Dota 2 Sven Support-Carry Guide

Dota 2 Sven Guide

Defense of the Ancients 2 continues to steam roll through the gaming sphere as one of the biggest online games in today’s generation of competitive eSports. Beyond the professional ring, some players just want to learn how to play DotA 2 decently, and some just want to know how to play at all. It can be an overwhelming game to get into for beginners, but thankfully there are plenty of helpful guides out there to give you a heads-up and a bit of direction on how to play each of the characters out there, including very high-skill level heroes such as Sven.

Classed as a strength character and known as the “Rogue Knight”, Sven is a multi-purpose hero who can work as an initiator to draw or lure opponents, as a support role to help buffer the attacks of teammates who focus on damage dealing, as a “carry” hero who literally carries the team in fights by demolishing opponents, or as a support-carry, someone who can wreck havoc will also helping teammates tag-team in PvP.

There’s a very useful guide from YouTube user dota splash that verbally rolls out some details on how to play as Sven in various conditions and under certain circumstances.

He makes it known that Sven is a very complex character to master and you need fertile communication with your teammates to ensure that you know what role Sven will be taking in early, mid and late game play. Check it out below.

As the video points out, you’ll want to focus on utilizing Storm Hammer not only for helping to stun opponents during PvP encounters, but also to level it up so you can rely on spamming it to farm the creeper trash mobs.

Great Cleave is mentioned as a good alternative to Storm Hammer as a skill you level up for a true support or disable-support role. If you plan on being a full Carry then Great Cleave is not as an important skill to level up as God’s Wrath. The latter skill is essential for gank-sessions, as you’ll be able to use it in combination with War Cry to increase your armor so you can take a few hits as you use God’s Wrath to deal an additional 100 through 200 damage points.

As noted, strength items will buff your ultimate skill even more for up to 1,000 points of damage.

If you’re unsure as to which items to use at what point in the game for a support-carry role, check out the video below courtesy of Dota Store, which showcases which items you’ll want to equip on Sven at various points in the game to help as a support-carry role.

And remember, if you’re not going full support, don’t bother putting points into Great Cleave until you’re level 16, otherwise you’re just wasting points in the wrong build. No doubt, Sven is a very different kind of strength character from Axe and Pubstomp.

You can learn more about Sven over on the DotA 2 hero wiki page. You can learn more about Defense of the Ancients 2 by visiting the official website.


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