamed as such to represent the gaming community’s fervor to get an unlikely Wii U title to sell a million copies. Check it out below, courtesy of Doctre81. And surprisingly, it’s a video that’s 100% safe for work.

Right now the movement is picking up steam on Twitter, as they hope to get #OperationPlatinum trending, with sites like PlayerEssence giving the movement a bit of love. It’s even attracted the attention of Platinum Games’ own Hideki Kamiya, who joined in on the action.

神谷英樹 Hideki Kamiya on Twitter: 🙂 RT @gerardwells1 I love your games and I’m hoping the best for Bayonnetta 2’s release this fall! #OperationPlatinum supporter

I actually like this movement… it makes sense. I mean, the community has to get active in getting Wii U owners and prospective Wii U owners to consider supporting the platform by purchasing Bayonetta 2 to prove the AAA publishers wrong.

But here’s the caveat:  is your love for the Big ‘N’ greater than the greed of the standard AAA publisher? Is your verve for seeing Nintendo prosper throughout the eighth generation of the home console war more electrifying than the ambivalence exhibited by the companies who are no longer loyal to Nintendo? Do you have the energy and the drive to see a social movement change affect the company that has stayed true to gaming since their inception, reap the rewards and benefits of a potential grassroots movement that could shape a drastic and unique future for the life of the Wii U? Well, you better stop reading this and start trending this.

The future success of the Wii U now lies in the hands of the gamers, and #OperationPlatinum will live or die based on the bleeding-heart dedication of the core audience makes the gaming industry live, breath and prosper as a cultural phenomena.


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