Games Journalism Is Broken And Needs To Die


Before getting into the nitty gritty, first you might want to get caught up to date on why so many gamers are angry with games media. You’re likely going to want to check out this article here explaining the media blackout surrounding The Fine Young Capitalists, and this article here surrounding events leading up to Polygon and Kotaku having to change their policies.

So basically, stop feeding the SJW click-bait. Don’t click into anymore articles that you know are designed to rile up an audience. You’re better than that and being better than what they expect of you will cost them some clicks. Keep hold of that mentality. Foster it. Grow it. Expand it. Stop linking their articles to make points using the normal URLs. Use if you need to discuss an article from a site you feel contributes nothing to the growth of gaming culture. Use cached and archived links. No longer retweet from sites that are purposefully baiting to push a selfish and anti-gaming agenda. These are the first steps to killing this festering mound we call “games journalism”. It’s broken; here’s how we kill it.

The next step is to organize. Find a group where you can share, discuss and keep in contact about who you contact and what you’re contacting them about. Contact owners and editors at smaller websites to get them to join in on movement. Sites like, Gamesnosh,  or any other website that had the courtesy of exposing the GamerGate scandal.

This means that we cannot be lazy. It’s the one time we simply cannot afford to be lazy.

I know this is sometimes asking a lot but the future of your hobby hangs in the balance; and if you already hate disc-locked content, day-zero edition DLC (seriously, WTF?) and microtransactions, just imagine how much you’ll hate those things tossed into games neutered and castrated to fit someone else’s agenda of what they feel is “artistic expression” and palatable for you and their perceived impression of what they think the masses want.

You need to be active in letting your friends know, and your friend’s friends know, that the gaming media you grew up with is gone. J.D. Roth moved on and GamePro is just another tombstone in a growing graveyard of gaming media outlets. The good ones are gone (R.I.P 1up).

Now some of you might think this is a hyperbolic piece. It is not. I assure you, this is not hyperbole. It’s time we got serious because the gaming media is serious about “killing” you as a gamer and getting rid of you as their audience. They don’t want you and they’re trying to give you the boot. For good. Don’t believe me?

Check out some of these:
‘Gamers’ don’t have to be your audience. ‘Gamers’ are over. Exclusive – Leigh Alexander (Gamasutra)

We Might Be Witnessing The ‘Death of An Identity’ – Luke Plunkett (Kotaku)

The End of Gamers – Dan Golding

A Guide to Ending “Gamers” – Devin Wilson (Gamasutra)

The death of the “gamers” and the women who “killed” them – Casey Johnson (Ars Technica)

These all ran right in concurrence with each other, like some kind of funeral procession for the core gamer.

Let me make something perfectly clear here: There are two factors that sustain the gaming industry, and neither of those factors include gaming journalists or gaming media at large.

Developers (indie, AAA or anyone else in between) and gamers are the ones who sustain the industry.

No matter who you are as a gamer, no matter what your orientation, creed, beliefs, gender or opinions are, there’s a game out there for you. Real gamers only care about playing the game.

The community loves games and developers love to make games. It’s a synergy that sustains itself.

You don’t need people telling you that you no longer need to exist so they can reshape and re-frame the industry using their own twisted ideologies to build a religion of exclusionism through fascism. Gamers are part of a culture that can survive without the ones who wish to make everyone who doesn’t conform to their beliefs obsolete.

This whole debacle started because of their piss-poor ethics and improprieties.

This isn’t about fanboyism anymore. This isn’t about “your” console or “my” console. This is about the heart and soul of gaming culture, and it’s coming under attack under false pretenses.

No culture, community or hobby is perfect, and we’re always going to need to strive to do better, but it doesn’t mean we bend over and let some fascists run over us and dictate how things need to be done. Instead, we dictate to them how things are done. We are the consumers. We are the community and we are gaming culture.

So what do you do to stop them from encroaching on you as a consumer, and attempting to enact a totalitarian regime over what you play and how you play it? You take the fight over their heads. You take the fight to the advertisers.

You want to hurt big sites like Kotaku or Polygon? You want to bring down the regime? Hurt them where it hurts the most; the wallet. We did it before with Capcom and their disc-locked content in Street Fighter X Tekken. We did it before we the ending to Mass Effect 3. We did it before with Microsoft and the Xbox One’s DRM… we can do it again.

