League Of Legends Blitzcrank Support Gank Guide

League of Legends - Blitzcrank Guide

So you want to be a big, bad, walking tank with a rocket-punch that could wreck a crumbling building? Well, you’re in luck, because League of Legends offers you the ability to play as the Blitzcrank. This bad boy is exactly what his name sounds like and he’s a giant, ham-fisted fighter that lays the smackdown like The Rock back when he used to carry Smackdown to some respectable TV ratings. However, Blitzcrank isn’t the easiest Champion to master in League of Legends due to his size and slow movement speed. But don’t worry, this here guide will teach you how to make the most out of the robotic boxing champ.

Known as the Great Steam Golem, the Blitzcrank is a steam-powered mech who goes around beating the crap out of any and everything he can. He has strong health factors; he can tank tons of damage and he can output some knockout blows if you know what you’re doing (and how to do them).

The first video is from the always-reliable xNAS, offering a distinctly pedantic guide on how to build Blitzcrank as a team-support character who can go in, get the job done and lay the opposition out like Floyd Mayweather on pay-per-view night. Check it out below.

As mentioned in the video, you’re going to want to go all-in on Exhaust and Flash, so you can deal damage and get out when you can, however you can.

Your attributes are going to be focused on utility and defense, with 0 points going into offense, 9 going into defense and 21 into utility.

For late game final build items, you’re going to want to equip the Ionian Boots of Lucidity, the Ruby Sighstone, the Shurelya’s Reverie, the Iceborn Gauntlet, Mikael’s Crucible, the Runic Bulwark and the Enchantmer Homeguard.

As xNAS so eloquently pointed out, you’re going to need a strong partner with you at all times as you wreck havoc up and down the lanes. Blitzcrank is perfect for ganking, but you’ll definitely need help because the steam-punk golem can’t recharge his health. A lot of his effort will be focused on pulling opponents into the direct line of fire from teammates using the rocket-grab.

Also, for runes, you’ll want Mark of Attack Damge at 9, Seal of Armor at 9, Glyph of Magic Resist at 9 and Quint of Gold at 3.

Since xNAS doesn’t show you how well a Blitzcrank with this build works out in the actual game, there’s a video from Scratchy Cow that pours forth some worthwhile gameplay footage of the Blitzcrank on the battlefield. Check it out below.

Blitzcrank is obviously not an easy character to play, and he fits right up there alongside Ashe and Annie in terms of learning the ropes and gaining a good footing on the lanes. Not every Champion can be Aatrox.

If you need to pore over the stats and abilities of Blitzcrank a bit more, feel free to check out his entry over on the official League of Legends wiki page. If you feel it’s time to take this knowledge and apply it to some real-world butt-kicking, feel free to grab the free client of League of Legends over on the official website.


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