League Of Legends Dr. Mundo Lane, Jungle Guide

League of Legends Dr. Mundo

Given all the disturbing details surrounding the “Five Guys Burgers & Fries” fallout, it’s sometimes nice to have a little levity in the form an off-beat guide for a completely unrelated topic. In this case, the guide happens to be for League of Legends Champion Dr. Mundo, the madman of Zuan.

The guide comes courtesy of YouTube user raabemasterlol, and he offers a five minute video detailing how to build Dr. Mundo as a tank and a lane supporter for teammates by dishing out moderate damage while taking a licking and keeping on ticking.

Before getting to raabe’s guide, you might first want to see xNAS‘ guide to understand how to first play as Dr. Mundo. You’ll need to understand what his skills are good for and how you should use him, as well as how to stack your runes. You’ll want 9 Mark of the Magic Penetration, 9 Seal of Health, 9 Glyph of Scaling Cool Down Reduction, and 3 Quint of Health Regen.

Beginners Guide to League of Legends | Dr. Mundo Strategy | Tips and Tricks

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The video above doesn’t really show you how to play as Dr. Mundo, however. This is where raabe’s guide comes into play because he details how to utilize the good Doctor as a ravager in the jungle and in the lanes. He notes that you’ll need machete and health potions to start off as a jungler and the boots of speed to move through the creeps quickly. Eventually you’ll want to scale for more health and defense items as you move toward helping your team out in the lanes.

Dr. Mundo guide: 5 Minutes to Master Dr. Mundo

I pronounce Masochism wrong because it is a habit I picked up from a friend when I first started playing Mundo, it does not change the great information in this guide. Want to pick up the madman of Zuan? Got to play against him in lane or in the jungle?

As noted in both videos, Dr. Mundo is a support character. He doesn’t go in there acting like Rambo because he’s more like Captain Face from the A-Team; good at helping the team out where it counts. Just remember that he’s not an initiator, he’s more a supporter, similar to characters like Diana, Alistar or Braum.

You can learn more about Dr. Mundo by visiting the League of Legends of Wiki page or visit the official website to grab the free League of Legends game client.


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