Halo: The Master Chief Collection Appears On Amazon… For PC

Halo The Master Chief Collection

If you thought that Halo: The Master Chief Collection was Microsoft’s one-shot for the easy win; their hole in one; their eight-ball in the pocket; their prime-time, space-man ballroom dance with plasma swords and rocket launchers. You need to think again. It’s not confirmed, but there is a listing on Amazon hinting at a possible PC version of Halo: The Master Chief Collection… and that means that there could be trouble in Microsoft’s paradise… as far as Xbox One exclusivity goes.

Attack of the Fanboy spotted the listing on Amazon UK, where it was revealed that there could be a version of the game made available for PC. Check out the image below for a bit of tenuous but apparent evidence.

Halo The Master Chief Collection PC

As I may have mentioned in previous posts, a retailer listing of an unconfirmed game could almost mean anything. In the case of Sunset Overdrive with the white Xbox One bundle, yes it turned out to be true. In this case? Well, on its own it seems a bit thin, but when reflecting on some older data, as mentioned in the Attack on Fanboy article, it does seem to look a bit more legitimate.

Take into consideration that I previously reported on the Halo trilogy appearing in the Steam database app. Combine this with other reports about the Spanish version of Amazon listing Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC, and you begin to see that maybe the picture isn’t as half-painted as you may have imagined… maybe all that white on the canvas is part of the artistic design, no?

Well, Microsoft has been exceptionally tight-fisted about Halo appearing on anything other than an Xbox console in the past decade, apart from that pathetic Windows Vista port of Halo 2 and that even poorer port of Halo: Spartan Assault on Steam.

Nevertheless, Microsoft had mentioned to GameSpy previously that they had no plans to release… “any ‘Halo’ titles on Steam.”, back in February of 2013. My how times change… considering that they did release Spartan Assault on Steam.

Whether or not Halo: The Master Chief Collection could actually appear on PC or not is anyone’s guess. Right now I’m wagering on the answering being a big fat “NO!” only because Microsoft desperately needs to move Xbox One SKUs and having their biggest exclusive appear on PC would pretty much kill anyone’s interest in buying the console when they could get the console’s biggest game on Steam. Also, the game would consistently run at native 1080p and 60fps (and higher) on PC… there would be no reason whatsoever to buy the game on Xbox One at that point.


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7 thoughts on “Halo: The Master Chief Collection Appears On Amazon… For PC

  1. I will sell my Xbox One, this is not a joke, I will sell it, hell give it away for free if Microsoft does make Halo available on PC. I will keep my PS4 and Wii U an gaming PC but Xbox One can suck if and only if Microsoft makes Halo or any other major Xbox exclusive for PC.

    1. Sadly I expect they eventually will. Perhaps not this one but I expect others will eventually get ported over. The exclusive part is to get people to buy it in the first place. Once enough people have done that they will consider a PC port.

    1. It was through a separate listing from the Xbox version in the search page. But it’s placeholder info, hence why it’s blank where it says “platform”.

  2. I would not be surprised at all if they released this for PC. There must be a rather large investment in putting this together and they will want it to be successful.

    In the past the hardware was different enough that there was a significant effort to do the conversion. Now that the consoles are both stripped down PC the effort has to be pretty small.

    I won’t make a real prediction because this is M$ we are talking about and what passes for logic in their minds is not comprehensible to normal sane mortals like us.

    But would they do this? Hell yes they would if they see it as the best path to the $$$. If things keep going bad for the Xbone one of these days they are just going to change plans and they are *not* going to tell us. We will have to deduce it from their actions.

    So this is perhaps the first real test. Although I would submit their removing Kinect was the first step in this direction.

    1. Although I would submit their removing Kinect was the first step in this direction.

      It wasn’t just that they removed Kinect (though it’s still there as option, but most people probably won’t consider the $500 SKU) it was that they removed it so soon after making public statements to re-ensure developers and customers that Kinect would be an integral experience for the Xbox One’s roadmap of software.

      That didn’t happen.

      Given Microsoft’s flip-floppity positions on trying to attack the market, it could be possible that they would release the game on PC just for some extra revenue, but it all depends on how far Spencer is willing to go to turn a buck, or how far he’s willing to go to protect the value of the brand.

      1. You are right that is exactly it. And we both know these decisions are not made on impulse. There were discussing and planning the change even while spewing the lies that they were not. They can sugar-coat it all they want the people in the industry know the truth.

        We are Microsoft and we can do whatever we damn well please and there is nothing you can do about it. That is just not the way to do business. But somehow they manage. They may have us by the short hairs when it comes to Windoze but when it comes to consoles we still have a choice. And we are making it 3-1 against M$.

        I have said this before but it is worth saying again. I am proud of the gaming community and that don’t happen very damn often. M$ tried to screw us and we said ‘Oh no screw you.’ and then we made it stick with our money. That they cannot ignore.

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