Gamers Attempt To Block $250 Million In Funding For Anti-Gamer Website

Vice Money

What’s the best way to get someone to listen to you? No, it’s not flashing them. That’s the best way to scare them away. How about shouting? Nope… doesn’t work. Making calm, rational comments and seeking a means of healthy discussion on a platform in which both sides can come to a mutual understanding even if at the end they agree to disagree? Oh heck no. This is the 21st century and echo-chambers have replaced the rational exchange of thought-food.

In this age we’re moving at the speed of 140 vapid characters per tweet and taking part in directionless shouting storms that happen to be the equivalent of feeding your brain the visceral regurgitation of McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So with all that said, and with all the bile that’s been let loose within the gaming industry over the course of the last two weeks, how do gamers get the message across that they absolutely, undeniably hate the way media is being operated and controlled by the people that feed them information? Well, the best way to get anyone to listen is to talk with money.

Gamers tried discussing and rationalizing on platforms where they thought they could voice calm and intelligent opinions about the decline of today’s toxic industry. However, they were met with silence, shadow-bans and censure.

If the people who are supposed to represent the conduit of how you receive information about the industry you love have taken to ill-feelings against you, then what do you do? Simple, stop their cash-flow.

Over on the Corruption in Video Game Journalism Facebook page, members from 4chan, Reddit, Escapist, N4G, and every other major core gaming community are slowly joining the revolution and attempting to make their voices heard by going directly to advertisers, investors and sponsors.

The latest effort sees gamers attempting to block the potential $250 million dollar stake in one of the more vile offenders of being anti-gamer… Vice. You can get the details on the capital fund over on  the New York Times (it’s a proper link because they’re legit).

Vice recently did an article slandering the efforts of The Fine Young Capitalists by attempting to commit a character assassination of the feminist icon Vivian James. They even tried to paint anyone supporting The Fine Young Capitalists on IndieGoGo and the Vivian James character as misogynistic and spiteful. Essentially, even if gamers want to do the right thing by supporting inclusion they’re still labeled as “misogynist”.


However, media may be directing the narrative as one of “misogyny”, gamers are directing their actions against the actuality of poor media practices from the larger outlets.

As noted on the post, if you help stop the deal from going through (or at least make your voice heard) it disrupts Vice’s cash flow.

“If we manage to turn AE off of this deal, Vice is either denied an investment to expand or is in outright danger or bankruptcy.

“If we manage to make AE demand more journalistic integrity as part of the deal, Vice has no choice but to fold to these demands.

“Either way, we win.”
>”Vice has been against us. They’ve also been actively searching for someone to buy them as they can’t support themselves for many more years. If we can get enough support on A&E, we can deal a financial blow to Vice.”
>”Unlike 4chan, companies don’t like associating with titles that can injure their public name.”
>”When companies are failing they either get bought by/partnered with a bigger, stronger company or they just fucking die. If we let A&E know that Vice is scummy ass shit they’ll think twice about buying it because then it could hurt A&E’s public image.”


>Abbe Raven, CEO
>Whitney Goit (SR. EVP)
>Robert Debitetto (EVP)
>Coleen Conway (Director of Non-Fiction Programming)
>General Email:

That’s right folks, we make crap happen.

Use this template.

Use this information

Email them this link:

Meet the Female Gamer Mascot Born of Anti-Feminist Internet Drama | VICE | United States

She’s a regular person who wears jeans and spends too much time on the Internet. And she was created out of spite by the historically anti-feminist gamers of 4chan. This perplexing new symbol for (a form of) female empowerment is intended to fix gaming culture’s women problem on 4chan’s terms.

Make your voice heard.

We’re beyond asking editors, managers and editors-in-chiefs to pull the people who no longer deserve to be working at the respective outlets off the roster (and yes, it is a crying shame that Nathan Grayson hasn’t been fired yet. If this were the political news beat and he was a reporter caught dipping his banana in the vanilla milkshake of a cabinet member attached to an active political campaign, and the whole thing went public, he would have been canned on the spot.)

At this point gamers are going over the heads of those too incompetent to see where they’ve erred (although huge props to The Escapist for not being incompetent). Closing down comment sections, trying to censor large parts of the communities across the internet – and failing miserably at it, I might add, sort of like a manic depressive IRS agent working as a party-clown for children birthday parties – and doing all in their power to disparage and belittle gamers as a whole… these folks are at a dead-end. The reality is that everyone has simply grown tired of the bullcrap, and real gamers have organized a way to get things changed.

Jenny Leclue Detectivu

You want more inclusion? You want more acceptance? You want more games that suit your tastes? Then support the games that developers make that you want to see get made. Support games like Celestial Tear, and Aegis Defenders, and Moon Hunters, and Jenny Leclue.

The radical Social Justice Warriors don’t want to support gaming. Heck, they don’t even want to be called “gamers”. Some of the heaviest criticism levied against gamers over sexism comes from someone who thinks violent games are “gross” and doesn’t even play them. It’s like me telling parents that My Little Pony is terrible for young kids because it can distort their reality on important life-lessons, and then cherry-picking moments to deconstruct the show to suit my agenda while never having actually watched the series, and then waving off all criticism and dissenters as people who are just angry, hostile and part of a community composed of rapists and harassers.

Look, every aspect of any culture could use improvements; doing so under false-pretenses, with subversive agendas, and under the banner of rallying support against anyone who disagrees with the message is both dishonest and flagrantly inflammatory.

As I’ve said before, if these types really wanted to see improvement in the industry they would promote the games that already do what they’re suggesting. Instead, the progressive titles that should fit within the SJW goals already trying to gain traction in the gaming industry are completely ignored. Heck, you still won’t find one article on the major gaming sites about The Fine Young Capitalists… even after TFYC buried the hatchet with one of gaming media’s most toxic activists.

Here’s a chance for retribution on behalf of The Fine Young Capitalists and against the media at large directing a narrative of slanderous defamation against games culture. There’s never been and nothing wrong with being a gamer. If you don’t want these radicals bringing down damaging cultural implications on the hobby we all love, let’s do something about it.

And remember, the fire is heating up under their butts. Keep it burning, folks, keep it burning.

Oh yeah, and BE POLITE!… please and thank you!

And here’s something to end things on a slightly more upbeat note, courtesy of Box.

The Fire Rises

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