They called us “entitled” and “whiny” and “trolls”, all because they refused to fight for the people who provide them with the clicks to keep their ad revenue flowing. So this time, we hit the problem at the source.

4chan, members from Escapist, N4G, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and ever other scatter-shot website out there with a fragmented community have finally wised up. They’re working together on this and they all need your help. Over on 4chan they compiled a list of people you can contact to help put real change into effect. You really want to see the old-guard ousted? Go for the advertisers.

How to kill games journalism

How to kill games journalism

As I said, this isn’t hyperbole. Contact them, make it happen.

4chan even offered an example email of how you want to contact them. Use it as a guideline.

Need a quick way to do it? Sure, do it this way:


KRAFT Email form



VERIZON – Executive Director of Media Relations – Manager of Media Relations – Executive Director of Public Policy




Best Buy

Indie Game

NewEgg – Customer Relations email

CUSTOMERSERVICE@EA.COM (I don’t think they’ll listen but you can try)


JEFF@AMAZON.COM – The CEO, so be courteous – Director of Advertising – Vice President



THE ESCAPIST (too easy):



Best Buy

Remember, BE POLITE.

The idea is that you’re expressing concern as a consumer. You want to get the point across that you are unhappy with the services provided by the people they sponsor. Link to them the articles at the top of this article (all the anti-gamer articles) to let them know that the people who operate the sites are working against the best interest of their community.

Many of these sites may be aiming to put you down, but remember a lot of you are also their core audience. In fact, the one place they say is the most misogynist actually fosters more females than their own sites. Check the Alexa rankings: Rock, Paper, Shotgun; Polygon; Kotaku; Eurogamer; Gamespot; IGN and 4chan.


You want to kill the corrupt parasite that is gaming journalism? You want to get rid of the liars and the misinformers and the frauds? This is how you do it. This is where’s it done. You want all these fake gamers out of the gaming media business? You want a new landscape? This is how you do it.

If you think this is extreme, take note that all those vitriolic articles linked above do nothing more than harm game culture. It spreads the disease of hatred out toward those who don’t regularly follow games and gives them the impression that all young men who play mainstream AAA titles are misogynistic rape-apologist. Those articles make all female gamers out to be damsels in distress. Those articles paint all minorities as oppressed by some domineering white-male dictatorship. It spreads a virus into casual, core and every other kind of community sector out there that tells them that if you aren’t a pro-advocate of the social justice warrior movement, then you’re a terrorist “worse than ISIS” they say.

Think about that… they think you’re worse than murderers who beheaded one of their own.

Think. About. That.

Remember, don’t harass anyone. Be polite. The small subset of trolls out there will never stop trolling. They give a bad name to all of us. But it doesn’t mean you have to stoop to their level. Be polite. Be courteous and get the point across. Spread the word.

Be Polite.

You don’t even need to link to this article. In fact, just share or tweet the images from 4chan to people who need to take action. Here are the links if you need to share them. Get the word out:

Remember, we don’t need gaming media to enjoy video games. Gaming media needs us in order to survive. Let’s show them who goes extinct first.


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22 thoughts on “Games Journalism Is Broken And Needs To Die

  1. Ignoring all those websites is good enough, without clicks theyll be out of a job and we can all go back to playing our games.

  2. if you want to speed it up, go for the advertisers. also a lot of these companies are gaming companies. we , the audience , need to let them know that if they support us, we’ll support them.

    1. That’s a very good point.

      The only thing they care about is a platform large enough to have their ads seen, it doesn’t matter what the platform is. Letting them know that you’ll support them at ‘x’ site or ‘y’ outlet is also a good way to show that you’re still a valued consumer.

      1. Good. I have a complaint. You are a shill. You should shut down your website and SEO Poisoning operation. Also kill yourself.

  3. Interesting article William. I have always stuck to the smaller sites myself. I prefer more unique voices as opposed to group think pieces so that turns out to have other advantages.

    I just read most of the articles listed and followed one line to the original long blob post by Zeo’s Ex. Relationships are kinda my thing. I have, and have, more than a few and have spent some time as a counselor in various places. That woman is some piece of work. I know my crazy and wow. Serious, serious problems. To drone on about extreme views against cheating while she is out cheating her ass off. Yeah. Serious need of some therapy.

