DayZ Standalone Tent Guide And Loot Locations

DayZ Standalone Tent Guide

Another DayZ standalone guide here. This time the guide covers the all-important loot-locations and functional features of the tent; a very useful item, I might add, for the zombie apocalypse. What’s more is that there’s also some pretty nifty things that have been learned about the storage and usage of tents in the game that some DayZ players might find very helpful.

So another video has been uploaded by YouTube user WOBO, offering a brief three minute and 22 second look at all the necessary features of the tent. It’s an extraordinarily useful guide. You can check it out below.

Now if you don’t have three minutes to watch the video or you’re not in a position to watch the video (grounded from YouTube and your parents are standing over your shoulder, or your boss is all up in your grill for scoping out videos instead of doing your work) I’ll give you a brief rundown of all the good bits.

Tent loot locations are oftentimes found at deer huts scattered across the map, usually in the deep parts of the forest. They are a very rare drop so it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get one in a first try.

The tent is a very large item, so it won’t fit in just in old scrub backpack. You’ll need a hunting or mountain backpack to store a tent.

Tents offer massive amounts of storage. You can keep plenty of guns and items stored in your tent once its unfolded and laid out. The other neat part about it is that it has wall collision and floors, so it’s somewhat protective against zombie attacks… sort of.

Now here’s the dangerous part: Tents can’t be stolen, which is sweet, but other players can enter anyone’s tent. This means that whatever you have stored in your tent’s inventory can be taken and pilfered by roaming bandits. Like the main image at the top says, if you want to protect yourself in the zombie apocalypse it’s best you dress like a bandit and hide your stash like a bandit. That means tucking away your tent and all your items in the deepest, darkest, tiniest crevice in the woods where only the banjo-playing woodsman from movies like Deliverance would dare go. Of course, you don’t really want to encounter them unless you like squealing like a pig.

Anyway, the latest update for DayZ just dropped, so you’ll find the tents and other useful items and weapons scattered about throughout the game. Need more info? Feel free to pay a visit to the game’s official website.


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