Mad Catz Announces M.M.O. TE Gaming Mouse

Mad Catz M.M.O. TE

Mad Catz announced today that they have a brand new gaming mouse inbound called the M.M.O. TE, which is a tournament level gaming peripheral for eSports fanatics and serious gamers looking to get the edge on the competition on the big stage. The new mouse carries a pretty hefty price tag with it and is scheduled to launch for PC and Mac users starting September 9th.

If you’re an avid gamer within the realm of the Glorious PC Master Race, then you probably already know that the one thing that’s praised above all other forms of video game controller types is the keyboard and mouse combination. Within the realm of GabeN, there is nothing more powerful to a PC gamer than a good keyboard and mouse, and Mad Catz wants to elevate that play form to the next level with their MMO-centric gaming mouse… the M.M.O. TE.

They’re so proud about their new creation that they even put together a minute and a half long promo video to help sell the thing to skeptics and unbelievers. Check it out below.

The mouse sports 8200dpi for unrivaled precision gaming, as well as 60 programmable buttons, four levels of DPI adjustment and 12 position-optimized buttons.

The M.M.O. TE is basically the Kawasaki Ninja of gaming mice.

The thing also comes with drag-and-drop software with up to 60 different user-definable commands and customization features so you can get the most button-specific control and precision out of your play experience. It’s just kind of insane.

The design is actually based around the Cyborg R.A.T. 7, but elevated to tournament-style configurations for professional and expert gamers.

Heck, I would buy one just because it looks cool.

The thing is, the M.M.O. TE carries a starting price tag of $67.99. So be prepared to churn out some some wallet-weight if you want have this bad boy sitting on your desk.

You can learn more about the new Mad Catz gaming mouse by clicking on the image below, which will take you to the product page. It’s not due for release until the early part of September.



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