League Of Legends Corki AP Build Guide

League of Legends Corki Guide

Lane poking sounds like something you would expect from a VW Beetle that’s small enough nudge between a larger SUV and force it out of the way. And while that image might make you burn inside, the reality is that lane poking has nothing to do with smaller cars moving bigger cars out of the way… well, maybe a little. Anyway, lane poking is when an annoying little Champion comes in and starts peppering you with long-range abilities in League of Legends; not only that but they annoy you so much that you either chase them down or you get bullied out of the way so that the poker and their teammates can take over. Corki, the daring bombardier, is a lane poker.

Two videos give you an idea of how to use Corki – the first is a bit older but offers some wide breadth on how to build him in three different ways; as a support AD, as a lane bully and as an artillery poker. The three minute video comes courtesy of Phylol and lays out a lot of the basics in a pretty quick and easy to understand manner, noting that runes should focus around Corki’s ability to regen mana and keep peppering enemies from a distance. Hence, you should have your masteries set for 21 in Offense, 9 in Defense and 0 in Utility.

Your runes should be set at 9 in AD marks, 9 in armor seals, 9 runes for magic resistance, 2 in lifesteal
and 1 in flat AD.

3 Minute Guide to Corki ADC | Season 3 League of Legends Gameplay

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Now since that video is older, there have been some updates to Corki, including his Gatling gun, which has been nerfed enough that it’s now not quite as useful for long-range peppering and poking. It’s suggested by YouTuber Sugoi Gaming that the Gatling skill should be leveled and maxed last. It’s only there for support for Corki’s other, more powerful skills.

As suggested by Sugoi, you don’t need teleport because you’re going to be keeping your distance. Focus on lane bullying your opposing team and controlling the lane by ensuring that your opponents are offset with continuous, long range damage, as noted in the video below.

League Of Legends – AP Corki Guide

This is my new guide part of my Artillery Poke series champions (1 of 3). Other two will come later. As for AP corki which is really strong champion, after some experimentation i was able to find a build that gives him nice niche poke strategy which usually prevails, unless your team is full of fuck ups.

It’s mentioned that Corki is good at beating characters who are low on defense and health, such as Akali or Annie, as there’s very little they can do to counteract his abilities.

Sadly, Corki is not so good against brute tanks such as Braum or the Blitzcrank. Of course, in team play you’ll have to work together to take down the tanks, but if you really want to annoy and pester your opponents, Corki is the perfect lane poker.

You can learn more about this quirky little character by paying a visit to the League of Legends wiki. Alternatively, you can grab the free game client from the official website.


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