Gaming Journalist Finally Admits Gaming Media Was Wrong, Apologizes To 4Chan


Writing under the pseudonym of “Ariel Connor”, one media journalist and blogger has finally come forward to say: gaming media was wrong. How they’ve handled this situation, how they’ve dealt with blackballing information and enacting radio silence for the sake of covering their own hides; they were wrong. According to “Ariel Connor”, she decided to come forward because the information finally came out about how The Fine Young Capitalists and 4Chan (of all places) actually became victims in a war that devolved into gaming journalists doing nothing more than protecting self-interests.

Over on a Twitlong post, Connor first makes it known that she has to write anonymously because speaking out publicly would cost her the job she obviously values, stating that…

“Before you ask, there’s a list of things I’m not going to do. I’m not going to tell anyone who I actually am; that’s point one. I’m a blogger and I am paid for my writings, and I have cause to believe that I would legitimately be either fired or in a very very unfavourable position as a result of this. Make of that what you will. I’m not going to make a video.”

Based on the writing tone and insinuations to the harassment she’s received from the place where she works – not to mention her ties to specific individuals and support groups circulating the “Five Guys Burgers & Fries” scandal – I would hazard a guess (and just a guess) that Connor might be an employee for Gawker or a related upper-tier media group within the gaming circles. But that’s just my own assumptions, don’t take my word for it.

Anyway, Connor goes on to say that…

“I made reactionary posts because I thought that TFYC had stone age trans policies (they don’t) and that they were mansplaining feminism from a position of privilege (they aren’t). I went so far as to call collusion with 4chan a form of deep corruption, compromising so-called ‘feminist’ values for the sake of making profit. That was until I saw that they stand to make NO money from this and will in fact be giving women with good ideas, not programmers, a portion of the profits commensurable with a producer in the entertainment industry.”

TFYC stands for The Fine Young Capitalists. They’ve been headlining a few stories here on this blog for a few days due to circumstances that were beyond their control. Namely that their IndieGoGo campaign was attacked and shutdown by someone going by the name of “/V/”… yes, like a bad parody of 4Chan’s own /v/ thread or the character ‘V’ from “V for Vendetta”. I wish that kind of silliness was fake, but it’s true… it’s sadly true.

Anyway, Connor admits that she blindly followed along in supporting the movement to bash anyone who wasn’t supporting the so-called victim of the “Five Guys Burgers & Fries” scandal. She admits that the torrent of smoke-screening and topic-diversions led her astray from the path of truth, justice and the righteous way.

As noted by Connor…

“The project was more or less killed by Zoe Quinn claiming that they were anti-trans and exploitative. This was a stance I absolutely believed, and I believed it because Ms Quinn said it. I didn’t do research. Why would I? Obviously someone as awesome as her would know what she’s talking about. And therein lies the problem. It’s so easy to misdirect and deflect blame or scrutiny from yourself by choosing your words carefully.”

This isn’t just Connor it’s a lot of the gaming media who have been using their platform, anonymously or otherwise, to speak down against, to attack and to exercise the kind of bigotry they’re supposedly white-knighting against. If you check the Twitter profile history of “Ariel Connor” you’ll see that she at first blindly raged against, mocked and attacked The Fine Young Capitalists because, well, that’s what her peers were doing.

In fact, it started a while back when The Fine Young Capitalists came under fire earlier this year for some rather strange reasons and became a mockery at the hands of a certain individual. Eventually they came back and are managing to do well now thanks to 4Chan, but the whole thing was chronicled in a 17 minute video below.

A lot of what’s discussed in the video finally comes full circle after “Ariel Connor” makes it known in the post that she blindly followed someone into battle against something she didn’t really understand, writing…

“I started to get headaches, and sweat, and get cravings for the cigarettes that I gave up years ago, because I just made the kind of errors I constantly lampooned people for making: I did not do my research. For that I am sorry. I am sorry I insulted 4chan and I am sorry I insulted The Fine Young Capitalists. I even gave money, for what it’s worth.”

Here’s my take on it: this doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot until the anonymity is dropped and actual names and faces are placed to the apologies.

Anyone can claim anonymity and say something good or horrible, but right now there’s so much smog clogging up the line of sight for most journalists (if we can even call them that) that instead of doing their freaking jobs they’ve decided that anyone who isn’t actively berating, belittling and destroying their relationship with the communities that make gaming what it is, they’re somehow evil.

Even still, the blog ends with a rather telling line, stating…

“I’ve begun to notice an awful lot of harassment coming from people I’d consider to be on ‘my’ side. SJW’s throwing around words like neckbeard, virgin, misogynist pigs, even going so far as to compare them to ISIS. Sorry guys but just because 4chan is a big meanie, doesn’t mean you get to be bigoted and uninformed as well. Five minutes’ reading will tell you that Zoe Quinn is not an emblem of feminism in gaming, she’s a rebuttal to it.”

It’s like the hammer of truth came swinging down with the might of a thousand people saying “Yes!”

Following up on Reddit allowing Polygon and Kotaku to get exposed for conflicting interests of coverage, it’ll be interesting to see where things go from here.

Now the real challenge is ensuring that all the other self-righteous, self-proclaimed gaming journalists from the larger sites will take heed and finally break the silence on an issue that has done nothing but tarnish the gaming community via cronyism, nepotism and fascism.


