GameStop Offers $20 Off PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset With Coupon Code

Gamestop Deal

GameStop has a new deal currently going on for $20 off a PlayStation gold headset with a new coupon code. They’ve also announced that they have a special $50 off deal on consumer electronics, too. So if you’re looking to grab a new Amazon Kindle or mobile tablet, GameStop is trying to make it convenient for gamers and technophiles to grab gear at a discounted price. I can’t readily say that everything on sale is a great deal but some of the stuff might be worth it, depending on what you’re looking for.

So I’m not going to waste time trying to fill out a word count or anything like that, I’m just going to lay the info right out there for you from the start. You can get the PlayStation gold headset for $20 off or $50 off consumer electronics using the promo code: CE50

The deal for the $20 off is only good from now until next week, August 28th. So you might want to hurry and grab them if they were something that was on your radar. I don’t usually buy console-specific audio gear because it seems kind of limiting, so I can’t readily say if this is a good deal or not. I mean, compared to PC headsets, $79.99 will get you something pretty badass.

Playstation Gold Wireless Headset

The coupon code also works for consumer electronics… Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Amazon Kindle devices and more.

Basically it’ll bring something like the Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch 32GB e-reader down from the pre-owned price of $249.99 to $199.99. So on and so forth.

Now I just have to chime in here and say that I haven’t been following the used price market for some of these devices, so is $50 off $249.99 that great of price? Well, let’s take a quick look at what Amazon’s own Kindle Fire HDX sells for on Amazon…

Gamestop Deal


Pre-owned, GameStop’s price is way too high compared to the $144.99 price tag by third-party sellers. However, compared to a brand new version, the pre-owned price isn’t that bad with the coupon code. Of course, it all boils down to picking, choosing and weighing the options.

You can check out a list of the consumer electronic devices on sale by GameStop that are eligible for the $50 off coupon code right here.


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