Crest Is A God-Game That Sees Players Making Commandments For NPCs

Crest Game

So imagine that there’s a god-game where you strategically work to grow your world. Imagine that your world could become as expansive and as big as your creative desires will allow it. Now imagine that the only way to communicate with your people is to inscribe commandments for them to follow. Now imagine they don’t always follow those commandments… interesting, no?

The name of the game is called Crest. It’s an independent title (because would you really expect an AAA publisher to take on subject matter like this?) and it’s being developed by Eat Create Sleep. The hook is that you don’t directly interact with your subjects, you indirectly guide them with commandments.

The game is quite ambitious and I’m kind of really digging the scope and aim of the title. Check out the prototype trailer below.

Now, to better explain exactly how things work, the IndieGoGo page drops some interesting information on how the NPCs react and operate to indirect player control…

“Your people have characteristics that modify their behavior, and in correlation with their other characteristics form the essence of their being. Other factors do favor into their decision-making. A young, happy follower with high Chastity characteristic may work very hard to provide food (maybe enough to provide for the entire city) but will not contribute towards producing the next generation. An old follower with high Greed may be too old to work and will constantly take all the food the young follower produce for his/her own use. These characteristics are what you are able to control in the current prototype, but as said before, the full version of Crest is aiming to go above and beyond the prototype.”

Now that seems really cool. It reminds me a lot of The Sims but more about the survival and proliferation of your people as opposed to simply following a Sim (or their family) toward a specific goal of success in life. In this regard, you’re dealing with various kinds of individuals who could make or break how your people survive.

The game will take place over the course of time in order to create a legacy for your commandments. One of the things I thought was absolutely fascinating was the way the commandments work. Check out the description below…

“You write statements that will trigger actions under specific conditions. If you write commandments that are sensible to the people your commandments may survive unfiltered throughout the ages whereas other commandments may be interpreted in new ways and may provide disastrous implications for future generations.”


I can’t really think of a game that mirrors this style of play quite in the same way. It has the potentiality to become something pretty big, especially depending on how far through civilization Crest will allow your people/tribe/world to evolve.

If you think the concept is slick you can support the cause by paying a very kind visit to the official IndieGoGo page. If you don’t have any coin to spare, feel free to show some support with an upvote or two over on the Steam Greenlight page.

A playable prototype of Crest is available right now from over on the official Eat Create Sleep website.


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