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30 thoughts on “Gaming Journalist Finally Admits Gaming Media Was Wrong, Apologizes To 4Chan

    1. Next we just need an apology from shills claiming to be journalists like you.

      You know what? You’re absolutely right.

      A detailed, well thought-out apology is definitely due.

      Mostly because I’ve seen the sniveling bubbles heaving and growing from the nostrils of the tear-drippers when discussing 60 frames per second; I’ve witnessed butthurt carry the screams of a thousand fanboys over the arch of a full moon; I’ve gazed upon a hundred poorly constructed comments filling a thread with the spam of anon neckbeards and jobless basement dwellers after dropping truth-bombs of Jimmy rustling proportions.

      Yet all of these moments… will be lost in time when Disqus’ servers finally go down, like tears in the rain. And for that, I will be eternally sorry for the future generations of humanity who will miss out on all those trollishly magnificent events.

      1. You can’t even hit 30FPS you poverty grade shill since you love your POS4 so much.

        No taco bell vouchers for you.

      2. And I just convinced /v/ to pastebin any report you make on the quinnspiracy.

        You won’t even be able to afford a 7/11 microwave burrito, Usher. Maybe if you fuck five Sony guys at a silky smooth 30FPS and a crystal clear 900P you can afford one.

      3. And I just convinced /v/ to pastebin any report you make on the
        quinnspiracy here or on Cinemablend since you have been stealing /v/’s
        content like the press sneak fuck you are.

        LOL, I’ve been one of the only few people reporting on 4chan getting hacked. Besides, I already contacted them via twitter and asked them to contact me if they get a response about their movement to affect the sponsorships for the larger gaming sites.

        If us small sites don’t do it it won’t get done! Unless, of course, you’re secretly “/V/” and trying to destroy /v/ from the inside?

        I always knew you were wearing Sarkeesian’s leg shaving cream on your face and that wasn’t actually Gabe’s Glorious PC Master Race syrup.

      4. Sorry. /v/ is doing fine without press sneak fucks like you trying to bandwagon onto them like the faggot you are. And now I’m making sure none of your articles ever get used since you are part of the very corruption that plagues the industry. A shill is always a shill in the end and traitors always get executed.

    2. Nah Diablo III launch went down pretty epic this weekend on PS4. No errors playing offline at all hahahahahaha. PC Faggot race more like.
      Keep clinging to that PC Faggot race thing though as your Xbox One is never going to outdo PS4. Let me guess, you became a PC faggot right around the time it was confirmed the PS4 was far more powerful than Xbone. I know because it happened to 2 of my friends.

      1. Your friends sound much more smarter than you buying a glorious PC than a Piece of Shit 4

  1. This whole ordeal only got out of hand because nobody wanted to man up/woman up and admit that errors were made. If it hadnt been for the rampant attempt to censor the issue, people would have just raged like they usually do and move on (sort of). Everybody now has a legitimate reason to be pissed both for the wrongdoings and for trying to cover it up.

  2. It’s a start. We’re a long way from reaching the light at the end of the tunnel.

    “She admits that the torrent of smoke-screening and topic-diversions led her astray from the path of truth, justice and the righteous way”

    I’d doubt she’d know what is actual justice and truth is without having a skewered perception that is blinded by self-interest, I’ll wait and see if she can prove herself in the future. Actions speak louder than words.

      1. You just need the access log from polytron’s webserver to charge phil fish, and the routing info from zoe’s gamejam to prove that it’s going to her personal account.

      1. Doesn’t seem to be about rape allegations. Is it somewhere past 11 minutes in? Not really that interested to listen to hours of this stuff. I think stuff like this should be written as articles, not videos.

      2. The rape allegations are just a derailment really. The main thing is about the corruption of gaming journalism.

        The entire thing can be summed up as thus:
        1.Dev slept with journalist
        2.Journalist writes about dev stuff
        3.Same dev had a pro-feminist game jam shutdown
        4.Outlets support burying the game jam
        5.Crap hits the fan when an ex exposed the dev
        6.Doxxed game jam tried to come back
        7.Gaming media has a blackout on the whole thing
        8.Doxxed game jam can’t get coverage because of gaming media ties to the dev
        9.YouTube videos try to go up to discuss the event
        10. Dev has YouTube videos DMCA’d
        11. Reddit goes on lockdown
        12.One of the biggest stories about it on N4G gets pulled
        13. All big gaming sites go on lockdown blocking discussion
        14. Doxxed game jam comes back due to help from 4chan
        15. Gaming media is finally partially exposed on a heavily moderated Reddit thread
        16. Polygon and Kotaku issue policy changes
        17.Major gaming sites continue to enact a blackout on the events

      3. I read that same summary earlier at N4g. Oh you are the same person because you have the same avatar and Billy is a nick for William. Never mind

        Anyway thanks

        – stalepie

        And I realize I came over FROM N4G and you posted that to there! Gosh I’m so slow. I don’t even pay attention to which site I’m at anymore. Half of them have Disqus commenting systems..

  3. I love how NOT A SINGLE FUCKING gaming journalist cared that TFYC fundraiser got lit up by leftist extremists. It’s fucking nuts, man.

  4. Feminism has no place in gaming. Gamers just want to play the games they enjoy in peace without having corrupt ideologies rammed down their throats. The gender of gamers or even game devs is completely unimportant and I am fed up with people acting as if female gamers need protection. All that will ever matter is when the time comes if you can play the game not the genitals that hang between your legs.

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