GTA IV DBZ Mod Features Super Saiyan Goku Vs One Piece’s Luffy

GTA IV Dragon Ball Z Mod

Mods for Grand Theft Auto IV have gone over and beyond the call of ridiculous. I mean, at this junction absolutely nothing surprises me anymore. The game isn’t even really Grand Theft Auto anymore, it’s just this amalgamated lump of pop-cultural icons and dream mods come true. The GTA IV you know and loved is no more, welcome to the modders’ paradise. And in today’s episode we get to see a buffed out, level 3 Super Saiyan Son Goku versus a completely out-matched Luffy from One Piece.

The video comes courtesy of YouTuber FredWalkthrough. The video recently went up, showcasing the two icons from Shonen Jump going head-to-head in Rockstar Games’ open-world action fest. Check out the action below.

As a conceptual mod, it’s kind of cool… I mean, flying around and blasting things down as a super bad-arse Goku. That’s cool. In actuality, it looks kind of lame.

Compared to the Hulk and Iron Man mods for GTA IV, the Goku mod kind of falls flat. Why? Because Luffy is basically a punching bag that offers up zero resistance, and compared to that kick-butt video featuring the Hulk and Iron Man fighting each other, this video is just kind of “meh’ish” in the end.

Even still, I’m sure there are plenty of Shonen Jump fanboys out there who would love to get their hands on this DBZ mod or Monkey D Luffy mod.

If you want to play as Son Goku or Luffy, feel free to grab the mods from

If you want to play these characters in GTA IV, just grab a copy of the game from Steam’s store. It’s pretty cheap right now.

Install the game, install the mod and bam! You got yourself some Shonen Jump-themed GTA on your rig. The only thing that would make it better is if you could get the Dragon Ball Z theme song “Catch the Dragon” to play every time you start flying around Liberty City. Now that would rock hard.


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