League Of Legends Cassiopeia Fight-And-Flight Guide

League of Legends - Cassiopeia Guide

Some characters are good at kiting enemies and running away, only to return and then finish them off. Cassiopeia is one of those characters capable of luring enemies in for the gank and then taking flight before biting the dust herself. Known as “the Serpent’s Embrace”, Cassiopeia is one of the more difficult characters to master and fits into the role of a mage. Her primary function is to help other AD characters in the mid-lane while sneaking in and out of fights like the serpent’s tail on the lower half of her body.

One of the video guides that helps roll out the build guide for Cassiopeia focuses on how to use her to get in, help teammates and get out.

Her main objective is to get in, cause some damage and get out. Hence, using Flash and Ignite are promoted by League of Legends guide maker xNAS as the prime directives for Cassiopeia, so that you can get around the battlefield very quickly.

Beginners Guide to League of Legends | Cassiopeia Strategy | Tips and Tricks

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As showcased in the video, you’ll need 9 runes of Mark of thhe Magic Penetration, 9 runes in Scaling of Magic Regen in order to keep your mana up, 9 runes in Glyph of Scaling AP and 3 runes in Quint of Ability Power.

You’ll want 21 points in Offense, 9 points in Utility to buff your other skills and nothing in Defense. Why nothing in Defense? Because even though Cassiopeia is considered “squishy”, she’s hard to kill if you keep active and stay on the move. Hence, movement speed is essential and key to playing Cassiopeia effectively as a mage.

You can see a detailed commentary and play-guide about how to best utilize Cassiopeia in the lanes with a video provided by KleyPlays.

Why Buy Cassiopeia? LOL Commentary & Guide

Cassiopeia is a high sustained DPS mage who excels in high skill cap gameplay where you chain your abilities together. She truly puts out tons of damage. Make sure to watch in HD. Subscribe for more videos! Download League of Legends here: https://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=510c701e2d7e8643467846

She’s definitely a harder character to master than someone like Braum or Blitzcrank, and she requires the kind of dedication and skill similar to the likes of Caitlyn.

You can learn more about this slithery serpentine savant in the arcane arts of magic by checking out the League of Legends wiki page or by visiting the official website.


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