    That is personal and does not affect me. However what was far more distressing were those other articles. In each case while saying they should not hold the extremists up as an example of the whole community that is *exactly* what they are doing. Any large group has some percentage of assholes. ANY. And to claim because a few death threats were made that somehow the whole group needs to die is just sick.

    Death threats are wrong, criminal, and vile. Nobody is going to argue against that. But online anybody can run their mouth. Gamers as a community includes an awful lot of very young people. People who tend to over-react and not value things quite the same way that adults do. I suspect if the originators of those death threats are found they will turn out to be pissed off teens. Is it terrible that they did this? Hell yes. But those are individual mistakes and will be treated as such.

    Reading those articles I was struck by a very similar thought to how you ended this article. Games cannot survive without Gamers but they can easily survive without these sad excuses for journalists.

    1. Beautiful post and well said.

      There are some others from within the clique that are finally starting to see the light. I’m hoping to get in contact with a few to help bring to the public’s eye what’s really going on behind the scenes. For now, their fascism and antagonizing (basically doing what the trolls are doing) is enough to get people worked up and fighting against this strange and nihilistic movement.

      To be honest, though, I didn’t read any of the ex’s blog post at all. I was not and never have been concerned with Zoe as an individual, which is why I never personally write her name out in the articles. I’ve tried staying focused and centered on the task at hand: corrupt gaming media.

      But it’s interesting that you mention her traits, and it gets me thinking about how she’s used a circle of very powerful and influential people to get some strange things rolling behind the scenes. It makes me wonder if maybe these “powerful” and “influential” people may not be wrapped too tight themselves?

      1. I have no desire to insult or be mean to her. She really does need some help and I hope she gets it.

        There is a lot more to this though. She went into gaming with an agenda beyond equality. She saw something she wanted to take down. All of it. She wanted to strip power away from those who have it. It is a wildly egomaniacal agenda. So I do wonder a bit about what she did. She wanted to bring it all down after all and look what she has accomplished.

        Those observations come from her own words not anybodies interpretation of them. Clear in black and white. I think those other ‘relationships’ she had were not simply someone giving into temptation I think she had some sort of psycho plan going on. I just don’t think she counted on someone actually falling in love with her. He is the one I feel the most sorry for. He did not just get burned he got fried to the bone in his own juices.

        If there is more behind this than simple infidelity it would explain the reactions we have seen. It is one thing to be caught cheating but to be involved with someone who is playing the kinds of games she seemed to be into is a whole lot more scary.

        Problem is when you unleash Chaos you do not get to control it. People never find that out until far too late. Just like she did.

      2. She saw something she wanted to take down. All of it. She wanted to
        strip power away from those who have it. It is a wildly egomaniacal

        So she’s like the female gaming industry version of The Joker? Got it.

      3. And you are the gaming industry version of Killer Moth. A loser who’s only purpose is to try be relevant and hijack others.

        But then why believe the guy who genuinely believed a TV Tropes article that the Wii-U was getting a power boost unlocked?

      4. Sorry. But sad excuses for shills pretending to be writers are also on the chopping block. Do the world a favor and leave when this is over.

      1. ~looks around and sniffs the air~ I can smell something foul on the wind. Must be some nobody screaming their childish insults again. Nothing of importance.

      2. Wow the background noise is loud today. Good thing the howling is only mildly distracting. Nothing of importance.

      3. think you can call me a fag? you must be a call of duty frat boy
        *unsheaths katana*
        you laughed at me enough, now its my turn to laugh
        *teleports behind you*
        too easy you ignoramus
        *slits your throat*
        pshh nothing personell kid

      4. You do know that none of the Ninja Gaiden games were on PC except for that failed Yaiba…

        uh oh, you’ve just been outed. Does this mean you’re a victim of the red rings of death perhaps? Or a secret Wii owner? I’ve always known you weren’t faithful to GabeN.

      5. Wow. Such evidence.

        You scared enough that you are trying to discredit me? Buy a dog.

        Meanwhile it wouldn’t take any effort to discredit you. That implies you had any credit in the first place. PR regurgitators on the ass end of SEO Poisoning sites don’t get credit.

  4. When are you announcing your retirement then since you are nothing but a shill and a fraud trying to viral his own site on /v/?

    Fuck off bandwagoner. You need to die. We were doing this fine without you.

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